2016 China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards

The 2016 China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards is co-organized by Ringier Trade Media and its magazine HAPPI China, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions and its trade show - The Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients 2016 (PCHi 2016) and China Personal Care and Cosmetic Industry Alliance.

Awards Categories
  • Breakthrough Awards
  • Active ingredients
    • -Moisturizing/Hydrating
    • -Anti-aging
    • -Whitening/Brightening/Complexion improvement
    • -UV stabilizing/Filtering
    • -Others (including anti-pollution/inflammatory/adipose etc.)
  • Functional ingredients
    • -Emulsifying/Stabilizing
    • -Sensory enhancing
    • -Delivery system
    • -Preserving
    • -Others
  • Processing & Packaging &Testing
    • -Processing/Packaging Machinery
    • -Package (including materials/components)
    • -Testing equipment
  • Green/Sustainable New! : You are welcome to apply for as long as your products have lower than average environmental impact across the entire product lifecycle, from material sourcing, production and operation, to disposal practices, supported by valid assessment.
  • The Innovators of The Year New!
Selection & Judging Process
  • 1st Stage: Entry & Nomination |(Entries Close: January 22, 2016)

    The Awards is open to any company with an innovative product/technology. The panel of judges may also nominate companies.

  • 2nd Stage:Judging & Online Voting | (January 25, 2016 – January 29, 2016)
    Judging by judges panel: January 25, 2016 – January 29, 2016
    Online voting: January 25, 2016 – January 29, 2016

    Entries for each innovation Awards category are short listed by the panel of judges.

  • 3rd Stage: Winners Announcement & Awards Ceremony| ( Awards Ceremony: 2 March, 2016)

    Winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony in March 2, 2016 at PCHi. The Awards ceremony will bring together the winners, judges, industry professionals and media.

Selection & Judging
  • To qualify, the entry must be a new product or technology launched during 2014–2016 for China’s personal care & cosmetics industry;
  • Entries must be relevant to China and in the forefront of the international personal care & cosmetics industry, and have helped take China's personal care & cosmetics to new levels;
  • Entries should have provided great impetus to personal care & cosmetics industry development, and have been widely introduced, applied and promoted. The impetus includes increasing productivity, improving product performance and effectiveness, creating market opportunities and being environment – friendly.
  • The criteria are also followed:
    1)   Safety compliance ensured by scientific data/reports/certificates.
    2)   Efficacy/Functionality, either higher than other similar products or first of its kind in the industry, all of which are supported by scientific data/reports/certificates.
    3)   Cost-effectiveness higher above the average.
    4)   Green/SustainbleNew, supported by assessment across the entire product lifecycle, from material sourcing, production, operation, to disposal practices.


Why You Should Enter?
  • The Awards is widely promoted among industry leaders and professionals through Ringier’s multi-media platform of magazine, online, mobile marketing (iPad/iPhone, Android Apps), as well as other major industrial and general media.
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