2019 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Personal Care & Cosmetics

The original natural essential oils are used in a complicated and professional way, and the NOSO smart aromatherapy instrument uses a smart way, even if it is "beginner", it can quickly and effectively enjoy the professional aromatherapy aroma under its "guidance". The international R&D team brings a new generation of smart aromatherapy instruments, which not only emphasizes product function as the core, but also integrates with aesthetic design. Footwear
Ecoarts Enterprise (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
AUPRES PRECISELY WHITENING SPOT ESSENCE contained Shiseido’s technology whitening complex (POTASSIUM METHOXYSALICYLATE, TRANEXAMIC ACID) and multiple plant ingredients, it can effectively inhibit melanin production, lighten the stain, improve dullness and brighten evenly. The creative product used a new patented technology (International patent application No. WO2019/062845A1) to improve the stability of the high-salt system while ensuring excellent skin sensory. adidas NMD kaufen
Effective Ingredients
Evolu’age™ is a “well aging” active ingredient inspired by Okinawa Island longevity secrets. SEQENS Cosmetics has been investigating on Okinawan exceptional concentration of centenarians, around 4 to 5 times more than western populations. Research and Innovation teams has developed an active ingredient from Getto leaves (Alpinia zerumbet; Alpinia speciosa), a traditional found in ’Okinawa’ diet and known to be a longevity influencer. These studies therefore showed that this plant, in addition to its nutritional effect, also had a beneficial cutaneous effect by promoting tissue and cellular connections, while giving the skin a healthy appearance. Nike
SEQENS Cosmetics
Effective Ingredients
BIORAN Snow SP is a product that strengthens whitening efficacy by bio-converting Piper longum and Sanguisorba officinalis into our patented strain.Whitening ingredients concentrated with high concentration block various pathways that lead to create melanin and help to resolve the fundamental reason of skin pigmentation. BIORAN Snow SP makes skin tone clear and transparent by lightening blemish or stain on skin. Its main active ingredients are Tannins, saponins, procyanidins, piperine, piperlongumine, piperlonguminine, etc NIKE
Effective Ingredients
Veetec Prebio
Veetec Prebio helps to form biofilms on the skin, effectively preventing harmful microorganisms colonizing and growing, and promoting the skin probiotics growth on the skin. Brown algae extract, one of the main function components, provides skin nutrition, promotes skin health, effectively resists inflammation, sensitization and stimulation, helps to repair damaged skin and skin barrier, and induces apoptosis and autophagy of aging cells. Nike Air VaporMax 2019
Shanghai Syntec Additive Limited
Effective Ingredients
EMlastic is is an original ingredient extracted from eggshell membrane by Kewpie’s own technology. Eggshell membrane is characterized by high content of cystine (dimer of cysteine).It was described in a medical drug catalog of ancient China! EMlastic increases “fibroblast”, which produces hyaluronan and collagen required to maintain firm skin. Also, EMlastic increases gene expression of “ Type-III Collagen”,which produces soft skin like a baby. Last but not least EMlastic tends to promote production of “collagen” and inhibits “melanin production”. Adidas sneakers
Kewpie Corporation
Effective Ingredients
LUMECA, which is made by advanced extraction technology, contains camellia japonica seed oil, camellia japonica flower and leaf extract, and it is abundant in active ingredients. The product can restore skin barrier function, fade skin fine lines, keep skin moisturized, enhance skin elasticity and firmness, smooth skin and improve skin complexion, and so on. Nike Sneakers
Shanghai Forest Cabin Biological-tech Co.,Ltd
Effective Ingredients
SEBOCLEARTM-MP is an extract of M. cochinchinensis ,helps escape the vicious cycle of blemished skin: it optimizes the skin microbiota by selectively inhibiting the acne bacteria P. acnes and shuts down inflammation by suppressing the skin‘s key inflammation enzymes, COX - 1, COX - 2 and 5 - LOX. It prevents 5α-reductase from forming DHT and resets the morphology of sebocytes to their original fibroblast-like shape in order to normalize sebum production Originals Campus
Effective Ingredients
Indoor pollution is today considered a key topic to be addressed in order to avoid long term skin problems, as 100% of houses are polluted. Eosidin™ is the first product targeting indoor pollution, and tackling skin immuno-modulation to avoid atopic-prone skin and hypersensitivity. Eosidin® is a well characterized extract of green citrus unshiu from Jeju island. The extract is enriched in highly potent molecules: Synephrine and Hesperidin, playing a major role in regulating the eotaxin synthesis process, and Naringin, decreasing histamine release. sneakers
Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd.
