2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Ingredients
HOMECRAFTTM Pulse Green Pea Flour
New range of HOMECRAFT® Pulse green pea flour was made from the high quality natural green pea in North America. Containing around twice as much protein as cereal grains, these pulse-based flours provide a way for manufacturers to meet the continuing trend for nutritious, protein-enriched food products. Ingredion’s latest launched HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours, can support you develop various kinds of innovative snacks, which help meet your requirements not only on different mouth feel, flavors, but also improve the nutritious profile of the snack product. Air Jordan Sneaker
Ingredion China Limited
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Peptan® Collagen Protein
Rousslot's Peptan® Collagen Peptide is manufactured in our state-of-the–art certified plants in France, Peptan ingredients are unique, highpurity bioactive collagen peptides. They are manufacture using a gentle enzymatic process, enabling a precise degree of hydrolysis and optimal molecular weight, to ensure superior performance and ease of use. Peptan has specifically developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties. Numerous scientific studies, including in-vitro, in–vivo and double blind placebo clinical studies, have demonstrated Peptan’s ability to promote healthy living and its benefits in key area: ● BEAUTY FROM WITHIN : Reversing skin aging by improving collagen structure ● JOINT AND BONE HEALTH : Supporting musculoskeletal health for an active lifestyle ● HEALTHY AGING : Promoting mobility, helping healthy agers to maintain physical well-being and stay ● SPORTS NUTRITION : Boosting sport recovery and heightening sports performance levels Peptan® Collagen Peptides for a healthy lifestyle. Sneaker Release Dates 2019
Rousselot China Region
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Lactobacillus Paracasei Strain LT12
LT12 has immunoregulating and/or anti-allergic activities. LT12 was capable of stimulating peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolated from volunteers to secret INF-γ, as demonstrated by ELISA. INF-γ is a cytokine that is critical for innate and adaptive immunity against viral and intracellular bacterial infections. In addition, LT12 was also capable of stimulating PBMCs secretion of other cytokines, comprising IL-1α, IL-6, IL-10, MCP-2, and TNF-γ. Accordingly, LT12 showed be with immunoregulating and/or anti-allergic activities. LT12 shows tolerance to acid and bile. LT12 is highly resistant to gastric acidity and is able to grow in the presence of bile. It suggested that these abilities correlated to its adhesion capability in gut tract. LT12 has a broadly visible antimicrobial activity. LT12 provides the antagonistic activity against to Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Salmonella enterica. LT12 has high antioxidant activity. The antioxidant activities of LT12 were measured by ABST and DPPH free radical scavenging methods. The resulted showed that LT12 has strong antioxidant activity for providing health benefit for host. Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Leather
Lytone Enterprise, Inc.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Block 2.5 TM Snow Pear Extract
The repair ability of snow pear unripe fruits is better than the commonly used ingredients for lung moisturization in the market. The efficiency of the Block 2.5 TM Snow Pear Extract is 7% better than the well-known Mangosteen and exceeds Licorice by 37%. Our research results show that Block 2.5 TM Snow Pear Extract can strengthen the abilities to remove the PM2.5 through macrophages and reduce the damage of the respiratory system caused by the accumulation of PM2.5 in our body. Puma
TCI Co., Ltd. | Shanghai BioScience Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
PromOat® Oat Powder
PromOat® meets these consumer demands and more by unlocking a natural, oat-based fibre with superior solubility, in addition to clean taste and texture. Has unique technology enabling the manufacture, without chemical addition, of high quality oat beta glucan with good solubility and performance in a range of applications. Kids Footwear Online
Tate & Lyle Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
HMB® (Calcium β-hydroxy-β- methylbutyrate)
HMB® (Calcium β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate) is a proprietary brand of Metabolic Technologies, Inc.. Clinically proven HMB has shown to improve exercise performances, aid in recovery, increase muscle gain and fat loss, anti fatigued and Sarcopenia. TSI Group is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for HMB in China. air max 1
TSI Group
Food & Beverage Ingredients
FOS National Standard Sample
Commissioned by the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC),QHT successfully launched 6 FOS national standard samples, including 6 standard samples: 6G-Kestoe, 6-Kestose, 1-Kestose, Nystose, 1F-Fructofuranosylnystose, 1F-Fructofuranosyl-1FFructofuranosylnystose.They are the first FOS national standard samples developed in China, and is also the first time that 6 FOS national standard samples are released simultaneously globally. FOS national standard samples have the approval of the State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision (CSBTS), which gives it national accreditation. Air Jordan I Low
Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
MEG-3TM 3C Concentrated Omega-3
