2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards — Coatings Industry

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards-One of the most professional and influential industry awards in China

The Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for industrial manufacturing were inaugurated by Ringier Trade Media in 2006. The Awards is now rewarded to a select group of innovators each year in China’s Coatings Industry.The Ringier Technology Innovation Awards have covered the upstream and downstream of the coatings industry. Each year, the award will be awarded to the industry's innovation pioneers in recognition of innovative products and technologies that have made outstanding contributions to the industry, encouraging more companies to invest in technological innovation to improve productivity and economy. Benefits; provide users with amount convenience; achieve green and sustainable development.

2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Coatings Industry will be held in conjunction with the China Coatings Summit& Expo 2021  and the Green Ink & Printing Technology Conference 2021, bringing together more industry policy makers and researchers to join the event.

Awards Categories




Additives & Solvent

Coatings Produce/ Test Equipment

Environmental protection equipment 

Innovative Coatings (2020)

Selection & Judging Process

1st Stage:
Registration & Nomination:

Deadline: 10 Feb. 2021

The Awards is open to any company with an innovative product/technology. The panel of judges may also nominate companies.

2nd Stage: Voting & Selection

Deadline: 24 Feb. – 12 Mar.2021

Users can log in to the official website of the event and vote online for the shortlist. The jury will discuss the shortlists several times, refer to the online and WeChat voting opinions, and finalize the final list of winners (the weight of the award-winning products: expert review 70% + user effective network and WeChat voting 30%)

3rd Stage:
Winners Announcement & Awards
Awards Ceremony: 12 May, 2020

The winners announcement will be published in the May issue of 《Coatings and Inks - China》with detailed coverage. The Awards ceremony will be held in Shanghai, and the winners, judges, industry professionals, magazine readers and mainstream media will be invited.

Why You Should Enter?

1. Launched in 2006, Ringier Technology Innovation Awards have already become one of the most influential industrial Awards in China because of its neutral judging process. There are many benefits from entering the Awards including
2. Widespread recognition of product/technology innovation;
3. Build up an extensive & valuable relationships with China’s market experts and industry leaders at the Awards ceremony. Reach high-profile decision-makers and target buyers with large purchasing power;
4. An excellent opportunity for publicity and year-round promotion in greater China through Ringier’s multi-media platforms of magazines, online and mobile marketing (iPad/ iPhone and Android Apps) as well as coverage in other major industrial media