Effective Ingredients
Thiotaurine has superior anti-haze and anti-oxidation effects: (1) Thiotaurine can promote the apoptosis of human epidermal fibroblasts induced by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). (2) Thiotaurine has a good repair effect on the oxidative damage of fibroblasts caused by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). (3) 3D skin model test showed that Thiotaurine had a good resistance to skin inflammation caused by haze. (4) Short term exposure tests showed that Thiotaurine could significantly reduce skin damage caused by haze. Air Jordan XXXII
Shanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp., Ltd.
Effective Ingredients
Power lift volumizing booster Carfil® H10
Power lift volumizing booster Carfil® H10 is Wanhua Chemical's first innovative globally patented technology. The unique molecular structure and film-forming properties improve hair surface properties, in either hair rinse-off products or leave-on products. It can effectively improve soft and thinning hair, making the hair more natural, light, and fluffy. At the same time, the film formed by Carfil®H10 can also repair hair scales, delivering a smooth, elastic and strong touch. Due to its good compatibility and stability, Carfil® H10 can bring efficacy without affecting the original appearance of the product. Carfil®H10 will open up a new area in the hair care market, further subdividing product innovations through actual functions. Apparel
WANHUA Chemical Group CO.,LTD.
Effective Ingredients
Stress, jetlag, shift working hours, intense lifestyle or even exposure to blue light emission from electronic screen devices disrupt the global body circadian clock, which in the end leads to the deregulation of the skin’s circadian rhythm. B-Circadin is extracted from Lespedeza capitata. It contains key active compounds: carlinoside and isoschaftoside, two glycosylated flavonoids directly involved in circadian clock maintenance. B-Circadin enhances the circadian rhythm resynchronization strongly deregulated by various stressors including blue light exposure. Lebron XIV 14 Glow
Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd.
Effective Ingredients
Definicire™ is a 100% natural origin active texturizing agent, based on functionalized jojoba and sunflower seed waxes, which recreates the hair protective lipid layer. Definicire™ is a unique ingredient obtained by interesterification of jojoba wax and sunflower seed wax in presence of polyglycerol. Definicire™ reinforces the hydrophobicity of the hair, was shown to provide a humidity barrier and it allows maintaining the hairstyle. In addition, when exposed to high temperatures and humidity, Definicire™ allows to make curls last even in humid weather. It guarantees perfect hair discipline in all climates. Definicire™ is adapted to all hair types and it offers key benefits to leave-on and rinse-off haircare products. Accessories
Gattefossé China Trading Co., Ltd
Effective Ingredients
Procataline™ G2 Biofunctional
Procataline G2 is the 2nd generation of Procataline (a pea extract with scalp antioxidant benefits). Enriched with Chia seeds and contains peptides, amino acids, oligosaccharides, polyphenols and minerals, Procataline G2 has been shown to deliver superior scalp defenses from air pollutants. Nike Benassi Slide
Ashland Global Holdings Inc.