DSM China
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Bimuno® GOS
Bimuno® is far more than a great GOS, it is the only patent-protected, io-engineered,complex of carbohydrates with scientifically proven triple impact: Easy gut health,protection from disease, immune function insurance. Kobe 11 ELite Glowing
Clasado Biosciences (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
BAT Delta Robot
BAT high-speed delta robot is the perfect combination of robot technology, vision tracking technology, conveyor belt tracking technology. It can accurately track the position of conveyor belt in the assembly line with high precision. With our proprietary vision system, we identify position, color, shape and size of the parts through the visual identification module, and pack, sort, or organize the parts according to the user—specified requirements. Its fast motions and great flexibilities can significantly improve the efficiency of the production line in order to reduce business operating costs. Air Max 90 YEEZY 2 SP
Robot Phoenix LLC
Food & Beverage Packaging
Aseptic Filling Machine
Aseptic filling is to fill an aseptic product into an aseptic container under an aseptic environment.The end product has a long lifetime in ambient temperature. Aseptic filling process integrated aseptic isolation technology and microorganism control technology, it has its unique advantages and features: 1. Wide application range, which can be used to fill all type of liquid beverage, such as juice, tea, energy drinks, protein based beverage, milk based beverage. 2. Filling in ambient temperature results in reduced product heat contact time, reduced lost in vitamins and increased preservation in nutrition and flavor. 3. Packaging cost is less than hot filling products, more price advantage in the market. 4. Various packaging container design available. Air Jordans
Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
MACSA SPA Laser System
The SPA laser system, The first modular laser that grows with your needs. It is your need, your laser, your choice. Macsa has developed the SPA Scalable Product Architecture. The SPA laser platform simplifies everything. It’s modular so you can specify the laser which you need today knowing that you will be able to adapt it when your needs change tomorrow. SPA lasers incorporate features and technology enabling them to deliver better quality coding and marking at higher speeds more consistently over time. Adidas Puma Shoes
Macsa Coding Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
0.5L Mini 10 Head Weigher
Application :It is suitable for weighing small granules such as seeds, tea,coffee, beans etc. Mechanical Character : ● New designed small linear vibrator contributes to more stable amplitude. ● Loadcell detection under the top cone. ● V feeder pan especially designed for small target weight. ● Side-driven actuator design improves the load cell value accuracy. ● Arc-shaped machine body with large R treatment improves the stability and apperance. Air Jordan IV 4 Retro Pinnacle Croc Pony Hair
Zhongshan Multiweigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
Unique QR Codes on Aseptic Packaging
Greatview uses hi-speed continuously variable digital printing technology on aseptic food packaging. This innovation enables a QR code unique to every single package. Any information that can be coded in a QR code can be included, such as packaging material, raw food material, production, and logistics and so on. Consumers can reach online marketing site easily just by scan the QR code on the package, this technology enable brand owner on both consumer engagement and item level products traceability. New Balance Boots
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
T 800 Traysealer ( MultiFresh™ skin pack for product protrusion up to 100 mm)
The high-output T 800 is suitable for packing large batches, as well as being capable of being integrated into automated packaging lines. Both MAP and vacuum packaging would be produced by T 800. T 800, equipped with a new die, can pack the products whose protrusion up to 100 mm. Even products with sharp or hard features, such as bones or shells, could also be packed securely and reliably with this process. The MultiFresh™ vacuum package contributes to an extended shelf life for the product, expanded products’ range for the manufacturer, reduced packaging cost, as well as food waste. Nike Sneakers
Multivac (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Packaging
A new design closure for glass bottle in condiment segment. (CTC H IP 32/20 MAG GL)
Apply in glass bottle of 32mm neck finish, suitable for medium & ambient filling. 1. Two pieces design of closure, can make different color to assembly to match customer requires. 2. With tamper-evidence system (Tear-off band), have good anti-theft function. 3. Secondary seal design. If bottle falling after used, the soy sauce will not leak from the closure. 4. Slitting flex band design, make SK tight with UT. 5. Dripless pourer design, can avoid the soy sauce residual on the closure. 6. Flow regulator design. (With Marguerite.) Let soy sauce flow out stable, convenient operation for customer. 7. Double clip design, let closure tight with bottles. air max 98
Bericap (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing
Plicord® ExtremeFlex™ Beverage Red with EZ Clean Cover
