2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Ingredients
CLARIA® Blissclean-label tapioca starches
CLARIA® Bliss Functional Clean-label tapioca starches is a starch with the functionality manufacturers need, enhanced sensory attributes consumers desire and clean-label characteristics people want is. This product has a consistently clean flavor — owing to very low levels of residual lipids and proteins — that is also consistently white, making it a good fit for the aforementioned creamy sauces, soups and dairy desserts. Mercurial Victory CR7 Low
Tate & Lyle Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Food & Beverage Ingredients
With our NOVATIONTM 8300 waxy rice starches, you can create delicious products with indulgent textures that stay rich and creamy over their shelf-life. Features: • Waxy rice based • Naturally small granule size • Label declaration:rice starch •Suitable for colour and flavour sensitive applications • Non-GMO, kosher and halal food Benefits: • Excellent texture stability over shelf-life • Helps create rich and creamy textures • Helps create clean and simple labels that consumers prefer • Enables a smooth transition from modified starches to a clean label solution • Suited for challenging applications (e.g. high brix or high protein foods in frozen, refrigerated or ambient storage) Adidas
Ingredion China Limited
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Black Elderberry Membrane extract
The famous Greek scholar Hippokratesused Elder as a diaphoretic.Elderberry has been used against infections of the upper respiratory tract for over 2000 years in Europe. BerryPharma uses uniquemembrane filtration to preservethe maximumfruit matrix in elderberry extract which has been Proven effective in published clinical studies.BerryPharma® Elderberry extract is active against human pathogenic bacteria as well as influenza viruses, and also helps the Immune System against symptoms like coughs, colds and flus, shortens the unwell time and relieves uncomfortable.Elderberry was also observed to significantly enhance nitric oxide production to benefit sports performance. Air Max 90 Woven
Shanghai Kedar biological technology Co.Ltd
Food & Beverage Ingredients
WBLEND base powder series, which contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, and fiber,provide a wet blending solution which can be applied in solid drinks, especially clinical food. Spray drying and microencapsulation processes make the products stable and homogenized even after mixing with vitamin and minerals. Flexible MOQ is easy to meet a variety scales of production. Nike
Ming Chyi Biotechnology Ltd.,
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Peanut Polysaccharide
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Rice nutritional powder
Rice nutritional powder, which comprises of aleurone layer, sub aleurone layer and embryo of the rice. The main features of this product: Being rich in oryzanol, GABA, inositol, plant sterol, vitamins and minerals; nutty &milky aroma;possessing 3 national patented (China) technology。 At present, the rice nutritional powder has been used in chocolate sauce, rice milk biscuits, ice cream coating and beverage etc. Nike Free Run 5.0 V2
Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology Research & Development Center Co.,Ltd
Food & Beverage Ingredients
iLiver™ Longan Shell Extract Liver injury and fatty liver can lead to chronic hepatitis, ­brosis even liver cancer. In this study, we found iLiver™ Longan shell extract has hepatoprotective activity to ­ght against a liver injury and fatty liver. According to our in vitro study, 4mg/ml iLiver™ Longan shell extract signi­cantly reduced lipid droplet formation in HepG2 cell by 40.5%. The mRNA level of hepatic lipogenesis genes including SREBP-1c, SCD-1, and ACC all declined after the iLiver™ treatment. Pre-treating HepG2 cell with iLiver™ could prevent 90% of hepatocytes from oxidative damage under hydrogen peroxide condition, indicating that iLiver™ Longan shell has hepatoprotective potential. In addition, our human in vivo study found that consuming 3g of iLiver™ daily for eight weeks, showed a promising hepatoprotective activity by reducing in serum level of triglyceride, total cholesterol, LDL, insulin resistance, and internal fat. More importantly, the liver ultrasonography result con­rmed that mild fatty liver‑can be reduced by iLiver™ Longan shell extract consumption. womens nike shoes
Shanghai Biotech Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
TREBEAUT ® tremella polysaccharide is a kind of Polysaccharides, 200kgs fresh white fungus only can make 1 kg tremella polysaccharide. Tremella polysaccharide has a unique spatial reticulated structure, the molecular weight is up to more than 3 million sometimes. This unique structuremake tremella polysaccharide has five times water locking function than hyaluronic; tremella polysaccharide also can form a membrane on the surface of gastric mucosa, has stomach-nourishing function. Nike
Food & Beverage Ingredients
SharpPS® 60FP