Effective Ingredients
Entada phaseoloides is a common Dai medicine , which has the functions of stimulating blood circulation, clearing heat and detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. exsymol applies ENTADINE for the first time in the field of cosmetics. This is a natural plant source,obtained EU organic certification ECOCERTWe first discovered the presence of glycosidase in the Entada phaseoloides, and used this endogenous enzyme by sequential hydrolysis to obtain a stable active ingredient in the Entada phaseoloides seed extract, this is EXSYMOL‘s patented technology, and research and development of various cosmetic applications of ENTADINE, mainly anti-photoaging characteristics。 it is worth mentioning that ENTADAMIDE A, the key component of ENTADAINE, absorbs sunlight and turns into a product ( Solexy - our other chemical synthesis product)), also has anti-photoaging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and other characteristics, recycling, long-lasting, does not impose any burden on the skin. Air Jordan I Low
Effective Ingredients
INCI: Fructose (and) Glycerin (and) Water (and) Withania Somnifera Root Extract EnergiNius is based on Indian Ginseng (Withania somnifera) roots by using mild and clean solvents (a mixture of fructose, glycerin and water) issued from the innovative NaDES technology, and it is COSMOS organic certified. EnergiNiusTM protects skin cells from screen-emitted artificial visible light, an added environmental stress induced by a modern lifestyle. The mitochondrial network fragmentation is prevented allowing fibroblasts to maintain a stable energetic potential. Cellular activity is preserved as well as the production of matrix key components. Strongly reinforced, the skin is visibly revived and the signs of fatigue disappear in favor of a natural healthy glow. Air Jordan XVIII 18
Gattefossé China Trading Co., Ltd
Effective Ingredients
CelluCap™ Resveratrol
CelluCap™ Resveratrol—Resveratrol microcapsules, are a cellulose based polymer prepared and produced by the solvent removal method. The encapsulation of the Resveratrol within the microcapsule`s structure protects and hermetically isolates the Resveratrol from being exposed to the surrounding environment, and significantly reduces the overall degradation following thermal and UV stimulation. This reduces the risk of recrystallization, discoloration, and creates an extended shelf life for the Resveratrol. As the Resveratrol microcapsules are in powder form, they can be simply mixed into any formulation type at the final stage of filling, with no need of using solvents to dissolve the Resveratrol and no concern for recrystallization. Another benefit of the Resveratrol microcapsules is that the manufacturing process is very easy and does not need force or heat, unlike other drug delivery systems. We have successfully optimized and scaled up the dendrimer-RSV formulation. The microcapsules were designed with Release on Demand™ (RND™) technology to release the active ingredient following mechanical pressure. Upon application, while rubbing the formulation into skin, the polymeric shell collapses and the microcapsules begin to fracture, releasing the encapsulated active ingredient. Despite their breakdown, the microcapsules still retain a portion of the payload and the release of the active ingredient continues over time. Kids Clothes
Effective Ingredients
Darkenyl™ is the new smart active for hair pigmentation recovery. It combines Taxifolin glucoside, a stabilised antioxidant, acting as a stimulator of stem cells proliferation and maintenance and N-acetyl-tyrosine, a precursor in melanin synthesis pathway. - Boosts proliferation of stem cells into the bulge, - Increases melanogenesis into melanocytes of the dermal papilla, - Reduces ROS damages on melanocytes by activating antioxidant defenses, - Stimulates the recovery of natural hair pigmentation. Nike Air max Dominate
Givaudan Active Beauty
Effective Ingredients
Rejutime® PTC
Rejutime® PTC is based on “3 Dimension Anti-aging Theory”: 1st Layer, to accelerate Keratinocyte proliferation and stimulate Growth Factor TGF*-β; 2nd layer, to improve synthesis of 3 key proteins in DEJ**; 3rd layer, to repair Dermal reticulate structure. With 6-weeks application, Rejutime® PTC can rebuild a young skin innovatively by enlivening epidermis, rejuvenating DEJ and regenerating dermis. Enlivens the epidermis, enhances the secretion of TGF*, facilitates Keratinocytes’ proliferation; Rejuvenates DEJ**, enables the synthesis of Integrin, Collagen Ⅳ and Collagen Ⅶ; Facilitates the dermis regeneration, accelerates Fibroblasts‘ proliferation and Dermal Reticulate Structure’s forming. adidas NMD kaufen
Shanghai GREAF Biotech Co.,LTD.
