2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Coatings

Multi-functional Agent YG-M201
Yg-M201 solves the problem of instant failure of traditional silane coupling agent in water. It is a silane coupling agent that can be stored stably for a long time in waterborne coatings. Yg-M201 contains epoxy group, which can react with amine curing agent to improve cross-linking density and reduce hydrophilicity; epoxy group can also react with carboxyl group to reduce hydrophilic group of waterborne coatings.
Beijing YGHD Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
1. 100% Silicone- containing defoamer with hydrophobic particles for WB coating, APEO free. In accordance with the latest regulatory requirements. 2. Perfect defoaming performance, effectively prevent and destroy micro-foam. Especially recommended to be used in airless spraying application high solid and viscous system. 3. Reduce bubbles in the film, improve the thickness of foamless film. 4. Densify the paint film to improve the anti-corrosion performance. 5. Wet the substrate, no negative impact adhesion. 6. Compatibility with variety of WB coating systems.
BYK Additives (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
THIXATROL ® PM 8058 Rheological Additive
THIXATROL ® PM 8058 is a 100% active, seed resistant organic rheological additive. It provides high viscosity, thixotropy and thick layer sag control in high film build systems that contain low or zero solvent. Suitable applications are protective coating, general industrial coatings and anti-corrosion and protective systems like high solid and solvent free epoxy systems. The low temperature activation and polar solvent (e.g. benzyl alcohol, isobutanol, etc.) compatibility of THIXATROL ® PM 8058 rheological additive makes paint manufacturing faster, easier and less expensive. The anti-corrosion paint made with THIXATROL ® PM 8058 has excellent viscosity stability, seed resistance and no negative influence on corrosion properties and intercoat adhesion. Overall, THIXATROL ® PM 8058 is an organic rheological additive with high efficiency, energy saving, wide applicability, and no side effects.
Waterbase ® C12
Huachang Zhidian's Waterbase®C12 adopts a new synthesis process, strictly controls the low boiling point pre distillate of the final product, and has high purity, meeting the requirements of non VOC. At the same time, the proportion of primary ester in the product is greatly reduced compared with the traditional process, and the proportion of secondary ester is increased. This not only improves the boiling point of the product, but also gives excellent performance in rheological response and film forming efficiency.
Huachang Zhidian New Materials (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
SYLOID ® AQ Silica Additives For Premium Performance Coatings
Grace’s two new premium matting agents SYLOID ® AQ 800 silica and SYLOID ® AQ 880 silica were especially designed for eco-friendly systems in water-based wood coatings and specifically developed to ensure an extremely low-gloss finish, which put an end to the typical water spots and stains that have plagued wood coatings manufacturers. They have been designed to offer superior matting properties with outstanding chemical resistance and clarity and are simple to use, thanks to the low dusting properties and easier dispersibility which translates to shorter cycle times and potential cost savings.
W. R. Grace & Co.
Corning Guardiant ™
Corning Guardiant ™ , as a new breakthrough of Corning in glass-ceramic technology, is an antimicrobial additive for paints and surface coatings that harnesses the power of copper to reduce pathogens from painted surfaces. Paints and coatings formulated with Corning Guardiant ™ can kill 99.9% of virus and bacteria on coated surfaces in two hours or less, including Staphylococcus aureus, SARS-CoV-2, etc.
Corning Incorporated
Enfinol DSP8 High Performance Waterborne Hyperdispersant
Enfinol DSP8 dispersant is a hyperdispersant suitable for water-based system. The dispersant is suitable for most water-based system colorant production, especially for the dispersion of high pigment carbon black. In the daily colorant production process, it can significantly increase the loading amount of colorant, which can well play the role of cost reduction and efficiency increase.
Rezux Chemical Co., Ltd.
