2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Metalworking

Megatron-Cross-Lingage Robot
H series Cross-linkage robot breaks through the traditional design, with novel structure and clever idea, it is the perfect combination of cartesian linear robot and multi-joint robot, integrating the advantages of multi-joint robot and linear robots. It plays multi-joint robot’s working efficiency and work range to the maximum, and saving space, easy maintenance, easy operation, good practicability, high cost performance and so on. It is widely used materials load and unload on machine, welding, polishing, laser cutting, sheet metal bending, and other fields.
CAD/CAM/CAE Software, CNC system and other processing system
BySoft 7
Construct and calculate parts, create cutting plans and bending programs, plan and monitor manufacturing processes: Modern sheet metal manufacturing is no longer imaginable without powerful software like BySoft 7. BySoft 7 offers a comprehensive range of functions and is still easy to operate. This way, you maintain an overview, while completing jobs quickly, affordably, and reliably. BySoft 7 – Make it easy.
Bystronic Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
CAD/CAM/CAE Software, CNC system and other processing system
Fluid Coolant and Lubricant
High Performance, Boron Free and Formaldehyde Free Cutting Fluid QUAKERCOOL® 7200 BFF
QUAKERCOOL® 7200 BFF is formaldehyde, boron, chlorine and nitrite free. This product is formulated with advanced synthetic ester, carefully selected base oil and extreme additives. This high performance micro-emulsion is ideally suited to all operations where high surface finish quality and high lubrication is needed. Ideal for general purpose machining of most engineering materials. The product has been tested in Quaker’s exclusive microorganism lab. QUAKERCOOL® 7200 BFF can pass the 8-week bacteria and fungi test under 5% low concentration while the competitors’ product which were tested at the same time can’t pass.
Quaker Chemical (China) Co. Ltd.
Fluid Coolant and Lubricant
ECOCOOL SYN 7050 is a mineral oil free, fully synthetic coolant. It forms a transplant, clear solution when mixing with water. This product is chlorine, zinc and nitrite free, and harmless to human beings and environment; ECOCOOL SYN 7050 affords excellent detergency and chips settle ability performance. This product can be widely used in cast iron and steel grinding, such as outer ring grinding and centreless grinding. ECOCOOL SYN 7050 affords excellent stability, and it helps to save disposal cost and cause less harm to environment, several centre systems is running now. The product suitable for soft water and hard water, very low foam, no soap at high hardness(1000ppm), excellent detergency can keep parts clean after machining.
FUCHS Lubricants (China) Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Fiber Delivery System for High Power Ultrafast Pulse Laser
Photonic Tools has developed a robust, fiber-bonded laser guidance system for ultrafast lasers, which guarantees the highest possible transmission while preserving the laser beam parameters. The trick: The laser beam is directed through "nothing". For this we use the latest generation of micro-structured hollow-core fibers.
PT Photonic Tools GmbH
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Spindle with CSC-Technology
In the application of high-speed motorized spindles, special attention is paid to thermal stability. The spindles normally have front and rear bearing cooling, and a stator cooling jacket. If there is a demand, a secondary cooling flange can also be integrated. For maximum thermal demands, FISCHER offers a patented shaft-cooling system, where the spindle shaft, HSK interface, and tool holders are maintained at a thermally constant level. Short temperature saturation times, minimal thermal expansion of the tool, direction and a constant operational behavior are all the direct results of the shaft cooling. With the combination of CSC-Technology (Compact Shaft Cooling) and the standard internal spindle cooling system, the overall thermal growth of the spindle and rotating system are minimized.
Fischer Shanghai Spindle Technologies, Inc.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
New Touch Probes
The TS workpiece touch probes from HEIDENHAIN help you perform setup, measuring and inspection functions directly on the machine tool. The stylus of a TS touch trigger probe is deflected upon contact with a workpiece surface. At that moment the TS generates a trigger signal that, depending on the model, is transmitted either by cable or over an infrared or radio beam to the control. The control simultaneously saves the actual position values as measured by the machine axis encoders, and uses this information for further processing. The trigger signal is generated through a wear-free optical sensor that ensures high reliability.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
M6+ Fiber Laser
M6 series MOPA pulsed fiber laser is a brand new design product. In addition to the advantages of M1+ series, M6+ has broader pulse width, higher response speed and first pulse usability. It provides a best choice of fiber laser for highest industrial standards marking and other applications. JPT has complete&strict performance and reliability inspection for every M6+, to guarantee high quality and reliability.