Effective Ingredients
Plankton-derived metabolite V face remover from seaweed fermentation, Okinawa In vitro test results: - inhibits the muscular dysplasia inflammatory pathway - protects fibroblasts and keratinocyte growth factors - inhibits lipid accumulation in fat cells Clinical tests: - increases skin density - increase the volume of facial muscles - effects on double chins Air Jordan XI 11 Wool
Effective Ingredients
RHEANCE® One, a breakthrough in natural cleansing, is the first ever glycolipids product. It’s a new class of all-natural ingredients for rinse-off applications and intended for cleansing, solubilizing and foaming additive for gentle personal cleansing formulations. Nike Jordan
Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Effective Ingredients
NanoActive r-Retinoate
NanoActive r-Retinoate is the first one developed in China with 8 times more retinol activity and less irritation than others. It increases the content of Mucopolysaccharide (such as Hyaluronic Acid), promotes the renewal of stratum corneum, making it stronger. It protects skin from UV damage and inhibits tyrosinase activity. It is usable during the day and stable . Adidas Yeezy
PuriPharm Co., Ltd.
Effective Ingredients
MultiMoist CLR™
MultiMoist CLR™ activates production of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and promotes the VDR’s activation. MultiMoist CLR™ also potentiates the effect of vitamin D. As a consequence the skin becomes more moisturized. By making use of 5 different objective instrumental approaches, the immediate and long term moisturizing properties of MultiMoist CLR™ were convincingly proven. Additionally, the activity of MultiMoist CLR™ was proven in a consumer study, where the subjective improvement of skin moisture content, skin smoothness and the look of skin were confirmed. Air Jordan News
Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH
Effective Ingredients
Inspired by highlighter make-up trend in the worldwide, and the glass skin concept of a dewy, translucent and glowy skin from Korea, Sederma develops the first no make-up alternative: the bio-highlighter peptide: CRYSTALIDE™, which makes the skin smooth, uniform, clear, glowy just like a piece of crystal! Air Max 90 YEEZY 2 SP
Croda China Trading Co., Ltd
Effective Ingredients
Phytobaby™ CAP
Phytobaby CAP is a novel, safe and natural active ingredient with extracts from Citrus aurantium tachibana, Artemisia capillaris, Pueraria lobata. According to comprehensive efficacy test, they have effects during initial phase, transmission phase and effect phase of eczema, prevent and treat eczema symptom and strengthen child or baby’s skin barrier. Has effects during initial, transmission and effect phase of eczema, relieves symptoms of redness, swelling and itching; Strengthens child’s and baby’s skin barrier and protects their skin from external stimulants. Nike Air Max 720
Shanghai GREAF Biotech Co., LTD.
Effective Ingredients
Combining the expertise of IFF│LMR and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, the full spectrum of scented compounds from fresh Damask rose petals (hydro- and oil-soluble molecules) have been concentrated in a unique and synergistic extract to reveal its powerful de-stressing and anti-fatigue action on skin. Rosality™ has been designed to protect skin from daily emotional or environmental stress exposure, regulating cell metabolism disrupted by several stressors to protect modern women’s skin against stress, to recover vitality and activate glow for a more rested, relaxed and refreshed look. Nike Shox TLX 0018
IFF / Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
Effective Ingredients
PGA hydrogel
PGA hydrogel is a type of cross-linked polyglutamic acid. PGA hydrogel has a unique three-dimensional grid structure, which helps it holding water as much as 1000-2000 times of its own weight. PGA hydrogel can produce a unique jelly-like skin feeling, no-greasy, no-viscous, and being smooth. PGA hydroge can scavenge free radical effectively, which endow it the ability to reduce oxidative stress. In addition, PGA hydrogel is derived from biological fermentation. It is green, natural, and has great biocompatibility. Air Max Mercurial R9
Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Effective Ingredients
NatGuard® Natural Oral Care Blend
NatGuard® Natural oral care Blend is a new natural antibacterial product. It is an integration of supercritical-CO2-extracted active compositions from Magnolia officinalis, Moutan cortex, and Ilex rotunda. Test report shows an effective inhibition of harmful oral bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, Porphyomonas gingivalis, Staphylococcus aureus. The product can be both solid and liquid forms, and it can be widely used in oral care products, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, lozenge, tooth cleaning powder, dental stickers. Nike Air Max 90 Candy Drip
Guangzhou Honsea Sunshine Biotech Co., Ltd.
