2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Metalworking

STÄUBLI Hot Stamping Pieces Double Robots Laser Cutting Solution
As the leader in robotics laser application, Stäubli has developed a standard system for hot stamping metal pieces laser cutting. It comprises of two standard Stäubli TX90XL robots and flexible and light laser cutting head which is customized by a local system integrator. Also under Stäubli’ s open software platform and motion control system, this system could achieve almost the same configuration, precision and efficiency as those of conventional five-axis laser cutting machines while with significantly lower cost. With improved flexibility, reliable tracking and higher production output, robotic solutions are emerging as the preferred choice for laser cutting applications in the automotive industry worldwide. Air Jordan 12 Low
Stäubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronic Co.,Ltd.
IRB 1660ID
The IRB 1660ID is the latest compact robot for arc welding and machine tending. It can handle payloads up to 6 kg and has a reach of 1.55 meters. As the most versatile robot in the mid-size class, the new robot’s Integrated Dress Pack makes it easier to program and simulate predictable cable movements, creates a more compact footprint and reduces maintenance costs by 50 percent thanks to reduced wear and tear on cables. Adidas sneakers
ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd.
Automated machine tending and welding in confined spaces are tasks that place extreme demands on industrial robots. Not only do they have to work accurately and precisely, but they also need speed and agility to increase productivity even in very tight spaces – especially when manufacturing or processing small parts and products. The KR CYBERTECH series was designed to meet these requirements better than the traditional solution of using larger robots which offer high precision but lack flexibility in their movements. The robots in the KR CYBERTECH series stand out for their streamlined design and minimally disruptive contours, enabling them to operate with maximum agility and flexibility. When compared to other industrial robot offerings available on the market, the KR CYBERTECH has virtually countless combinations of powerful configurations. Zoom Lebron XIII 13
KUKA Robotics (China) Co.,Ltd.
CAD/CAM/CAE Software, CNC system and other processing system
Automated Processing and Measuring Integration Solution
Hexagon intelligent manufacturing automated processing and testing integration solution integrated coordinate measuring machine, industrial robots, CNC machine tools, M&H tool, visual or RFID automatic identification devices and so on. The automatic solution realizes automatic identification of workpiece information, automatic tool compensation for machining tools, automatic machining of various workpieces, process detection in machining process, automatic measuring and automatic sorting and other functions. Solving the quality control problem in the automation and intelligent production process for customer, improving the production efficiency, saving labor costs, providing customers with intelligent solutions for automation. Air Jordan XX9 Low
Hexagon Metrology Qingdao Co.,Ltd.
CAD/CAM/CAE Software, CNC system and other processing system
SHAPETRACER II Optical 3D Line Scanner
The WENZEL SHAPETRACER II is a highly flexible 3D line scanner for capturing and processing of point clouds on a multisensor coordinate measuring machine. The optical sensor is integrated into the WENZEL PointMaster software package and provides highquality, accurate and repeatable results. Compared to the previous model a performance increase of over 400% has been achieved by increasing the measurement range and measurement speed. adidas
WENZEL Group GmbH & Co.KG
CAD/CAM/CAE Software, CNC system and other processing system
Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Fluid Coolant and Lubricant
New Shell Tellus S2 MX Hydraulic Oil
Developed by Shell's unique patent technology and upgraded formula, the new Shell Tellus S2 MX hydraulic oil was launched in global market in July, 2016. With the advantages of excellent wear protection, longer oil life and more efficient, new Tellus S2 MX is one of the first hydraulic oil to meet the new Bosch Rexroth approval standards. sneakers
Shell (China) Limited
Fluid Coolant and Lubricant
ECOCOOL 3000 E is a mineral oil based emulsion. It has been specifically designed for machining aluminum alloys, especially suitable for electronic industry. It forms a stable milky emulsion. It’s outstanding lubricity can prolong tool life and improve surface finish. The special EP additives used in the product can improve cutting parameters, therefore, improve productivity. ECOCOOL 3000 E is especially suitable for medium to heavy duty machining of different kind of alum alloys, including drilling, tapping and reaming. It’s free of chlorine, phenol, nitrite and silicon defoamer, conform to RoHS requirements. Nike Jordan Super Fly 4
FUCHS Lubricants (China) Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Beam Watch
Beam Watch is the first device to measure a laser without coming in contact with its beam which allows it to be the first laser quality measurement product in history to have no upper limit on the lasers which it can measure. Beam Watch provides high-power industrial laser users with data never before seen such as the dynamic measurement of focus shift caused by thermal effects on the laser system. Beam Watch also provides the industrial laser user with measurement of other key laser operating parameters in real-time. Women Nike Shoes