Shenzhen JPT Electronics Co., Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Raycus 750W Single-mode Continuous-wave Fiber Laser
Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
YLS-5000-BR Trifocal Fiber Laser Brazing
• 5 kW Laser Power • Compact Footprint • High Efficiency ECO-modules • Integrated Water-water Chiller with Automatic Refilling • Replaceable Three-core Process Fiber • Compatible with All Types of Processing Heads • Independent Power Control via Fieldbus Interface • Advanced IPG Power Supply with Integrated Safety • Laser Emission ON Watchdog
IPG Photonics
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
FiberLight - 1μm Sheet Metal Cutting
The FiberLight S and the FiberLight 90 have a compact, modular design which allows II-VI to provide the user with an extensive range of cutting solutions. The FiberLight is capable of processing a variety of materials and thickness due to its robust, yet agile design. The FiberLight offers the end user superior performance in a convenient and cost effective cutting head.
II-VI Infrared Laser (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Laserline LDF VG6
Laserline Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Anti-Reflective 500W Single-Mode Continuous-Wave Fiber Laser
It can now cut metals, including 1mm to 6mm mild steel, 1mm to 3mm stainless steel and other common metals, and so do the metals with higher surface reflectivity, such as1mm to 3mm aluminum, 1mm to 2mm copper etc. This product has an uncomparable performance advantage among the similar kinds of products that made in China.
China Electronics Technology Group Corporation NO.46 Research Institute
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
976nm/100W Wavelength-Stabilized High Brightness Diode Laser
976±0.5nm wavelength ≧100W output power 105μm core /0.15 N.A. fiber ~0.02nm/℃ wavelength temperature shift ~0.05nm/A wavelength current shift
BWT Beijing Ltd.
Functional Tools and Accessories (include Lasers)
Disk Laser- TruDisk 2000
Highly efficient, attractively priced and compact TruDisk 2000 ensures your components are produced economically. They combine the advantages of solid- state and diode lasers. Using a disk as the laser medium guarantees brilliant beam quality, and using a diode laser as the pump source provides the excitation energy and ensures high efficiency. The power of TruDisk 2000 can be controlled in real time and the laser power required at the work piece remains constant at all times, meaning that you achieve perfectly reproducible results, starting from the very first second. Operation is not affected by back reflections. Besides, TruDisk 2000 could supply up to six workstations if required, either simultaneously or alternatively, which allows you to utilize your laser to full capacity and increase system availability. When scaling the laser power, the internal power density of the TruDisk 2000 lasers always remains in the safe range.
TRUMPF (China) Co., Ltd.
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
a40 Horizontal Machine Center
Introducing the Makino a40, a first of its kind horizontal machining center purpose designed and built to address the challenges of die cast parts production. The a40 features Makino’s Intelligent R.O.I. design, a collection of innovative technologies designed to slash unproductive non cut times from your part process. Continue using the robust, proven system and structure design of Makino, increasing the productivity and reliability, it is your best partner during your machining!
Makino (China) Co.,Ltd.
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
5 Axis CNC Grinding Machine H2001-Prazisa Granit
The first set of 5 Axis CNC Grinding Machine with natural granite lathe bed in the world. The machine is applied in manufacturing of Micro- tools, including medical tools, tools of 3C and etc. The diameter scope of tool manufacturing is from Ø0.2mm up to Ø10mm. The entire axis is built on granite base plate, with direct measuring system and high precision guides. Coordinated with double grinding upright support, the machine structure could bring the grinding machine highest strength and lowest thermal conductivity.
Suzhou Haller CNC Grinding Machines Co., Ltd.
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
Vertical Pick-up Gear Hobbing Machine VL 4 H
EMAG (China) Machinery Co., Ltd Taicang Branch
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
Power Skiving Process
Power skiving processing is a new and high efficient gear cutting technology. Compared with conventional processes, efficiency increased 3-5 times, accuracy can reach IT6. PITTLER can finish big modulus gear cutting on PV3 series machine with power skiving processing, not only saves retooling, transport and holding times, and it increases part quality since numerous functional surfaces can be manufactured in one clamping. Power skiving process presents significant high efficiency, high quality and economic advantages.
Pittler T&S GmbH, Germany
Metal Cutting Machine Tools (Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, Gear Machining)
The HELITRONIC VISION 400 L is the next generation of the globally established HELITRONIC VISION. An even more rigid mineral cast machine bed with very good vibration dampening ensures that the highly dynamic drive acts optimally on the grinding wheel and its extremely low temperature sensitivity makes the grinding process particularly stable. The high precision CNC tool grinding machine can grind lengths of up to 420 mm on the perimeter and provides optimum conditions for grinding rotationally symmetrical tools in production and/or re-sharpening facilities.
