2015 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Ingredients
Maxilact® LGi and LAGX
With our scientific expertise, DSM has done extensive research on off-flavor development when lactase is used in dairy products, and discovered that arylsulfatase – a common impurity in lactase preparations -is causing this off-flavor and results in limiting shelf-life of lactose-free products. This proprietary scientific knowledge enabled us to develop Maxilact® LGi and LAGX which are free of arylsulfatase. Our resulted patent applications have been granted in China, Europe, and other parts of world. This innovation has been well recognized by global and China dairy industries, and ensures the high quality of lactose-free dairy products to better meet consumers’ need. Kobe 11 ELite Glowing
DSM (China) Limited
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Q-NATURALETM 200 Quillaja Extract
Q-NATURALETM 200 quillaia extract is a naturally-derived extract from the quillaja tree endemic to the country Chile. Q-NATURALETM 200 provides innumerous beverage formulation opportunities due to its unique attributes. It is now possible to deliver a wide range of actives, nutrients, vitamins and other ingredients in clear-type beverage formulations and applications. Emulsion and beverage producers can enjoy greater efficiencies, superior performance, cost competitiveness and a sustainable supply chain. The differentiating beverage emulsification properties of Q-NATURALETM 200 include: l Improve sensory profile of clear beverages through the use of oil-based flavours l Create stable high-load emulsions to reduce transportation cost l Solution-ready liquid to speed manufacturing Air Zoom Pegasus 33
Ingredion China Limited
Food & Beverage Ingredients
CAVAMAX® W8 Curcumin
CAVAMAX® W8 Curcumin is a cyclodextrin inclusion complex of curcumin with gamma-Cyclodextrin (GRAS). Curcumin itself is very water insoluble, and clinical trials in humans indicate that the systemic bioavailability of orally administered curcumin is very low. However Cyclodextrin complexed curcumin is water dispersible and a recent human clinical study showed that cyclodextrin complexed curcumin is significantly more bioavailable. Air Jordan Westbrook 0.2
DKSH (China) Co., Ltd., Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
S90° Krill Oil
S90°krill oil is extracted from Antarctic krill.This producing technology has been awarded with various patents for invention.The oil is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acid,most of which are attached to phospholipids.The oil is also a rich source of astaxanthin. The krill oil can reduce the blood fat, protect cardiovascular health, improve brain function, relieve joint symptoms. Adidas Shoes
Shanghai Lithy Food Materials Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
GabarelaxTM Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
GabarelaxTM Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) GabarelaxTM is the high quality food grade Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) developed by Blommage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd.. GabarelaxTM, with the function of relaxation and sleep aid, is widely used in common food and health food. Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Low
Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
Automatic Packing and Logistic System
“Time to Chain” is our slogan, which means we could provide the whole automatic filling solutions from processing, storage, mixing, packing, filling, palletizing to loading. We can promise our solution is clean, dust free and consumer-friendly. Lebron Soldier XII 12
Food & Beverage Packaging
Smart Shuttle Carrier Storage System
Master Racking’s newly designed Smart Shuttle Carrier Storage System appeared on the market in 2014 successfully, which is a innovated logistic mode with the aim of improving normal racking system’s automatic level. This system is composed of shuttle, shuttle carrier, rail, elevator system, racking system and WMS or WCS control system, and automatic conveying system. It has characteristics of high efficiency of warehousing and ex-warehouse, high level of automation, large storage capacity, high storage density. Mercurial Superfly High
Food & Beverage Packaging
The Linx SL1
The Linx SL1 is much faster than other lasers in its class, with the ability to print two lines of code and a logo in the same time as it usually takes to print just two lines of text, thanks to the use of lightweight and ultra-fast mirrors. Lifetime costs are kept low with the Linx SL1 laser, since no consumables or fluids are required, and there’s no need for routine servicing. On top of this, the unit has been designed to use much less laser energy than other coders in its class, extending tube life, further reducing the total cost of ownership. Accessories
Linx Alltec(Shanghai)Trading Limited
Food & Beverage Packaging
Novexx Solutions GmbH
Food & Beverage Packaging
The New GLM-Ievo, the High-Performance Labeling System
The new GLM-Ievo, the high-performance labeling system for the food industry, makes your future objectives achievable today. With a flow rate of up to 200 packs/minute and a modular construction, it offers limitless opportunities in the food manufacturing sector, both now and in the future. The fully automated machine impresses with its flexibility, robustness and maintenance-friendly design. Plus it can grow to keep pace with changing demands, thus automatically ensuring maximum investment security. Hence, the GLM-Ievo presses all the right buttons to keep purchasers, engineers and quality managers happy. With this machine, “competitive advantage” is supplied as standard. Zoom Kobe XI ZK11
