The Maag H Series is a very robust external gear pump in which the pumped medium lubricates the plain bearings. These are floating in the housing itself, thus generating less wear, as it is possible to align the bearing to the shaft perfectly. As for Maag’s helical gear shafts, they are produced from one single bar. This results in a very high stiffness of the whole pump, which in combination with floating bearings leads in turn to a dramatically extended lifetime. Because the mechanical parts have been engineered with an extreme precision, noise remains low even at speeds of up to 3,000 rpm. This level of precision also allows a high volumetric efficiency. Finally, the unusually wide gears allow for a high flow rate despite the pump’s compact design.


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Maag Automatik Plastics machinery (Shanghai) Co,Ltd.
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2015 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards – Pumps & Valves
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Positive Displacement Pumps
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