United Grinding (Shanghai) Ltd.
Metal Forming Machine Tools (Sheet Metal, Wire and Tube Processing Machines)
Three-Dimensional Five-Axis Linkage 3D Printing System
The Three-Dimensional Five-Axis linkage 3D Printing System with completely independent intellectual property rights is researched and developed by Han’s Laser. The system uses large format double-drive gantry type machine tools and infinite rotating 3D laser head. This system has the following advantages: high-speed, high precision, high efficiency and high reliability. It could print metal parts with a size of 3500mm*1500mm.
Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Metal Forming Machine Tools (Sheet Metal, Wire and Tube Processing Machines)
RC-LDM8060 3D Printing Equipment
Nanjing Raycham Laser Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Metal Forming Machine Tools (Sheet Metal, Wire and Tube Processing Machines)
AFS-M180 3D Metal Printer
The AFS-M180 3D Metal printer has a high powder material utilization and applies to the print of small precision metal parts by completely using lasers, Optical and precision components with top-ranking quality, adopting airproof circulating ventilation system. The biggest shape size of production could be 180×180×200 mm. It is widely used in mold inserts, medicine, teaching and other fields.
Beijing Longyuan Automated Fabrication System Co., Ltd.
Metal Forming Machine Tools (Sheet Metal, Wire and Tube Processing Machines)
3D Laser System- TruLaser Cell 1100
The compact entry-level TruLaser Cell 1100 Basic Edition is designed for the continuous welding of coils and tubes. It reliably welds mild and stainless steel ranging from one tenth of a millimeter to several millimeters thick, yielding reproducible results. For optimal welding results and surface processing without start-up times you can work with two shielding gases simultaneously. The system’s interfaces are reduced to the minimum required; however, easy communication with the higher-level machine controls of the roll forming system is assured. Low investment costs and high welding speeds make the TruLaser Cell 1100 Basic edition a truly compelling choice. It enables you to obtain significantly lower costs per meter of welded material than arc welding methods.
TRUMPF (China) Co., Ltd.
Other products or technologies
Mobile Manual Pulse Welding Fume Purifier
Dalian Megaunity Inc.
Other products or technologies
Focus Monitor
* Focal dimensions * Position of the focal point in space * Power density distribution * Symmetry of the power density distribution * Diffraction index M2 or k * Beam parameter product
ETSC Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Other products or technologies
Mirror finishing: Value of roughness on metal surface is Ra 0.052 1、Directly get a result of mirror surface on a metal work-piece and Ra0.052 Quality and nature change on metal surface 2、Working life will be raised by ten times to a hundred times 3、Hardness will be raised by 20% 4、Surface formed nano layer 5、Preset high value of compression stress, refine grain structure on metal surface 6、Wear-resistance will be raised by 50%,Corrosion-resistance will be raised by 50%
Shandong Huawin Electrical & Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Other products or technologies
Oerlikon Balzers Coating (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
Pentacon 4020 Three-Dimensional Five-Axis Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Wuhan Farley Laserlab Cutting Welding System Engineering Co., Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
Laser 5 Axis
GF Machining Solutions
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
The innovated MeXcel cutting machine features state of the art industry leading speed, It has features of high running speed, high acceleration and multi-function cutting options as: plasma straight / bevel cutting, fiber laser cutting, plasma / fiber laser combination cutting. The new MeXcel cutting machine makes a technical milestone in plasma cutting field: it increased the Max. running speed to 57m/min, and the acceleration to 0.5G as well, thus leads to greatly improved cutting quality, achieved the real laser plasma performance.combination cutting. quality, achieved the real laser plasma performance.
Messer Cutting Systems (China) Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
Fiber Laser-NC Punch Combined Machine Tool LC-2515C1AJ
AMADA China Co., Ltd.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
Femtosecond Laser Fine-Cutting Module for Cardiac Stents
We develop great femtosecond laser and micro-cutting technology for high quality cutting cardiac stents and we succeed in achieving it. By using this technology, we can mrico-machine all kinds of regular metal and non-metal materials for cardiac stents, even for those extreme thin stents, extreme small stents and degradable polymer stents that traditional fiber laser is unable to practice it. And this technology can decrease the manufacture prime cost, simplify the process, and increase the quality of the stent, which meet the customers demand.
