2015 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Pumps & Valves

Centrifugal Pumps
New End Suction Pump
Xylem China
Centrifugal Pumps
Sewage Lifting Station
Jung Sewage Lifting Station Compli 1015,equipped with a new type of turbine impeller submersible pump,which can be completely submerged in water and operate automatically. Compli 1015 has a strong over-current capability, which can be applied to almost all residential and public environment toilet drainage. The sustainable operation motor ensures the pump body work for a relatively long time and never fever. Jordan
Beijing Beiyu Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Centrifugal Pumps
DFES pump is a single stage double suction centrifugal pump, which is the third generation high performance product developed and produced by our own company with marked characteristics of high efficiency, stable performance, good anti cavitation, low noise, shock small, strong and durable, easy maintenance, and long life.It’s widely used in industrial water supply, agricultural irrigation, industrial circulation water, supplying heating and etc. Nike News
Shanghai Eastpump (group) Co., Ltd.
Centrifugal Pumps
Vertical Type Adjustable Axial-Flow Pump
Shanghai Liancheng(group)Co., Ltd.
Centrifugal Pumps
RPH Process Pump
RPH Refinery Pump Single-stage volute casing pump for handling liquids in refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants. Also as booster pump for seawater desalination by reverse osmosi a standardised global product which meets the API requirement. Its design is well-proven and generally accepted. Adidas
KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd.
Centrifugal Pumps
Variable-Frequency Backpack Pump
Knapsack type variable frequency pump (Group) which with small volume, lighter weight, integrating the functions and achieved the artificial intelligence. Humanized operation design makes use, maintenance, repair is convenient, with high efficiency and energy saving, stable pressure, fault self diagnosis and protection functions. Not only improving the efficiency of the motor and pump energy but also making the technical level reached the international advanced level. ADIDAS
Centrifugal Pumps
LS Split Case Pump
The LS pumps are designed especially for water utility applications and manufactured according to the highest Grundfos quality standards. These high efficiency pumps have a wide efficiency range and very low NPSHr, which ensures safe and economic operation even when the actual flow deviates from the designed duty point. Air Max 2018 KPU
GRUNDFOS Pumps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Centrifugal Pumps
ProVore Residential Grinder Pump
Liberty Pumps Inc
Centrifugal Pumps
CAM Multistage Double Case Nuclear Charge Pump
The Flowserve CAM is a multistage diffuser barrel pump using high head per stage, Barske straight vane impellers. This pump is ideal for low-flow, high head nuclear applications. With the Barske design, it is possible to match the pump’s best efficiency point to the required operating conditions, resulting in better hydraulic performance and reduced radial loads. The need for complicated lube oil systems, gearboxes and cooling water is completely eliminated because the pump is direct driven at two-pole speed. Air Jordan 2017 Casual Shoes
Flowserve Corporation
Centrifugal Pumps
Sea Water Lift Pump
With the advantage of large flow,high lift,simple structure,effective energy saving and nice appearance,VMHP applys to sea water desalination and industrial water treatment. Air Max 90 YEEZY 2 SP
Nanfang Pump Industry Co., Ltd.
Jet pumps & Other Pump Types
Operators of waste water treatment plants are increasingly confronted with new challenges. Cities are expanding, resulting in waste water treatment plants often being incorporated into suburban areas and being burdened by an increased number of inhabitants. Mainly due to opposition from these inhabitants, expansion of the waste water treatment plant is out of the question, meaning that treatment performance cannot be improved by additional constructions. SNEAKERS
Wilo China Ltd.
Jet pumps & Other Pump Types
The VERDERHUS is a Screw Channel Centrifugal pump, which is a hybrid between a positive displacement and a centrifugal pump. The conical ‘corkscrew’ rotor sits inside a cone shaped casing, during operation it draws the fluid into the impellor vanes & simply pushes the fluid out of the discharge flange. The unique design of the ‘corkscrew’ impellor massively reduces the potential for clogging & allows the passage of large solid particles. These two benefits make it an ideal solution for sludge transfer applications typically found in waste water treatment plants. Many pumps suffer from high wear when pumping abrasive fluids which can means high maintenance costs, the VERDERHUS has a proven long life design, even in the most arduous and abrasive applications suction as slurry, cement and chemical waste transfer the pumps have very low downtime or service requirements. The VERDERHUS can be used in an extensive range of applications & in each one the pumps gives the end user numerous benefits. Air Max 95 20th Anniversary Flyknit
Verder Shanghai Instruments and Equipment Co., Ltd.
