2019 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Ingredients
Plant-based DHA/ARA solution
As two polyunsaturated fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and docosahexaenoic acid (ARA) were very important for the growth and development of infants and young children. They were widely used in infant formula foods. Milk products was the main source of infant formula products on the market. At the same time, there were some goat milk, yak milk, camel milk and so on, which cater to the needs of infants with low allergic risk. We can call them non-dairy formula products. All raw materials in those products of non-dairy were required to contain no dairy and its products. while milk protein was used in DHA and ARA powder products as a common and effective wall material for its good embedding. ROQUETTE responded to customer's needs with the fastest speed. After repeated research, it was the first to introduce DHA and ARA embedded in plant-based wall materials. It also guarantees 11% DHA and 10% ARA content. It can be applicable to infant formula products with non-dairy protein, solid drinks without protein, and infant formula food for special medical purpose for infants with lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy.
Roquette Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Micellar Casein PRODIET® 87B FLUID
Prodiet® 87B Fluid is a novel native micellar casein, and It comes from fresh high quality milk, produced by special membrane filtration technology to keep the original structure of casein micelles, thus maintaining natural smooth mouth feel and retaining the active calcium in milk. High protein content drinks, based on Prodiet® 87B Fluid, can not only provide nutritious and original milk protein, but also avoid the heavy mouthfeel and unpleasant drinking experience of high protein products, open up the new taste of high protein drinks and ensure the consumer's absorption of higher protein.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
粒迁® prebiotic granulation series
The粒迁® probiotic granulation series is a product with high content of active ingredients, good fluidity and solubility with proper viscosity, and uniform granularity produced by the patent technology of the third-generation immobilized enzyme and the unique granulation process. It solves the problems of poor fluidity and fast moisture absorption of ordinary powder, and can meet the production needs of all products involving dry mixing process.
Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co.,Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Peptan IIm Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II Matrix
Peptan IIm is hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix, a powerful ingredient specifically designed for promoting healthy joints. It brings multiple benefits to reducing joint inflammation, cushions & lubricating and protecting cartilage with a very low daily dosage. Its excellent compressibility and flow properties mean that you can count on worry-free production of high-quality tablets, capsules and other applications.
Rousselot China Region
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Now health, fun and innovation are a popular trend in the food and beverage industry. Wacker product CAVAMAX® W6 alpha cyclodextrin meets this market trend perfectly. It is a new foaming agent to prepare low-fat or fat-free delicious tea topping for beverage. The product can have rich taste brought by foam and the ritual feeling brought by shaking or stirring. In the milk coffee, after shaking, CAVAMAX® W6 can bring a lot of fine and stable bubbles on the top. Base on this, Wacker's Biosolutions department has developed a new type product, we call it “Rock” coffee. When drinking this product, due to the perfect combination of milk coffee and foam, it not only brings visual sense, but also brings extremely smooth taste, so it can achieve the fun and delicious interactive experience.
Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd
Food & Beverage Ingredients
N-CREAMER® 3334 is applicable for hot pot soup concentration products: Good product stability, no oil separation and no water separation during shelf life Provide creaminess similar to oil, improve the mouthfeel of soup Good turbidity stability, far better red meat tolerance in hot pot than traditional one Cost-effective, can achieve significant cost saving Suitable for vegetarian products, such as mushroom hot pot soup
Ingredion China Limited
Food & Beverage Ingredients
ModuMax® Taste Modulator
ModuMax® is an innovative, natural taste modulator which helps create preferred taste profiles in beverages & food products that contain high intensity sweetener or are lower in fat. It also improves taste in products with added nutrition food with higher protein content that has undesirable flavor notes. ModuMax® allows food and beverage manufacturers to grow their business by creating more natural food plus and food minus applications that suit healthy lifestyles, by delivering mouthfeel, masking undesirable notes, and improving overall taste impact in food and beverage applications where taste is a challenge.