Effective Ingredients
Phenyl Silicone concentrates
Phenyl Silicone concentrates combine the gentlest ingredients and the most innovative technologies. The extremely high molecular weight diphenyl dimethicone in formulation has high refractive index and provide excellent film-forming performance on skin. They provide elegant gloss, luxurious silky and soft skin feel, moisturizing, brightening and non-greasy for the whole makeup formula. Nike Fashion
Elkem Silicones
Functional Ingredients
A New Bio-based Polyurethane - Baycusan® eco E 1000
Covestro, polyurethane inventor, initiates a new polyurethane polymer Baycusan ® eco E 1000(INCI olyurethane-93), which originated from natural sources, was applied to hair styling products. It can form a strong, flexible and water-resistant film on the surface of hair to support the styling effect even at harsh condition. The product is a natural source of derivatives according to ISO 16128 identification. Therefore, the styling products can also be bio-based when keeping good performance. Air Jordan XI 11 High
Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd.
Functional Ingredients
Nacare Transparent Ceramide Liposome
Nacare transparent cerasomide liposome is composed of ceramide III, cholesterol, lecithin, caprylic/capric triglyceride etc. The size of this liposome is about 20-40nm so that we get a kind of water soluble, stable liposome which is transparent in water. When used in cosmetics, it could increase transparency and improve the efficiency of ceramide. It can repair the dry skin quickly and increase water permeability of skin. Horny layer could be repaired after long-term usage. Nike Business
Suzhou Nanohealth Biotech Co., Ltd.
Functional Ingredients
AEG , a new compound preservative created by Nago biotechnology , is make from caprylhydroxamic acid、glyceryl caprylate、ethylhexylgly cerin and propylene glycol. The above mentioned ingredient can inhibit the environment of microorganism What proves creative is AEG has a strong antibacterial ability and high versatility in different antiseptic systems. More importantly, AEG can be used alone and it include a variety of characters which customer will be willing to utilize, such as safe and low irritation、synergistic interaction etc. adidas Ultra Boost kaufen
Guangzhou Nago Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Functional Ingredients
Ronastar® Black Allure
Ronastar® Black Allure is the newest addition to our Allure range. This new exciting matte pigment unleashes a sensational, deepest black. Adding outstanding touch to the skin, it is velvety and smooth for a silky, matte effect. To the eye, the impact is all elegance, with a subtle light effect – without sheen or gloss. Based on an ingenious coating technology, the look and feel are truly unique. Easy to incorporate into formulations, Ronastar® Black Allure offers an innovative and impactful formula based on carefully selected raw materials and is especially suited for sensitive skin. Kids Clothes
Merck Display Materials(Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Functional Ingredients
FARMAL MS 6135 bio-based polymer (INCI: calcium starch octenylsuccinate) delivers superior oil absorption in cosmetic products while offering a consumer friendly label. It has high flowability properties and delivers oil absorption in beauty and personal care products. As a result, it helps to reduce perceived oiliness in formulation and leave a soft, dry and matte finish on the skin. Footwear
Ingredion China Limited
Functional Ingredients
FARMAL MS 6135 bio-based polymer (INCI: calcium starch octenylsuccinate) delivers superior oil absorption in cosmetic products while offering a consumer friendly label. It has high flowability properties and delivers oil absorption in beauty and personal care products. As a result, it helps to reduce perceived oiliness in formulation and leave a soft, dry and matte finish on the skin. adidas
Ingredion China Limited
Functional Ingredients
Creative and green BELSIL® eco silicone fluids synthesized with renewable raw materials for personal care
The demand for cosmetic products which are made from raw materials that conserve our natural resources continues to rise, the designation “eco” means that the company only uses certified biomethanol produced from renewable raw materials and silicon in the production of its silicone fluids for cosmetic applications known by the brand name BELSIL®. As biomethanol is exclusively made from renewable raw materials, the carbon balance of 1 ton BELSIL® eco products can save 1.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide, WACKER is currently the only manufacturer in the world offering this kind of product. Nike Business
Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.
