2024 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards-Laser Processing Industry

Awards Categories

★ Laser Processing System (Laser Cutting Equipment - CO 2 Laser Cutting Machine / Fiber Laser Cutting Machine / Solid Laser Cutter/Semiconductor Laser Cutter Laser Marking System/Laser Micro-Processing System/Laser Welding System/Laser Processing System/Laser Addition Manufacturing Equipment/Laser Measurement and Detection Equipment)

★ Laser Equipment Parts (Laser-Fiber Laser/Carbon Dioxide Laser/Solid Laser/Semiconductor Laser/Other Laser Robot/CNC/Visual System/Laser Welding Joint/Laser Cutting Joint/Laser Marking Head/Fiber Collimator/Positioning, Driving System/Motor)

★ Optical Materials and Components (Scanning Galvanometer/Optical Fiber Collimator/Beam Transfer System/Laser Crystal/Laser Chip/Lens/Hood Materials)

★ OtherPlease supplement                

Selection & Judging Process
  • 1st Stage: Entry & Nomination|(Entries Deadline: Feb 20, 2024)

    The Awards is open to any company with an innovative product/technology. The panel of judges may also nominate companies.

  • 2nd Stage: User Voting and Expert Selection Feb 29,2024-Mar 12, 2024)

    Entries for each innovation Awards category are short listed by the panel of judges. The public can vote for the winners via the official website of the Awards and the final winners list is selected by the panel of judges based on serious review, evaluation and the voting results.

  • 3rd Stage: Winners Announcement & Awards Ceremony|(Awards Ceremony:May 16 2024)

    Winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony in May 16,2024. The Awards ceremony will bring together the winners, judges, industry professionals and media.


Selection & Judging

1. The nominated products must be launched in 2022-2024 for China’s Laser Industry;

2. Entry must be relevant to China and in the forefront of the international Laser industry, and have helped take China's Laser industry to new levels;

3. Entry should have provided great impetus to Laser industry development, and have been widely introduced, applied and promoted. The impetus includes increasing productivity, improving product performance and effectiveness and creating market opportunities;

4. It should be environmental-friendly, can reduce pollution and support the sustainable development of society.

Why You Should Enter?
  • China Laser Processing Industry Innovation Award as one of the most influential and authoritative awards, the selection process is open, fair and objective.

  • Widespread recognition of product/technology innovation;

  • An excellent opportunity for free publicity and year-round promotion in greater China through Ringier’s multi-media platforms of magazines, online and mobile marketing (iPad/iPhone and Android Apps) as well as coverage in other major industrial media;

  • Build up an extensive & valuable relationship with China’s market experts and industry leaders at the Awards ceremony, and reach high-profile decision-makers and target buyers with large purchasing power.

Widespread Media Coverage

The Awards is widely promoted among industry leaders and professionals through Ringier’s multi-media platform of magazine, online, mobile marketing (iPad/iPhone, Android Apps), as well as other major industrial and general media.
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