FED-100 Waterborne Driers
FED-100 is a kind of water-based drying agent with the synergistic effect of various metals. It is suitable for all kinds of air drying resins. It can make the film dry quickly and obtain stable drying effect. It has the following remarkable characteristics: 1. Excellent additivity. It can be added at any stage after being diluted with water in a certain proportion; 2. Excellent yellowing resistance, which can be used in light color paint; 3. When used with hld-061, excellent early water resistance and late hardness can be obtained.
ShangHai HUAYI Fine Chemical Co., Ltd
COPPTECH Microparticle Antimicrobial Additive
COPPTECH Microparticle Antimicrobial Additive is a unique patented antimicrobial technology based on copper and zinc microparticles that can be added to a variety of materials such as polymers, textiles and building materials to give them 99.9% antimicrobial protection against bacteria, viruses and even termites. COPPTECH Microparticle Antimicrobial Additive is added to a variety of coatings, and surfaces that have been sprayed with this coating have long-lasting antimicrobial function. In October 2020, a research led by Dr. Keevil at the University of Southampton in the UK proved that COPPTECH Microparticle Antimicrobial Technology can quickly and permanently destroy COVID-19 by up to 99%. COPPTECH Microparticle Antimicrobial Additive is patented worldwide and registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This certification allows COPPTECH microparticle antimicrobial additive to be commercialized and used worldwide through its different applications.
Shanghai Gaotek New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Water-borne Acrylic Leveling Agent MODAREZ ® Range
MODAREZ ® range includes the leveling agents for water-soluble system and pure water-based system. Water-soluble System: MODAREZ ® AX50W Improves the long-wave leveling, improve the gloss, fullness and DOI, and not affect the interior adhesion, it is used in various water-soluble systems and high solvent-containing system. Pure Water System: MODAREZ ® PW 336 can improve the long-wave leveling, provides a longer open time to the film, It can help to decrease or replace the level of coalescing agents, and realize the possibility of zero VOC water-based coating formulation. MODAREZ ® PW 363 has all the functions of PW 336, and has a longer paint film opening time and lower viscosity. MODAREZ ® PW 677 is a silicone-modified water-borne leveling agent of acrylic acid.
Greesol M81
Greesol M81 is a fluorinated polymeric surfactant with Gemini structure, is a non-ionic surfactant. M81 can improve cleanability of oily dirt and provide oil repellency to waterborne coating. Does not interfere with recoat adhesion and does not affect water repellency, M81 can be used in architectural coatings, industrial coatings, automotive interior coatings, electronic coatings and other fields.
Coatings Produce/ Test Equipment
MCR Rheometer
MCR Rheometers from Anton Paar are the market leader in the field of rheology measurement. Our products are widely used in the coating industry to meet the applications from quality control to product research and development. Rheometer could be used to evaluate the viscosity, fluidity, leveling, sagging and thixotropy of coatings. MCR72/92 are the best solution for QC and QA. MCR102e and MCR302e are the advanced models for R&D.
Anton Paar China
Coatings Produce/ Test Equipment
BEVS intelligent coating formula station is an intelligent mobile workstation which integrates intelligent instrument, robotic, mechanical action and automatic control system. It can automatically allocate materials according to demand, automatically on line control material distribution accuracy, mixing,monitor pH, viscosity. No need for manual intervention in the process, automatically by setting the variation of formulation multi-times. Can be linked with BEVS automatic spray panel workstation, automatic draw down workstation, automatic baking workstation and coating performance testing workstation to realize a complete set of automatic system from coating formulation to coating physical performance testing.
BEVS Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Coatings Produce/ Test Equipment
New Disc Grinding System Discus Intensive
Based on a grinding disk geometry with additional activation elements and the use of wear-resistant ceramic materials with the highest thermal conductivity, a significant increase in production output, averaging approx. 30%, had already been achieved for these agitator bead mills in 2012. Now the grinding system has been modified again. For this new development, the main focus was on the grinding media separation and optimization of the residence time distribution. While in the original centrifugal separation system the entire process area was divided into a separation zone and a grinding zone, with the new grinding media separation system the entire grinding area can now be filled with grinding media. This quite logically results in an increase in the grinding capacity which corresponds to the grinding media fill volume.