Titan Electro-Optics (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
RLW-A (Remote Laser Welding- Adaptive)
The RLW-A is an innovative, trend-setting solution for no-contact welding of fillet seams. It is a reliable and dynamic optics system that delivers precision and reproducibility for a wide variety of processing tasks. The RLW-A provides you with a cost-effective alternative to conventional processing optics. adidas
Guangzhou ABITEC Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Auto Focusing Laser Cutting Head
Shanghai Empower Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
D50 Wobbling Welding Head
D50 Wobble welding head is designed to provide the highest laser power (12 kW) handling capability in the industry, available in multiple configurations, with instant contamination monitoring and alarm module, multiple configurations with the broadest focus and collimator lens options, a completely sealed and lightweight package. Camera arm assembly, air knife with purge, coaxial nozzle w/ purge, gas assist, welding head alarm module and many other modules, as well as welding tracking module which enhance the welds quality are also selectable. Air VaporMax Shoes
IPG Photonics
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
AOFemto Industrial Femtosecond Laser
The AOFemto Series laser platform is a diode-pumped solid-state Hybrid masteroscillator power-amplifier that has been designed to deliver powers up to 20 watts in the IR and 10 watts in the Green, it has the unique ability to machine virtually any material with little or no thermal damage. The AOFemto has been deployed using industry proven components to provide customers a compact platform that is easily integrated into high volume production workstations and has the reliability and stability for high volume production environments where 24/7 operation is required, which provides transformative capabilities for applications in automotive, medical device manufacturing, consumer electronics, industrial laser processing, semiconductor, medical therapies, the biosciences, and defense. sneakers
Inno Laser Technology Corporation Limit
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
9XXnm/210W High Power Diode Laser
Featuring brand new design of optical coupling, NewBeam™ series products combine beams of multiple emitters with patented spatial beam combination and polarization beam combination structures. With high coupling efficiency, a stable output power over 210 W is achieved from a 135μm/0.22 NA fiber. With a small size, the product can be integrated with a thermal resistor for precise temperature control. Sneaker
BWT Beijing Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Laser Processing Head BIMO-FSC
High productivity and high cut quality are essential criteria for flat sheet cutting. These criteria have been the basis for the II-VI HIGHYAG laser cutting head BIMO-FSC. The BIMO-FSC is available in different variants for focus control. Depending on the cutting application, the customer can choose to control the focus position and focus diameter using the cutting machine or to utilize the simple manual control. Maximum productivity in manufacturing can be achieved by usage of the BIMO-FSC with machine controlled adjustment of focus position and focus diameter. Puma
II-VI Infrared Laser (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
BA W02-22
Equipped with linear and torque motors in all feed axes, the new two-spindle BA W02-22 machining centre is setting new records for short cycle times and unparalleled precision in 5-axis machining. The extremely compact machine manufactures complex work pieces of nonmagnetic materials highly efficiently on an installation area of barely four square meters, which makes BA W02-22 perfectly suitable for precision mechanics applications, for example in the watchmaking industry or automotive sector. Air Jordan IX Low
SW Asia Co.,Ltd.
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
Car Wheel Hub Intelligent Processing Equipment
Car wheel hub intelligent processing equipment, professional researched and developed for aluminum wheel processing, is composed of 2 set slant CNC wheel hub lathes J1WL800 and 1 set vertical machining center J1VMC540W, equipped with high precision special fixture, joints, the robot and its affiliated parts automatic up-down material unit, which can realize automatic controling functions of automatic material transmission, automatic orientation, automatic detection, automatic feedback, automatic compensation of tool wear to achieve automatic production. Mercurial Superfly Heritage FG
Jinan First Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
S-191 Linear S-191 Mill-Turn Machining Center
Except the high-end function of turning, milling, drilling, grinding, S191 Linear also can machine the gear of high precision and with small module(less than 2). All the process of gear machining can be done in one clamping, which can reduce the deviation accumulated from times of clamping and increase the production efficiency. Machining of helical tooth, conical tooth, and internal tooth is all available. Nike Sneakers
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
VMK324B CNC Grinding Machine
This machine can grinding internal gear, inner circle, excircle and end face. It’s national initiative and has obtained national invention patent and authorization. It is mainly used for machining Internal gear profile in pin wheel housing and bearing hole’s precision composite processing. It can also precision grinding the hypocycloid, internal gear, etc. Air Zoom Pegasus EM
Guangzhou Minjia Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd.