Bizerba China
Food & Beverage Packaging
Automatic Aseptic Brick Filling Machine
The machine is applicable for aseptic packing of liquid milk and non-soda drink, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drink, tea beverage, fruit wine etc. gravity flow type liquid food that have been carried out after UHT sterilization. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. All the core parts are made of world first class brand products. It can automatically complete the paper feeding, sterilizing, filling and forming. The packing form is paper and aluminum laminated brick EQT Basketball ADV
Shanghai Precise Packaging Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
V0021C Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum technology is one of the key technologies for modern food packaging and processing. V0021C rotary vane vacuum pumps from ZD have proven the worth in the application of high speed automatic packaging machines. The vacuum pumps can be continuously operated from atmosphere to end-pressure by their unique oil-return technology. Air Jordans
ZD Vacuum Machinery Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
PacXpert™ Packaging Technology
PacXpert™ Packaging Technology is an innovative technology that enables the transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging options. The distinctive flexible stand-up pouch is durable, lightweight, and cost effective. While flexible, the cube-shaped package is shelf stable and can stand equally well upright or on its side. Other key design attributes include: · Integrated durable handles that offer easy handling and precision pouring · Re-closable cap and different fitment options for a variety of dispensing and re-closing options · Potential for eye-catching shelf appeal with broad billboard space; graphic design options include four printable sides, see-through windows · Structures that enable increased product yield by reducing content waste Available in a range of sizes (1L – 20L), the innovative packages made possible through PacXpert™ Packaging Technology hold the potential for use in numerous household, institutional, and industrial applications. Nike Jordan Melo Shoes
Dow Chemical Pacific (Singapore) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
BorPureTM MB5568 and MB5569
BorPureTM MB5568 and MB5569 - Lightweight innovation for caps and closures BorPureTM MB5568 and MB5569 are two advanced grade of multimodal organoleptic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material; purpose-designed for caps and closures application for carbonated soft drinks, juices, teas and bottled water. Built on Borouge’s unique Borstar© multimodal polyethylene (PE) technology platform, it significantly increase the Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) so that closures can be made thinner and lighter without the risk of cracking or rupture. BorPureTM MB5568 and MB5569 enable the beverage industry to go even more light-weight on caps and closures production, hence improving overall cost effectiveness and reducing carbon footprint through downgauging. Air Jordan Trainer Essential
Food & Beverage Processing
Mouvex® Pump
Mouvex® pump provides non-pulsing, low-slip operation with high volumetric consistency. Mouvex pumps are also able to pump air, which creates a vacuum effect on the pump's suction side and a compressor effect on the discharge side, which produces a plug effect that pushes a complete product "plug" out of the piping. This enables the products or ingredients to be recovered during changeovers or at the end of production runs, thereby, increasing profits. AIr Jordan Outdoor Basketball Shoes
PSG (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing
Rexnord Flat Top
Rexnord FlatTop continuously develops innovative conveyor chain and component solutions to meet the increasing performance demands of high-speed filling lines in the food and beverage industries. Rexnord new breakthrough run dry solution makes the complete run dry conveyor system come to true. Rexnord run dry solution included products: PSX chain +ULF wear strip+ Combi-X curve Rexnord run dry solution application fields: it is developed for high-speed conveying of glass bottles, PET bottles and cans in conditions where minimal or no external lubrication is present. Rexnord MatTop and TableTop chains in PSX material offer a long wear life with minimal dust forming in dry running applications. Air Jordans
Rexnord Industries Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Company Limited
Food & Beverage Processing
New Sanitary Liquid-Ring Pump
Ningbo Nissin Flow Equipment Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing
Multifunctional Fermentation Equipment