Special Manufacturing Technology (Laser Cutting, EDM, PAM, ECM)
STIEFELMAYER Effective S Laser Cutting Machine
Based on our successful STIEFELMAYER effective laser cutting machine We have designed the new model STIEFELMAYER effectiveS, a laser cutting machine with a minimum space requirement and lowest energy consumption. This new design for the application of thin sheets is predestined for precision parts in small and medium production series. It realizes smallest ridge widths and cutting gaps of 0,1mm. Filigree stampings and electrical sheets are manufactured using this machine in the accuracy range of IT7. The entire STIEFELMAYER effective series is equipped with fibre laser technology which makes a large variety of applications come true. Aluminum, aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metals such as copper, bronze and brass, and of course steels with various alloys. The achieved accuracies are as high as in punching.
Stiefelmayer China
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
REVO® Multi-Sensor 5-Axis Measurement System
REVO-2, launched by Renishaw in October 2015, is a revolutionary product to offer 5-axis scanning measurement capability. It is a significant advance in CMM technology in recent two decades. REVO-2 adds optical non-contact scanning capability to the existing tactile measurement. This enables harmonious high-precision, high-speed 5-axis scanning measurement on one CMM. The revolutionary REVO-2 family of measuring head and probe systems will certainly redefine the industry standard of scanning systems on CMMs.
Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Fast Laser Flatness Measuring Instrument
Three laser flatness measuring instrument is Seven Ocean Metrology cohesion years of R & D capabilities and experience, specifically for flat products a customized high-precision, ultra-efficient optical measuring instruments. It has the perfect duplex design with three groups of high-precision non-contact laser scanning synchronous measurement, measurement can be completed within 2 seconds, the measurement process workpiece change without any pause, ideal for online flatness measurement quantities.
Seven Ocean Metrology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Leica Absolute Tracker AT960
The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is a robust, all-in-one portable laser tracker that fits in a single flight case. Offering high-speed dynamic measurement as standard, it is a complete solution for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) probing, scanning and automated inspection as well as reflector measurements. With the complete range of Leica laser tracker accessories built in, the AT960 can be transported easily, unpacked quickly and powered up in minutes to measure almost anywhere. Dynamic features and flexible functionality give users absolute portability, absolute speed and absolute accuracy. With medium range and long range models available, the AT960 laser tracker has a measurement volume of up to 160 m (Ø). Compatible with reflectors as well as the Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan and Leica T-Mac, it offers many different inspection applications; ensuring users have the right way to measure for any job.
Hexagon Metrology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Z Series Gear Measuring Center
Z series gear measuring center utilizes granite base and integrated host, all measuring axis are directly drived (DDR,DDL), 3D digital probe and probe management system, level contorl principle, 3U full close-loop system, abundant and reliable measuring software based on Windows8.
Harbin Zhida Measurement & Control Technology Co.,LTD.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
WTE - High Performance Holder
Ultimate holding forces combined with outstanding damping properties and high bending stiffness with normally higher run-our accuracy put these chucks in the top class of clamping products and guarantee an especially high surface quality in practical use. Main Characteristics: very high holding forces; Vibration damping effect; Very High transmissible torques; All commercially available shanks can be clamped.
Brilliant Group International LTD. (Shanghai)
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
ROTA-FSW Chuck Quick-Change System
The patented SCHUNK chuck quick-change system ROTA FSW promises a fast chuck change in less than three minutes. Instead of using fastening screws and a drawbar adapter, the ROTA FSW is process-reliably loosened and locked with one single clamping screw. The SCHUNK quick-change system can be retrofitted to almost every lathe. It is suitable for manual as well as power chucks. Their actuating force and maximum rotational speed remain fully preserved with excellent repeat accuracy . Due to the low height, there are few restrictions in installation space
SCHUNK Intec Precision Machinery Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Safe Lock + Cool Flash
The Safe-Lock™ +cool flash System from HAIMER is an integrated pull out protection for round cutting tools that uses a friction and form locking system. The coolant is pressed out by several slots, floats around the shank vis the chip flute and cools up to the cutting edge. Even at low pressure and high rpm the system assures precise cooling.
Haimer (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
AC250P-AC150P/PC3 For Medium Machining On Steels
Grade AC250P, AC150P with PC3 geometry is the first choice for steel turning. Its excellent chip breaking performance suits medium to finish steel turning. This type of insert has the following features: 1. Highly reliable cutting edge structure combine with improved cemented carbide substrates strengthens the cutting edges, ensures its excellent wear resistance performance under both wet and dry conditions. 2. CVD coating great bonding between substrate and coating, controllable MT-TiCN structure, perfect interface layer between MT-TiCN and α-Al2O3, selectable growth for α-Al2O3 structure growth with preferred orientation. 3. The special post-treatment process controls the internal stress of the coating and ensures the coating surface smoothness. Proven to be more reliable and has longer tool life when compared to similar products in the industry.