Functional Ingredients
FiberDesign™ Sensation
*For years, Cargill has aspired to achieve zero waste by using side stream of the food grade lemon juice to extract pectin, a food texturizer. Today Cargill Beauty goes for a lemon valorization up to 96% ! Creating a new texturizer and emulsion stabilizer for cosmetics based on citrus peel fibers from pectin side stream. Air Force 1 High
Cargill beauty
Functional Ingredients
WeylCare® ATBS
WeylCare® ATBS is a synthetic thickener based on a sulfonated slightly cross linked acrylic polymer which is readily swellable in cold water without the need of neutralization, as well as a multifunctional ingredients that acts as emulsifier for high oil loads. Excellent sensory feel, silky, light, cool and non sticky, especially suitable for summer products and men's care. Air Jordan VI 6 Shoes
DKSH(Shanghai) Ltd.
Functional Ingredients
SpecPure® BTS Saponins
INCI Name:Camellia Sinensis Seed Extract SpecPure® BTS Saponins is a class of glycoside compounds extracted from tea seeds. It is a natural nonionic surfactant that significantly reduces the surface tension of liquids. SpecPure® BTS Saponins is weakly acidic and has good emulsifying, dispersing, wetting, decontaminating and foaming properties, which is widely used in washing, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and other fields. Nike
Spec-Chem Industry Inc.
1, Metal free contact design, so the spring would not be rusted, in this way, the liquid would not be contaminated. 2, Water resistance design to make water would not come into the pump. 3, Patented structure design to let the high viscosity or petal liquid can be pumped out smoothly. 4, No visible injection point to make the pump more beautiful. Air Jordan XXX 30 Shoes
Bi-injection of Check vaIve cap
Production and Processing
Defannie series products contains four items: Naocell,Jellycell,Skincell,Liflex.The materials of facial mask series are derived from natural fibers and using special technology and spunlace processing without pollution. Each series provide many kinds of color options, You can choose the color according to your mood. Let your life become more colorful. Air Max 2018
Mascot New Technology Co.,Ltd
Neurological study of cosmetic skin
The neuroscience is introduced into the research of skin feeling test of cosmetics. After test, we find out the relationship between preference and formula. The results will be a baseline of cosmetics development in future. Nike Business
Shanghai Shengping Co., Ltd
Dynamic combing force measurement
A new system has been developed to assess dynamic combing force during shampoo and conditioner washing on both hair tresses and volunteers’ hair in salon studies. The system includes a fingertip sensor (Finger TPS system, PPS, USA) to measure the force applied on comb during shampoo massage, rinsing and after rinse stages. For each stage, the hair was combed for 20 times, and the average force, as well as max. and min. force applied were recorded and analyzed. As examples, hair conditioning of 4 commercial shampoos and conditioners were tested by the new system, and the data obtained were compared with those from common static method for combing force and sensory evaluation. Nike Air Max 270
Ashland Global Holdings Inc.
The C-CUBE Multi-Function Skin Imaging Analysis System uses a patented photometric stereo imaging technology for 3D skin reconstruction, it provides very accurate results and is more portable and easy to use compared to other 3D imaging techniques. It is a 4-in-1 device that combines skin color, 3D scanning, melanin hemoglobin, and skin sebum measurement. It is used to analyze allergic inflammation, pores, wrinkles, roughness, make-up concealer, scalp hair, etc. Nike Magista Obra