2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards — Coatings Industry


Robert Duan

Vice President, Research and Development Global Industrial Wood Coatings, The Sherwin-Williams Company

Xuanyi Lin

Chief Engineer, Shanghai Sto Ltd.

Huicheng Liu

Deputy Chief Engineer, COSCO Kansai Paint & Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Wang Huawen

Coatings Jia technology director  Shanghai Baitu Network Tech. Co. Ltd.  

Jianfeng Yu

Chief Engineer,Shanghai Huayi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Gongshao Zheng

Chief Engineer of Emulsion Application Technology, BATF Industrial Co.,Ltd.(East China)

 Zhicong Shen    

Director of Steel Structure Protection Qualification Evaluation Committee of China Steel Structure Association, Honorary Chairman of Shanghai Minhang District Corrosion Science and Technology Association

Mr. Taijiang Gui,

Doctor, professor-level senior engineer, chief engineer of Marine chemical research institute co., LTD.

Ma Chengwei          

Suremoov Automotive Technology Company Limited, Product Director