Enzymotec Sharp●PS® 60FP (Fine Powder) is a unique grade of PS with particle size of 500 microns or less. This trait of the product is what enables it to be included into so many different applications, many of which could not previously include PS due to the mechanical and physical properties of this important ingredient. Enzymotec Sharp●PS®60FP is especially suitable for functional foods, dry blending, gummies, UHT milk and dairy products. This proprietary and patented product has already been selected by the largest global brand to be included into their products, and these success stories propel other brands to asses and test this unique PS grade to be included in their product portfolio. Nike Air Max 270
Enzymotec Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Water-less TM The Perfect Mate for Your Probiotics Water-less is a patented range of prebiotics offered by QHT,its total water activity is
Quantum Hi-Tech(China) Biological Co.,Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
CWA Checkweigher
The high-quality entry levelcheckweigher ... CWA handles up to 200 packages per minute. With an IP65 protection class it is the first choice for all dry and wet applications. Perfectly suitable for checking of prepacked products, exact control for statistic evaluations, completeness check and tolerance check. adidas NMD kaufen
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
PicKING Robot
PicKING robot is a high-speed parallel robot, dedicatedly designed for pick-and-place applications. It features innovative structure design of quadruple linkages, distributed symmetrically 90 degrees to each other in space. European technology patent origin and proprietary refined control algorithm commonly ensure that the PicKING robot stands out from its kind. PicKING robot is identified as a pick-and-place robot with larger working envelop, better structural rigidity, greater load capacity, more reliable robustness and best motion performance. Air Jordan IV 4 Retro Denim
Shanghai Triowin Automation Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
Bottle cap two-dimensional code integrated application system
Food & Beverage Packaging Technology
X-line thermoforming packaging machine
With the rise of big data and the popularity of cloud technology, high-tech is used to optimize production, save energy and improve output, which is becoming the trend.MULTIVAC is redefining thermoforming packaging with its X-line technology. Thanks to its seamless digitalisation, comprehensive sensor system and networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the X-line creates a new dimension, when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance and future-proofing.The X-line is equipped with an array of innovation and unique technology, which sets new benchmarks in the market. ADIDAS
Multivac (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing Technology
Cryogenic Grinding system
CO2 and LN2 are used as the cooling agents. The product andthe system are cooled either by direct injection of the cooling agent into the mill or,if longer residence times or lower temperatures are necessary, by pre-cooling andembrittlement of the material in a screw cooler.Because cryogenic grinding reduces the loss of essential oils (approx. 3 - 10% loss)in comparison to grinding at normal temperature (approx. 15 - 43% loss), it is possibleto improve the aroma and flavour. In addition, the grinding performance isabout twice as high and the risk of fire is eliminated. Sneaker
Hosokawa Micron (Shanghai) Powder Machinery
Food & Beverage Processing Technology
UV Control Bromate Risk of Packing Water
Hanovia Ltd
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement Technology)
Mobile intelligent dry spray disinfection machine
Mobile intelligent dry spray disinfection machine is suitable for the food, beverage, dairy products processing factory, hospital, ambulance, animal farms, microbiology laboratory, biological products workshop environmental disinfection, schools, restaurants and other places. Mobile intelligent dry fog sterilizer has the ability to move, lift and rotate disinfection spray, which can realize the all-directional spray disinfection coverage of the whole three-dimensional space. Adopt a new generation of aerosol nozzle, through two level atomization, spray drying humidity adjustable, spray particle can reach 7.6 ~ 11.6 um, the atomization radius 5 ~ 6 meters. Intelligent operation panel is designed and easy to operate, and can be flexibly adjusted to the spray rhythm and lifting height to meet the requirements of spray sterilization in different areas. Nike Sneakers
Guangzhou Light Industrial Machinery Co ., Ltd
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement Technology)
Multichannel TransmitterLiquiline CM44P and Sensors
The Liquiline CM44P is the first transmitter to allow connection of optical sensors and digital electrodes at the same time. It applies to all major measurement parameters including turbidity, chroma, cell growth, UV absorption, pH / ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, etc.CM44P is widely used in fermentation, phase separation, filtration, chromatography and other process control applications. Nike
Endress+Hauser (China) Automation Co., Ltd.