NETZSCH (Shanghai) Machinery and Instruments Co., Ltd.
High Performance JS Waterproof Emulsion With Low Ammonia FS-330A
BATF FS-330A is an environmentally friendly JS waterproof emulsion with the feature of low ammonia, low VOC and APEO-free. Using special monomer and ammonia neutralization agent, making ammonia content meet the requirement of JC 1066-2008- A level, and ammonia release quantity is extremely low after mixed with cement. On the basis of low ammonia and environmentally friendly, FS-330A both has the excellent mechanical properties, excellent cement compatibility.
Guangdong BATF New Material Co.,Ltd.
MAINCOTE ™ HG-300 Emulsion
MAINCOTE ™ is a well-known brand name of latex for waterborne maintenance coating, developed by Dow Chemical Company. The MAINCOTE ™ products have been widely used in maintenance coating applications for decades and have great reputation among customers. MAINCOTE ™ HG-300 Emulsion was entirely developed by R&D team of Shanghai Dow Center. The performances of MAINCOTE ™ HG-300 Emulsion well cater to the needs of China customers. It can be formulated into 1K high-performance coating, replacing waterborne epoxy ester, with enhanced drying speed and production efficiency, reduced VOC and odor, and better weatherability. MAINCOTE™ HG-300 Emulsion also shows better salt spray resistance, early water resistance, and anti-flash rust performance compared with acrylic latex in the market. It can be widely used in auto parts, machine ,and railway transportation equipment coating applications. MAINCOTE ™ HG-300 Emulsion was accepted by many customers now because of its good application properties and excellent coating performances.
Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
VINNAPAS ® 543 ED is a new VAE dispersion that WACKER especially developed for polymer-modified cement-based waterproof coatings. The product exhibits excellent flexibility and can work with various types of waterproof coatings. Being highly adaptable to different types of cement in different regions, the new dispersion provides coatings a longer open time that meets application requirements in rigorous conditions, such as high temperatures. Gray cement-based waterproof coatings formulated with VINNAPAS ® 543 ED give waterproof coatings a glossy black appearance once they have dried. Thus, it helps formulations to avoid whitening in low-temperature high-humidity weather.
Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd
Matte Finish Emulsion V-991
V - 991 is using nanometer phase hybrid technology, make the distribution of polymer nanoparticles, in the process of synthesis in the process of film coating the surface concave and convex effect, so that the light source of a diffuse physical extinction method, replacing the traditional extinction powder technology, this way of extinction can reach 20 ° to 60 °, 85 ° full extinction Angle, effect is more soft, does not affect the light transmittance.
Vanimiami (Jiangxi) Chemical Industry CO.,LTD
Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion
Archsol 8177 is an anionic pure acrylic biobased emulsion,The biomass content of the emulsion is >30%.Archsol 8177 enables latex paint with excellent film-forming property at low-temperature. It exhibits excellent stain removability and good scrub resistance. With special designed functional group, Archsol 8177 can purify the indoor air by reducing the content of formaldehyde and other hazard compounds.
Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
This Vinyl Chloride Copolymer Emulsion can be applied in anti-corrosive primers instead of alkyd resin. It has good compatibility with pigment & antirust agent. It also has excellent chemical resistance, substrate adhesion and corrosion resistance, at the same time has a certain flame retardant function and good molding, high hardness and etc...
Setaqua ® 6930
As a waterborne CPO modified acrylic resin, it is especially suitable for polypropylene primers and has excellent adhesion. The primer developed on Setaqua 6930 could meet the requirements of most automobile technical requirements for coated plastic parts when matched with bumper basecoat and clearcoat. Meanwhile, it is applicable to a wide range of substrates and supports the co-line production of various automotive exterior parts.