Ideal for beer, wine, distillery and beverage (edible liquid) transfer processing facilities, ExtremeFlex Beverage features a microbe-resistant chlorobutyl tube that free of plasticizers and absolutely neutral to taste and odour. ExtremeFlex is lightweight, flexible and easy to handle. Suited for applications requiring flexible and/or tight bend connections, Corrugated EZ Clean UHMWPE cover for added abrasion resistance. Sneakers
ContiTech Shanghai Rubber & Plastic Technology Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing
Hanovia PMO UV Technology
UV complies with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (2009) – Significant energy savings, Compact, and Minimal Maintenance. The United States Public Health Service / Food and Drug Administration (USPHS / FDA) developed the model milk regulation to protect and improve the supply of milk to the Nation and the latest version, Grade “A” PMO (2013) further enhances the regulation through the introduction of new, approved technologies to minimize the public health risks while offering significant benefits to producers. Women's Fashion
Hanovia China
Food & Beverage Processing
The Valve Terminal for a Safetyrelated Shut-off Functionality
In Bürkert Valve Terminal series, the valve types 6524 and 6525 were extended with a variant for a safety-related shut-off functionality, which significantly protects the safety of operators and equipment. The basis for this extension is the changing market requirements in relation to the new machinery directives EN ISO 13849, and its performance achieved level D. Predator Accelerator TF
Bürkert Contromatic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Food & Beverage Processing
Promass 100 Coriolis Flowmeter
Promass 100 coriolis flowmeter, is the most compact and light designed flowmeter (it’s transmitter is only 1/3 of traditional ones). One single flowmeter can measure mass flow/ volume flow/ temperature/ density/ concentration and other process parameters. Beside this, Promass 100 does also have follow characters: ● Self-drained, accord with hygienic requirements, IP69K ● Most safe data storagev ● W@M lifecycle management ● HART, Modbus RS485, Ethernet IP, Profibus DP…Seamless system integrated ● Traceable calibrated(ISO/IEC 17025) ● Secondary containment, anti-vibration Kobe XII 12 Shoes
Endress+Hauser (China) Automation Co., Ltd.
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
Milk Pack System
It applied the automation technology, bar code technology and industrial control acquisition technology to milk pack logistic information of supervision and administration, tracking and control (such as milk market, anti-fake and anti channel conflict in logistic supply chain, network marketing, member integral, etc.). At the same time, the system data will be uploaded to the company ERP system automatically, it also can realize the online management of producing, packaging, warehousing in each production link. Air Jordan XXXI Low
Sunflower Technology Co., Ltd.
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
Vision Inspection Systems ThermoSecure L
Full packaging inspection by vision for an easy end-of-line integration ThermoSecure L inspects seal seams, labels and information on top and bottom of packs. Before case packing, the stand-alone inspection machine detects defective packs and is able to reject them. In the event of a drift in production, an alarm alerts the operators so that the problem can be corrected immediately. ThermoSecure L prevents rework operations on defective packaging, complaints, or product recalls due to package integrity problems. In addition to package integrity guarantee, the machine automatically contributes to the total traceability of the product by archiving all images captured during production and by monitoring the packaging line with a regular output of production reports. ThermoSecure L is compatible with a wide range of products and addresses a number of inspection needs. The machine comes standard in IP65. Nike Sneakers
Bizerba China
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
L-Rix 510 Inline Refractometer
L-Rix 510 Inline Refractometer Ideal for pharmaceutical,food and beverage applications L-Rix 510 meets the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard and is EHEDG-certified. This makes it suitable for hygienic applications such as measuring concentrations in pharmaceuticals, food and pulp-containing beverages. Never needs adjusting Activates quickly after cleaning Rely on decades of experience Anton Paar builds on decades of experience in laboratory refractometry to provide an inline sensor which meets your highest requirements. Refractive index and concentration results from L-Rix 510 are directly comparable with the measurements from laboratory refractometers. Air Jordan News
Anton Paar (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Food Safety (F&B Testing & Measurement)
Dual-beam X-Ray Inspection System
Suitable for packaged products that are taller than they are wide like e.g. composite cans, PET bottles, glass jars and metal cans.
Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
NutryGeno™ Gene Nutritional Products
NutryGeno™ gene nutritional products are according to the precision medicine and gene nutrition, including theory of nutrigenomics and nutrigenomics, make full use of modern biology, modern botany, cell biology, modern nutrition and modern medical methods, for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, tumor, joint diseases, obesity, and other modern common chronic diseases gene target design, precise regulation adidas
Shanghai Lithy Food Materials Co., Ltd.