Ganzhou Achteck Tool Technology Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Beyond Evolution
The most visible result of Beyond Evolution´s »one system for all applications» design is the most requested - fewer items, up to 35% compared to competitors. This makes Beyond Evolution easy to choose in addition to easy to use, reducing inventory and expenses. And where conventional product launches focus on a single line item, Beyond Evolution will be launched in multiple grades for dozens of applications - a full line offering that promises higher performance and reduced costs immediately. Game-changing design brings true ease of use, notably fewer components, and high performance in multiple applicationsOne platform that does it all. Cut-off, grooving, deep grooving, face grooving, side turning, and profiling applications.
Kennametal Hardpoint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Taking edge-line security to a new level, the steel grade GC1130 is highly reliable and performs brilliantly in unstable or challenging conditions. The new PVD coating in GC1130 is optimized for steel milling. Produced with Zertivo technology, giving great edge-line security and reduced flaking, it is designed to create the perfect balance between protection against abrupt chipping and continuous wear resistance.
Sandvik Coromant
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Precimaster Plus ™
Two new tool shank designs from Seco offer floating and adjustability for fully optimised, high-precision reaming operations. As an extension of the Precimaster Plus indexable-head reaming system, the new PMX-FL and PMX-AD shanks greatly improve hole surface finishes, eliminate runout and correct for misalignment without the need for special toolholders. Seco’s new shanks incorporate compact internal systems for such functionalities, eliminating the need for special toolholders for floating and adjustability functions. Compared to special toolholders, the new shanks also situate reamers closer to machine spindle noses for less tool overhang. Seco’s built-in floating system for static and turning-machine reaming applications is purely mechanical and much more stable than the common rubber or elastomere-type technology used on other similar tools. Also, the internal adjustment on Seco's new shank for rotating applications is mechanical in design and uses six screws to provide precise settings and effectively correct for spindle runout down to less than 0.005 mm.
Seco Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Damping Boring Tool
The product features : 1. Damping boring tool overhang ratio up to 10 (10 times the processing aperture), the processing of the hole range from Φ21 --- Φ300. 2. East operate, without l adjustment before set up 3. stable performance, fit in different situation can achieve an damping anti-vibration effect. 4. High efficiency (2 to10 times more than common tools ) 5. Good performance , surface roughness up to Ra0.4--0.8 6. Improve insert longer life. 7. High accuracy and ,small machining errors.
Shanghai Sunder NC-Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Hobbing Chamfer Cutter System
The world’s first Hobbing Chamfer cutter system! It can solve the difficulty of low precision and efficiency in gear chamfering. According to the requirement of processing, the tool can be designed into roughing hobbing/ chamfering & finishing hobbing instead of shaving .The accuracy after hobbing can still achieve IT6-7. Meanwhile, it enables efficiency which is at least 30% higher than those of the old processes. This means that customers can benefit from the Hobbing Chamfer Cutter system for cost saving.
LMT China Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Disc Milling Cutter Type M101
The range of M101-type Milling cutters, which are specially designed for milling grooves and slots, has been expanded to include cutting widths of 3mm and 4mm with groove depths of up to 59mm.The milling cutter with cutting widths of 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm with groove depths of 33/39/59mm are equipped with carbide index able inserts. The inserts can be changed easily and with exceptional accuracy; the self –clamping insert seat is raised with a chuck key so that the cutting insert can be moved and a new insert. The precision-milled prism in the main body ensures a secure connection with maximum index ability thanks to a limit stop in the main body. The milling cutter with groove width of 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 2mm are available with cutting edge diameters of 80, 100 and 125mm with 7, 9 an11mm teeth. With a groove width of 3 or 4mm, the cutting edge diameter is 100, 125 or160mm with 8, 10 or 12teeth. With a cutting width of 4mm, cutting edge diameters up to 200mm with 16 teeth are also available.
Horn (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Tools, Abrasives, Clamping Devices, Measuring Tools and System
Walter M4000 Family Milling Cutter
Walter new M4000 family milling cutter, one insert can be used in all M4000 cutters, including face milling cutter/ shoulder milling cutter / helical milling cutter/ chamfer milling cutter/ high feed milling cutter/ T-slot milling cutter and routing cutter. This “One for all” design will help the end users to lower down their stock and purchasing cost. All insert with the latest Tiger-Tec® Silver technology, the best performance is guaranteed.
Walter Wuxi Co., Ltd.