Allnex China
Environmental protection equipment
IntelliSpray (fast-set)
This is a revolutionary breakthrough in foaming equipment technology, including 1) IS40 gear pump system - accurate control of flow to achieve accurate proportional control, higher proportional accuracy than traditional linkage integrated foaming equipment. Closed loop control, when the pressure, temperature, flow beyond the set range can automatically alarm shutdown, avoid spraying quality problems. And the control information can be fed back automatically. 2) The pipeline can control temperature by zones, which makes the temperature control more accurate, the foaming effect better and the cost lower. 3) The structure of the spray gun is much simple and the mixing chamber is split, which reduces the replacement cost.
Carlisle Fluid Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Environmental protection equipment
HydroShield Batch System
HydroShield water-based electrostatic isolation system is an efficient solution for realizing continuous electrostatic spraying of water-based coatings. It provides support for the current "oil-to-water" environmental protection strategy with corresponding technology and hardware solutions, and is in line with intelligent and environmentally friendly automated high-end manufacturing demand. The system will automatically recognize the gun stop signal and complete automatic filling. The automatic color change system can reduce paint waste and color change time during paint switching, ensuring stable finishing quality and efficient equipment operation. HydroShield system also provides a friendly man-machine control interface, allowing the operator to set and adjust the spraying parameters, so as to achieve precise process control. In addition, the system has an overall safety design to ensure the safety of personnel during the spraying process and equipment maintenance, and reduce potential electrostatic spraying safety risks. HydroShield water-based electrostatic isolation system has an innovative electrostatic spraying solution, which is suitable for various low-to-medium-high-pressure water-based paint spraying needs, helping customers save paint, reduce emissions, and improve production efficiency.
Graco Fluid Equipment Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Environmental protection equipment
Inline Mixer IMS
The HOOSUN IMS is an in-line dispersing machine, which generating a strong suction vacuum in the dispersion zone. With this vacuum it sucks powder dust-free and loss-free directly from a truck, silo, big bag/sack or hopper into liquids. It can handle all liquid products, which are pumpable. The high efficiency rotor stator-design achieved a very high shear rate and therefore an extremely fine particle distribution.
Shanghai Hoosun Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd
Environmental protection equipment
RDE Electric Diaphragm Pump
The discharge pressure for RDE new design electric diaphragm pump can reach 0.7 MPa, providing larger flow rate simultaneously. The reducer and center body are integrated together into one case. Integrated structure facilitates installation in light weight. All spare parts inside the case immerse into lubricating oil which is convenient for maintenance.
Innovative Coatings (2020)
Interpon Stone Effect Powder Coating
• Can be the alternative of stone on exterior of building • Largely reduce the weight of the building • Compared to the stone, it can Large savings in material and installation costs Facilitates ease of installation and ease of handling Lower maintenance requirements • Meets the demanding weathering requirements of the leading industry specifications: Qualicoat class 2/ AAMA 2604 • Up to 20 year guarantee available
AkzoNobel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Innovative Coatings (2020)
NIP QIK-D polyaspartic coating system is a low temperature fast curing coating system. Even at low temperature, its primer can dry quickly, demonstrating an excellent adhesion to substrate, very good anti-corrosion performance, good weathering resistance and chemical resistance. On the other hand, its top coat can achieve very good appearance, high gloss and super weathering resistance. NIP QIK-D series can be applied by air spraying and double-liquid mixer spraying. The new NIP QIK-D coat system keep LTFC performance and also solve the problems of anti-corrosion, appearance and high viscosity from conventional version.