1、 if removed or cut off external circulation system, this system will become a common type of mechanical stirring liquid fermentation tank. Air mixes with ferment liquid completely by use of mechanical stir to promote the dissolution of oxygen, which is necessary for microbial growth and reproduction and metabolism. It is realized by hybrid of turbine mixing and power required for phase mass transfer. This type of reactor has the strongest adaptability. It can provide high mass transfer rate and necessary mixing speed for filamentous bacteria fermentation liquid from Newtonian type till non Newtonian type. which is suitable for Cultivation of aerobic microorganism. 2、 If injected nitrogen or air to surface or deep liquid, this general type of mechanical stirring type liquid fermentation tank will be Suitable for cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms. 3、 If removed air distributor, mixing system (long axis, paddle, baffle etc), this system would becomes a set of external circulated airlift type liquid ferment tank. Which will be particularly suitable for the long mycelium fungus without mechanical shear force, If added lighting system, this external circulated airlift liquid ferment tank would become one set of lighting biological reactor. Which will be Suitable for cultivation of photosynthetic bacteria and algae. Womens Footwear Online
Shanghai Realpa Machinery Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing
LACTOPAL® The mulyi-purpose hose resisting running over by trucks Is the multi-purpose,high-class hose for the food,pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.The white lining,resistant to fatty and oily products,is homogeneous,smooth and neutral to taste and odour.It is resistant to commonly used cleaning and disinfecting products.Especially developed for rough working conditions is robust,ensuring dimensional stability and resists running over by trucks. CONTI® CHEM Premium Universal hose with an electrically conductive,smooth PTFE lining resistant to all commonly used chemicals.Meets EN 12115:2011.May be used in EX-Zones 0 and1.Reinforcements:high-tensile temperature resistant textile braids.Helix:galvanized spring steel.Cover:EPDM,conductive,black,abrasion and flame resistant,fabric imprseeion,resistant against weather and ageing.Burst pressure:>64bar. Women's Fashion
ContiTech Shanghai Rubber & Plastic Technology Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing
Hanovia's new Ultraviolet Energy Optimised (UVEO) System
Hanovia’s new Ultraviolet Energy Optimised (UVEO) system uses up to 60% less power than conventional UV systems, with just a single UV lamp. It delivers a guaranteed, consistent UV dose with maximum efficiency for swimming pool operators. The system is designed to meet all current standards and guidelines including CE, UL, CSA, USEPA, MAHC, PWTAG and NSF50. Air Jordan XI 11 Shoes
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
LEMAX integrates ASC (AIR SAVING CONTROL) technology for the first time. It generates energy savings of between 60 to 97%, depending on the applications. ASC has the effect of limiting energy consumption on two levels: • Integrated vacuum regulation: reduced energy consumption and noise level. • ASC analyses the application and adapts to airtight or porous objects in order to optimize operation and energy consumption. Advantages: • Compactness: its reduced size and weight (130 grams) allow it to be fixed very close to the suction cups for a short response time without loss of pressure. • Communication: the LEMAX supplies the operator with the correct information at each stage of the operation. • Modularity: the LEMAX adjusts to the needs of the integrator and operator. It is available in 3 sizes: 3 standard nozzle diameters (1; 1.2; 1.4 mm) allowing a suction flow of 29 to 70 NI/mn (90% maximum vacuum). It is possible to combine several LEMAX on island modules with a single pressure feeder. Air Jordan News
Coval Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
Huicheng Web
Huicheng Web is a SaaS products full life circle traceability platform integrating enterprise and public service, which was built by Jawa based on IOT technology and cloud computing technology. Through the methods of putting the exclusive “traceability code” on each product and overall process tracking, it helps the manufacturing enterprise quickly set up multiple efficient management systems that cover the whole country, such as True and False Identification System, Anti-fake and Anti-Channel Conflict System, Product Traceability System, Channel Inventory Management System, Consumer Through Train System etc., and sets up the new-type management system of enterprise, products, channels and consumers. Footwear
Beijing Jawa Huicheng Technology Co., Ltd.
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
A high level of performance, together with a wide operating temperature range up to -200~+400C, makes the OPTIMASS 6400 the ideal choice for mass flow measurement in a wide variety of application. The EGM (entrained gas management) patent allows the OPTIMASS 6400 become the first mass flowmeter which is able to measure any ratio of entrained gas medium. jackets
KROHNE Measurement Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
Laser-based Headspace Oxygen Analyzer
The FMS-Oxygen Headspace Analyzer is a non-destructive gas analyzer for monitoring head­space oxygen concentration in sealed parenteral containers. This compact benchtop analyzer uti­lizes a patented laser absorption technique de­veloped with funding from the Food and Drug Administration. Light from a near-infrared laser is tuned to match an internal absorption fre­quency of the oxygen molecule and passed through a container in the headspace above the product. The amount of laser light absorbed is proportional to the oxygen concentration in the headspace. This non-destructive measurement method allows for the rapid analysis of 100% of product. Kids Clothes
Shanghai Zhonglin M&E Equipment Co., Ltd.