Positive Displacement Pumps
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump
The RD series air-operated diaphragm pump of our company is a latest model of fluid transportation equipment, which is currently one of the most innovative pumps in china. Using compressed air as the power source, it can pump various fluids drastically, whether corrosive, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid or fluids with particles and high viscosity. Our diaphragm pumps have totally six specifications. The sizes for import/export are 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2", 3" and 4". The components which contact with the fluids are usually made of aluminum alloy, nodular cast iron, polypropylene, stainless steel. Depend on the varied applications, and the materials of diaphragm can be styrene rubber, neoprene, polythene, polyether rubber, fluorine rubber, Teflon and PVDF, so that it can meet the requirements of different fluid mediums. Nike Magista Obra Low
Shanghai Jianglang Fluid Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Positive Displacement Pumps
H Series External Gear Pump
The Maag H Series is a very robust external gear pump in which the pumped medium lubricates the plain bearings. These are floating in the housing itself, thus generating less wear, as it is possible to align the bearing to the shaft perfectly. As for Maag’s helical gear shafts, they are produced from one single bar. This results in a very high stiffness of the whole pump, which in combination with floating bearings leads in turn to a dramatically extended lifetime. Because the mechanical parts have been engineered with an extreme precision, noise remains low even at speeds of up to 3,000 rpm. This level of precision also allows a high volumetric efficiency. Finally, the unusually wide gears allow for a high flow rate despite the pump’s compact design. Nike
Maag Automatik Plastics machinery (Shanghai) Co,Ltd.
Positive Displacement Pumps
ARO Fluid Intelligence Solution
ARO® delivers on the promise of touch-and-walk-away automation with the new ARO® controller. The Controller works seamlessly with EXP Series Electronic Interface Pumps and can be integrated with many existing EXP pumps when an electronic interface package is added. The result is a fully automated, multi-pump system for batching and container and tank filling. ARO® multi-pump Controller can be programmed with remote triggers customized to the application in which it’s being used. The Controller responds to those triggers, performing auto-shutdowns when necessary and sending data and service alerts to the operators. Based on that information, the operator is able to make intelligent fluid management decisions to keep business moving. Footwear
Ingersoll Rand
Positive Displacement Pumps
2 NS - Two Screw Pump
Positive Displacement Pumps
EZstrip Cake Pump
EZstrip W range cake pump Following the successful launch of the revolutionary EZstrip progressing cavity pump, Mono has developed the EZstrip Cake Pump to make the process of maintaining a cake pump easy. The EZstrip cake pump features a specially designed feed chamber which is easily disconnected allowing access to the rotor and screw conveyor assembly. The rotor can then be separated from the conveyor allowing removal of the rotor and stator while in-situ, without disconnecting suction and delivery pipework. This process can take as little as 6 minutes. Imagine the time savings you could achieve when maintaining an EZstrip cake pump! Nike
The Diaphragm Pump Intelligent Monitoring System
Combine solenoid valve, flow meter, pressure sensors, leakage monitor and other electronic sensor with the diaphragm pump, be one intelligent system. Then develop an APP, can use this APP to control the pump flow rate, working pressure, leakage monitoring, stroke times, pump on or off etc. Adidas
New Disc Coupling XTSR Series
Rexnord developed new disc coupling product XTSR series for pumps based on more than 6 months market survey, selection research and applications for end user to satisfy customer’s real request, with the main innovations and customer value listed below. • Higher torque density • New disc pack design • New bolt design • Improved corrosion protection • Modularized components design to reduce customer stock cost • Reduce customer’s operating costs based on XTSR’s strength and real selection for pump applications. ADIDAS ORIGINALS
Rexnord Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
LJQ series compact disc coupling is suitable for low speed condition with short distance between shaft ends. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Replacing disc packs and fasteners can be done without removing equipments. LJQ series compact disc coupling has followed the advanced and matured technologies owned by TRUMY. The flexible elements are thin metal discs made from high strength stainless steel. Having passed finite element analysis and profile optimization, all types of the metal discs offer optimal comprehensive performances. Kids Footwear Online
BlueBox E 400S Series Dry-installation Lifting Device
Zenit's product " BlueBox E 400S " is a series of integrated sewage lifting plant, which equipped with a set of tank, the submersible electric pumps, the pipes, the valves, the accessories and the control panel. The volume of the single tank can be up to 500L. By connecting with 2 or 3 tanks through the pipes, the maximum volume is up to 1500L. The level switches and the smart control panel mounted on the device control the operation of the pumps. The control panel owns functions of the alternation running, the automatic inspection, the malfunction warning and message notification. The users can empty the tank manually after the installation of the handled diaphragm pump. Air Jordan IV 4 Retro Denim
Zenit Pumps (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Zirconia Ceramic Valve and Zirconia Ceramic Valve Components
1. We are the world’s first inventor and producer of the magnesia stabilized zirconia. 2. Compare with other kind of zirconia, the toughness of Morgan magnesia stabilized zirconia is similar with the cast iron, customer call our zirconia is the “Ceramic-steel”. 3. We have supplied the ceramic valve components to the world famous valve manufacturer more than 15 years. 4. High toughness is the distinctive competition of Morgan zirconia, and high toughness let our zirconia is very hard to crack, even high temperature and thermal shock. 5. The wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance also are distinctive completion of Morgan zirconia. 6. We can be machining the component which has a complex shape and high requirement of the quality. jackets
Morgan Technical Ceramic Australia PTY