Innovative Coatings (2020)
Flexible Ceramic Temperature Resistant Anticorrosive Coatings
Ealean flexible ceramic temperature resistant anticorrosive coatings is a kind of environmental protection polysiloxane coating with more than 90% effective components. It has excellent weather resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, antifouling and excellent construction performance. Weather resistance: 3000H accelerated aging test. Pass. High temperature resistance: Room temperature curing, continuous temperature resistance of 400℃, short-term maximum temperature resistance of 1000℃, Level A1 noncombustible. Corrosion resistance: 3000H salt spray accelerated test. Pass(250 μm thickness). Antifouling: Due to the unique hydrophobic functional groups of the coating, the coating has the "double hydrophobic properties" of hydrophobic and oleophobic, so the surface of the coating has better anti fouling and easy cleaning performance. Environmental protection: VOC emission is 126mg / L, far lower than the national VOC emission standard. Construction performance: spray coating, roll coating and brush coating can be selected. There is no strict requirement for ambient temperature and humidity. The construction is convenient and can be cured at room temperature. At present, the coatings have been widely used in marine engineering, chemical pipeline, petrochemical engineering, new energy vehicles, automobile exhaust pipe, etc.
Ealean Technology Co,.Ltd
Innovative Coatings (2020)
"5ELEM" Energy Storage Luminous Paint
"5ELEM" Energy Storage Luminous Paint is a new type of water-based luminous paint with energy-saving luminous, ultra-long afterglow, waterproof and weather-resistant, negative ion release and other multi-functional features, which is independently developed by 5ELEM Safety and Energy-saving Technology (Jiangsu) Co. The product has been tested by the National Building Materials Testing Centre and its luminous brightness, afterglow time and technical indicators all meet the technical requirements of the JG/T446-2014 «Light-storing luminous coatings for buildings»standard.
5Elem Safety and Energy Saving Scientfic (Jiangsu)Co., Ltd.
Innovative Coatings (2020)
Silicon Nitride Reinforced Internal Drag Reduction Material (HCC-II)
HCC Escort Energy! Silicon Nitride Reinforcement Internal Drag Reduction (HCC-II), a new generation of steel pipeline anticorrosion material, is another innovation of HCC pipeline anticorrosion after 10 years of service. Super high adhesion, medium and high temperature resistance, long lasting anti-corrosion performance and outstanding internal drag reduction effect, help oil field pipeline transportation energy saving, high efficiency and durability.
Xi 'an Tianyuan Synthetic Material Co. Ltd
Innovative Coatings (2020)
Powdura ® Eco Powder Coatings
Powdura ® Eco powder coatings use proprietary polyester resin made from 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic. Each pound of Powdura ® Eco coatings contain the equivalent to 16 standard size recycled plastic bottles. That means for every 50,000 pounds of Powdura ® Eco coatings, that’s 800,000 water bottles potentially spared from waste. Powdura ® Eco coatings meet or exceed existing powder coating performance standards. And it may provide increased flexibility and impact resistance according to internal test results Powdura ® Eco coatings deliver an exceptional balance of mechanical properties, excellent color retention and solvent resistance. And Powdura ® Eco coatings are available in a wide range of special effects and color options.
Sherwin-Williams (Shanghai) Limited.
Innovative Coatings (2020)
Waterborne UV Monocoat Colored Coatings
The Waterborne UV Monocoat color coating is suitable for one coat on the surface of plastic substrate, such as pen electric cover plate and panel, mouse, button, mobile phone household appliances, wall switch, automobile plastic parts, etc. it can also be used for protective coating on metal alloy substrate primer. The coating has excellent adhesion RCA resistance, chemical resistance and high and low temperature resistance.