Metal Forming Machine Tools (Sheet Metal, Wire and Tube Processing Machines)
C Type Single Crank Servo Press (SVC)
Servo press taking servo motor as direct power source, by means of gear, crank connecting link, toggle link, ect. to transform motor’s driving force into slide’s rectilinear motion. The servo press utilizes servo motor’s PLC specialty to control slide’s motion form perfectly so as to meet the request of diverse stamping and intellectuality. Servo press is generally recognized as 3G Press and is the mainstream in press industry with the advantages of slide speed controlling, difficult molding material manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protecting, multifunctional using, intellectuality and so on. Kids Footwear Online
Chin Fong (China) Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
Metal Forming Machine Tools (Sheet Metal, Wire and Tube Processing Machines)
Straight Side Eccentric Gear Servo Press
The best features for model SDE includes drawing, forming, blanking, punching and cutting of automotive parts, which comply and satisfy the trend and application of steel parts with light weight but high tensile strength in modern automotive industry. In addition, by combining progressive die with pendulum curve, the productivity can be doubled, which saves more than 50% of energy. Womens Footwear Online
SHIEH YIH Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Metal Forming Machine Tools (Sheet Metal, Wire and Tube Processing Machines)
MAC 2.0
Any material variations are detected by the panel bender and, if values are outside the tolerance range, automatically compensated thanks to the adjustment of the blade movements. Consequently, thanks to the new MAC 2.0 technology bending results on a panel bender will depend less and less on material quality. This means consistent part quality over time, zero scrap, optimized production time, all leading to maximum productivity. NIKE
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
Laser-TIG Hybrid Welding Equipment
The laser-TIG hybrid welding equipment can realize welding repair of high temperature alloy parts such as blades and leaf discs, and can meet various welding structure forms (butt joint, lap joint, corner joint and so on), and is applicable to welding of various metal materials, including common stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium and titanium alloys and other hightemperature alloys (such as nickel-based alloys). Jordan Styles
Nanjing Zhongke Raycham Laser Technology Co.,Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
Metal Laser Drilling Machine
The metal laser drilling machine is suitable for machining under 1 mm metal, less than 1 mm below the hole diameter. Equipment is mainly characterized by high machining efficiency is high, the hole roundness, can achieve 90% roundness, good consistency, can be a one-time processing multiple holes. In machining 0.8 mm aluminum plate as an example, the 0.015 mm hole, hole efficiency is 400-500 / s, hole processing after the completion of the naked eye it is difficult to see, need light to see the pores. Equipment mainly by cabinet, optical fiber laser, medium-sized elevator, optical bench, vibrating mirror, lens. Laser adopts imported high power pulse fiber laser, the laser beam quality with high power, ideal and high electro-optical conversion efficiency features, such as optical fiber transmission can be performed. Vibrating mirror is the executing agency to run laser according to the desired trajectory, it is mainly composed of high precision servo motor, motor driver board, mirror, F - theta lens with dc power supply. Lens is an important optical components in laser engraving machine, installed in the bottom galvanometer, plays a focusing the laser beam to the workpiece on the plane. Jordan
Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
High Power and High Repetition Frequency UV Laser Metal Cutting Equipment
High power and high repetition UV laser metal cutting system is designed and manufactured on the basis of the market orientation and fully combined the company own sources. This system was developed in August 2015 and mainly focuses on cell phone Anodized Aluminiumcutting with the following settings: high power 25W UV solid laser, self-development cooling system, EMCC control system, CCD vision positioning system. Sneakers
Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
3D Printing System TruPrint 1000
The TruPrint 1000 is a so called 3D printing system based on the technology of LMD and LMF. The size of such a compact and robust 3D system is only 100mm (D) by 100mm (H), It produces components of almost any geometrical shape. Even complex shapes can be easily and rapidly transformed from the CAD drawing into a real component – and in the best quality. Whether it’s a one-off, prototype or small series, the TruPrint 1000 gives you limitless creativity in the implementation of your ideas. Adidas Tubular Boost
TRUMPF (China) Co.,Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
RenAM 500M Metal Additive Manufacturing Systems
The RenAM 500M is a laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing system designed specifically for the production of metal components on the factory floor. It features automated powder and waste handling systems that enable consistent process quality, reduce operator touch times and ensure high standards of system safety. The system build volume is 250 mm × 250 mm × 350 mm. New Balance Mens Shoes
Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
LASER LINE ULTRA produces extremely complex geometries of rotationally symmetric tools and indexable cutting inserts in just one clamping. With five CNC machine axes and three overlaid beam guide axes, a total of eight CNC axes are available. Complex geometries including cuts and cavities are mastered with precision thanks to the kinematics. LASER LINE ULTRA works force-free and without altering the material characteristics. adidas
United Grinding (Shanghai) Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
Fibre Laser Cutting with Expanded Capabilities ENSIS3015AJ