DSM Food Specialties
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Caramel sauce flavor
Caramel sauce is a natural seasoning that is widely used in various food processing. Through the traditional cooking process, combined with the fragrance technology, you can get the classic Belgian caramel sauce, which is healthy and delicious. Flavor: There is a sweetness in the coke, which is the double enjoyment of smell and taste. For Baking: Caramel sauce with fruit, nuts and other smart blends to make biscuits, silky and full, sweet but not greasy; can also be applied to cakes, bread, popcorn and other high-temperature baking products, combined with professional perfume technology and With the application process, you can taste the high quality baking products with full color and flavor. For Dairy: Caramel sauce is applied to ice cream products. It can be flexibly matched with Taihao milk, wheat flavor, coffee, chestnut and other products. Combine our professional flavoring technology to make ice cream sandwich sauce; let the taster's lips and teeth stay fragrant, The color is excellent, and the endless aftertaste of ice cream is good. Of course, the application to dairy products is also extremely extensive.
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
Multivac TX 710 traysealer
The new TX 710 traysealer, which is both versatile and compact, has the same features as the RX 4.0 and is suitable for packing a wide variety of products thanks to its many design possibilities. The spectrum of products that can be run ranges from fruit and vegetables through to meat, sausage, fish, poultry, and dairy products and right up to ready meals of all types.
MULTIVAC (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
Full automatic rotary servo positioning labeling machine.
1. This model is suitable for round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, ovals, conical flasks, shaped bottles, to achieve single-sided, double-sided, full-week stickers, positioning and labeling; 2. The screw is divided into the bottle and the bottle into the bottle, and the product enters and exits smoothly and stably during high-speed operation; 3. Chinese and English touch operation infinitely variable speed system, only need to set the capacity on the man-machine interface during adjustment, the conveying, the splitting screw and the inlet and outlet of the star wheel will be changed at the same time, without separate adjustment of each part; 4. The special sensor acquisition positioning point is matched with the servo station motor, and the precise fixed point labeling is realized by the PLC system control; 5. Using 750W high power, vigorously 钜, ultra-small inertia servo motor to send the standard, the delivery speed can reach 60m/min; 6. Feeder: It adopts three column structure, 8-dimensional space adjustment, three-stage tension spring clutch control, adopts independent servo motor to recover the bottom paper, uniform force, eliminates the broken bottom paper, and sends the dial and the bottom paper watch disk 1: 1 design, the bottom paper plate can accommodate three rolls of label liner at a time; The automatic central centralized lubrication system automatically lubricates the main moving shafts at regular intervals to facilitate maintenance and prolong service life.
Guangzhou REYO Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
S6 series CIJ printer
The S6 series inkjet printer is the sixth generation CIJ inkjet printer developed by Yongjia. This series of inkjet printers is the integration of innovative elements and leading built-in intelligence and communication capabilities. It adopts the first deeply developed Android system and high. Integrated ink system. It solves the problem of rapid response of the printer and realizes the printing function supporting the variable QR code. At the same time, it supports 4G and WiFi links. In the future, it can realize remote control and remote diagnosis of the network and provide great development for big data analysis. Space provides a technical foundation for a true AI-style interactive printer.
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
High Resolution Piezo Inkjet Printer
Globally Patented Continuous Ink Supply System is cost effective ,stable and easy to maintain, which is totally with mechanical structure and without any electronic device. Innovative modular printer design enables flexible combination of up to 16 printheads to support different print heights and concurrent printing of multiple messages UV ink has a broad compatibility with both porous substrate such as corrugated carton and non porous substrate such as plastic bag.
Yeacode (Xiamen)Inkjet Inc.
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
IP65 laser marking machine uses vortex tube cooling for high cleanliness, high corrosion, high humidity production environments in all food industries. The equipment meets the national safety design standards, which can effectively avoid fogging effect of steam on laser lens; extruded aluminum alloy greatly solves the problem of laser heat dissipation; no sanitary dead angle design, easy to clean and compact. It can be integrated into a food packaging machine.
GuangDong MingYu Technology Co., Ltd
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
Linx 8830 CIJ Printer
Designed to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your production line output, the Linx 8830 delivers consistent, error-free codes.With its unique sealed printhead design and durable stainless steel construction the Linx 8830 operates reliably in tough production environments, optimising line productivity. Unique sealed printhead design protects critical components from physical damage; Solvent consumption as low as 3.5ml* per hour to save on fluid costs; 8 hour reserve print capacity to reduce line stoppages from fluid running empty.