Zhongshan Junwei New Material Technology Co., Ltd
Innovative Coatings (2020)
聚氯乙烯含氟萤丹涂料是台州龙化科技有限公司的发明专利产品。该涂料是指在 含氯乙烯类树脂中加入了改性树脂(包括含氟树脂)并加入了“萤丹颜料” (是国内 外独一无二、自产自用的核心技术产品)及其他颜填料、助剂、增韧剂、抗老化剂 配制而成的,是一个在C5-I环境下具有高耐久性的钢结构防腐蚀。该涂料特点如下: 该涂料特点如下: 1、成膜物质为改性PVC,因此质密、耐蚀、抗渗透性强。 2、漆膜韧性好,抗冲击强度大,抗老化性能佳。 3、涂料中含“萤丹颜料”能与钢铁表面生成磷化钝化膜,因此附着力好,屏蔽性能好, 增强了涂料的耐腐蚀能力,延长了防腐寿命,当加入含氟树脂改性后,进一步提高了 该涂料的耐候性和耐腐蚀性。 4、施工方便、表干快,可在-15℃的条件下施工,刷、辊、喷涂均可。 该涂料自上世纪八十年代推出至今,在工业建筑、石油、化工、热电、有色金属冶炼、 矿山等防腐蚀建筑钢结构及工业设备的涂料涂装工程得以广泛应用。在C5-I环境下 具有高耐久性,钢结构防腐蚀应用达15年以上,目前己有一批项目使用超20年
Carbon Black PowCarbon ® 81H Easily Dispersible for Industrial Coatings
PowCarbon ® 81H is a kind of carbon black product that can be widely applied in industrial coatings. It has the balanced properties of jetness, undertone, tinting strength, dispersibility loading amount and cost. It can meet the requirments of industrial coating customers. It can not only be directly applied to coatings, but also be applied to color paste.
Black Diamond Material Science Co.,Ltd.
Double coated aluminium pigment powders
Double coated aluminium pigment powders: it is made of solvent based aluminium pastes( flake type), by removeing the grease of the aluminium flake with low aromatic solvent, then coate the falke by SiO2 and high polymer resin, after that removing the solvent by vacuum drying.
Anhui Sunrise Aluminium Pigments Co., Ltd.
Xirallic ® NXT M260-70 SW Amur Black
Xirallic ® NXT Amur Black is a blue-black effect pigment with a silky-silvery fine texture and a wealth of “Living Sparkle ® .” In brilliant light, the hue seems to consist of millions of sparkling dots and to blur the boundaries between solid and liquid. It is the complex and novel combination of the black shimmer of the surface, the endless motion of the Living Sparkle ® , the chromatically stable depth of color, the harmonious transitions and the highly reflective gleam that makes this pigment ideal for dark hues, giving them an enviable elegance and lightness.
Merck Display Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Basonat ® HW 3280 MBA
This is a water-dispersible aliphatic polyisocyanate based on HDI and IPDI. It has good compatibility with both primary and secondary dispersions and easy to use. Offers fast drying, good hardness development and excellent chemical resistance. Recommend for high gloss and high weathering requirements waterborne two-component polyurethane coating systems.
BASF (China) Co. Ltd.
Low temperature curing and bending resistance resin Albester 5070
Albester 5070 of Synthomer is a polyester resin which can be cured at low temperature and has excellent blending resistance. This resin can be completely cured with TGIC hardener at 130℃ for 15 – 20 minutes. Albester 5070 has outstanding flexibility and weathering resistance and is suitable for Qualicoat, GSB and AAMA Class 1 approvals. It can be applied onto coiling coatings, thick coatings, hot sensitive substrates, wrinkle effect coatings and so on..
Shanghai Synthomer Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Bayhydrol ® UH 2884
Bayhydrol ® UH 2884, as a bio-based aqueous aliphatic polyurethane dispersion which 49% of the product itself is from renewable resources, has a white appearance and a solid content of 50% roughly. It does not contain any organic solvent, has excellent film-forming, flexibility, hydrolysis resistance, and certain haptic effect. It can be used for producing low-odor and low-volatile soft-feel coating for automotive interior decoration application. In addition, it also can be applied to the fields of consumer electronics and general industry.
Covestro (Shanghai) Investment Co.,Ltd.
Waterborne OH Acrylic Resin Neocryl XK-542
Covestro (Shanghai) Investment Co.,Ltd.
Aliphatic Polyurethane Acrylate
UV-1589 is a 2-functional aliphatic modified polyurethane acrylic resin oligomer, which can automatically repair scratches. Excellent flexibility, good leveling, high brightness, high elasticity, good adhesion, and also with The reaction speed is very fast, and it has good solubility with general solvents and active monomers.
Shenzhen Science and Technology New Materials Co., Ltd.