Amada presents a breakthrough in the field of fibre laser metal cutting technology. Using variable beam control technology developed by Amada, the new ENSIS 2kW fibre laser can manufacture mild steel products which could only be produced using a 4kW laser source in the past. This cutting edge innovation is made possible through the modulation of the laser beam as a function of sheet thickness, changing the beam shape to suit material/thickness requirements. New Balance Running Shoes
AMADA (China) Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Hainbuch Automated Change Station
Hainbuch automated change station: A stocking and changing station placed on the workpiece feeder belt of a vertical lathe. To setup, the spindle passes with the chuck over the combination of clamping head and end-stop to be changed and it is swapped completely reliably within seconds by a pneumatic pulse. The workpiece to be clamped is then directly grabbed from the next changing station and clamped. Because of this design, there is no need for extra automation. However, the machine can become amazingly flexible. Using a clamp check with air sensing the efficiency can be increased even further. This simple practical solution is suitable for a variety of machines because the changing station can be installed directly beside an industrial robot or gantry. A genuine high tech example that you would expect from Hainbuch and if you imagine that this is the only one available from think again, this was just one of several of their automation solutions. adidas Sneaker News
HAINBUCH Shanghai Co.,Ltd. Workholding Technology
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
VERO-S WDB Workpiece Directly Clamping System
VERO-S WDB Workpiece Directly Clamping System does not have any interfering contours from jaws or clamps. This enables 5-sided machining with excellent accessibility. The height of the clamping pillars of the SCHUNK VERO-S modular clamping system can be flexibly varied for direct workpiece clamping. Meanwhile, the ensured powerful pull-down force and high repeat accuracy are the significant advantages of the micron precise modular system. Air Jordan IV 4 Retro Pinnacle Croc Pony Hair
SCHUNK Intec Precision Machinery Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Milling Inserts for Mould & Die Industry
Combining angle design in rake face and flank surface, and special handling of edge and nose of tool. Fine particles substrate is supplemented with special technology and consummate coating. Machining different mould materials with stable performance,also adapt to plane,slope,profile machining. Highly cost effective. Completely replace imported similar from other Asian countries. Nike EPIC React Flyknit
Zhuzhou Huarui Cemented Carbide Tools Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
CopyMax®2 Copy Milling Cutter
This new copy milling insert developed by LMT-Kieninger is manufactured by using the High Quality Sintering (HQS) process. With this process, even more stable cutting edges can be achieved. Special positioning and clamping mode ensure the accuracy of tool, meanwhile it can make you fully get the performance of two cutting edges with one insert. They are particularly beneficial for the roughing and semi-finishing of large molds as well for removing rest material mainly in these industries such as forming technology, energy technology and mechanical engineering. Nike Ambassador IX 9
LMT China Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
CoroTurn 300
CoroTurn 300 is an effective and high-quality turning tool. Featuring high precision coolant and stable insert clamping solutions, these systems combine chip control and accuracy for long life and high surface quality. Add on the Coromant Capto® interface or QS™ shanks for quick tool change and easy coolant connection for maximized production time. Adidas
Sandvik Coromant Cutting Tools (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
JS² Advanced Roughing Endmill Cutter
This is a really good solution for dynamic milling strategy. Under the background of the 4th industrial revolution, customers are asking for continuous improvements and or new product development/new designs for meeting their new requirements. And JS² Advanced Roughing endmill can meet this need for easy and effective manufacturing. These new products have new features that can meet the new manufacture requirements. It can help for cost saving and safer manufacture as it has predictable long tool life and good chip evacuation situation, it is very good to use on flexible production line to achieve automatic production. It is suitable for all CAM software and all CNC machines. It is easy to use and has stable performance to meet the high efficiency safe production requirements. Nike Jordan
Seco Tools (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
MAPAL Tritan Drill
Replace traditional drills. With new drill tip, chip space and edge preparation for all metal. Suitable for difficulty working condition. Strong edge structure, durable. In practice, it has got a 50%~300% higher material removal and 2~50 times longer lifetime. Adidas
MAPAL China Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
KOMET KomTronic® U-Axis System with Linear Encoder
Thanks to their low weight and minimal size and the relatively large adjustment path for the tool, the KOMET KomTronic® Uaxis systems already represents the latest level of development. In comparison with the normal indirect encoder, KOMET offers a new direct encoder significantly improved repeat accuracy, which also characterizes the mechatronic tool systems by KOMET® as state-of-the-art products. The mechatronic tool systems enable a significant shortening of production times, better surface quality, and improved dimensional accuracy. In addition, fewer different tools are required and there is no need to procure moulding tools. Air Max 2018 Flyknit
KOMET GROUP Precision Tools (Taicang) Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Walter Tiger•tec® Gold
1) Ultra Low Pressure -CVD TiALN coating 2) Compared with traditional Al2O3 coating, better wear resistance. 3) Textured structure 4) The third generation of post treatment, less residual stresses. 5) Smooth surface for good friction behavior due to textured TiN coating. 6) Better resistance against abrasion, thermal cracks, plastic deformation, Tool life increased by 75% in average. adidas Yeezy kaufen
Walter Wuxi Co.,Ltd.