Linx Printing Technologies Ltd
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
SmartDate X30 TTO Printer
Supported by the innovation in printhead / ribbon technology and the Integral Hardware + Modular Function design concept, Markem-Imaje SmartDate® X30 TTO coder brings in the latest smart and flexible experience for the film packaging coding to meet customers’ higher expectation of quality, effect, efficiency and cost.
Markem-Imaje (China) Co., Ltd
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
FOTIA series compact and medium power laser
Available in IR, Green and UV, three standard power with 3W 5W 10W for UV wavelength, beam quality of M2
Inno Laser Technology Corporation Limited
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
Multi-stick automatic packing line
Pharmapack multi-stick automatic packing line consists of horizontal to vertical chute, counting and arranging system, lifting and rejection station, stick arranging belt, combining device ,stick infeeding and cartoner, to realize stick packing, empty stick or weight detection, counting and arranging, cartoning. With optional devices, it can also provide SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System), to improve the production automation and management This Line fully complies with GMP standard.
Pharmapack Technologies Corporation
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement Technology)
Developed for Cold Aseptic Filling (CAF) Lines with PET bottles in beverage segment Oxonia ®Active Plus is a concentrated peroxyacetic acid sanitizer with the high efficacy in killing a broad of organisms and pathogens in the beverage processing and also has superior effectiveness against the spore-forming bacteria. Completely meeting the requirement of CAF lines, it is applicable for the sanitization of outer and inner of bottles, caps, environment and surface of equipment. The benefits for customers include not only product quality assurance but also operational efficiency and sustainability.
Ecolab (China) Investment Co.,Ltd
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement Technology)
Promass A Coriolis Flowmeter
Promass A Coriolis Flowmeter is dedicated for measuring very low flow rates with high accuracy. Its unique self-drainable single-tube system enables accurate measurement of liquids and gases at lowest flow rates and high pressure. Besides, its compact and lightweight design greatly facilitates installation.
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement Technology)
Automatic CO2 Brix Monitor
Traditionally, the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide is measured using a methodology commonly called "manual shaking" (aka piercing device) where a container with pierced hole is shaken vigorously in a metal frame.It requires strenuous physical exertion of shaking a 2L bottle and a metal frame, which weighs 8.4lbs/3.8kg in total. The CooRe was developed to simplify this task as much as possible. No physical burden , Consistent measuremen condition , Shortening the measurement time
Other Innovative Products/Technologies
16 Head High Speed Weigher
16 Head High Speed Weigher is based on the space saving for the user, achieving high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability, and intelligent quantitative weighing that can adapt to different material characteristics. This model adopts high-precision, high-standard special sensor; intelligent multi-sampling stable mode, more accurate on weighing; double-feeding chute combined with double high-speed collecting hopper alternately discharging the products, effectively shorten the feeding time of the chute.The integral machine frame and midle machine body enhance the strength of the machine, making the stable time of the hopper shorter.
Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD.
Other Innovative Products/Technologies
FLOWave——Type 8098 SAW Flowmeter
FLOWave Type 8098 is based on SAW technology, which meets the requirements of hygienic and can be used in CIP/SIP process. FLOWave has compact structure, light weight, low energy consumption; it has ideal external hygienic interface design, and there is no compatibility problem due to no sensor in the measuring tube that contacts with the medium.
Burkert Fluid Control Systems (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Other Innovative Products/Technologies
Umim 128 Gen Ⅱ MIM
Guangzhou Unique, on the basis of dynamic molding injection machine, according to the technical characteristics of MIM molding, promoted the dynamic injection molding machine suitable for MIM industry. Advantages OfUinque Dynamic Injection Feature For Metal Powder Injection: 1.Uniform density distribution 2.More less internal stress of product 3.More higher density of product 4.Production more stable,no more deforation 5.No mobility requirement for material
Unique Injection Molding Systems Co., ltd.