Now health, fun and innovation are a popular trend in the food and beverage industry. Wacker product CAVAMAX® W6 alpha cyclodextrin meets this market trend perfectly. It is a new foaming agent to prepare low-fat or fat-free delicious tea topping for beverage. The product can have rich taste brought by foam and the ritual feeling brought by shaking or stirring.

In the milk coffee, after shaking, CAVAMAX® W6 can bring a lot of fine and stable bubbles on the top. Base on this, Wacker's Biosolutions department has developed a new type product, we call it “Rock” coffee. When drinking this product, due to the perfect combination of milk coffee and foam, it not only brings visual sense, but also brings extremely smooth taste, so it can achieve the fun and delicious interactive experience.

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Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd
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2019 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Food & Beverage Industry
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Food & Beverage Ingredients
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