2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards – Metalworking Industry

Zhang Shu    Professor&Doctoral Tutor, Tongji University ,Honorary Director of Modern Manufacturing Technology Institute

Harbin Institute of Technology School of management adjunct professor, Rugao People's Government consultant, Zhang Shu science fund chairman, China Mechanical Engineering Society honorary director. Former Hong Kong Polytechnic University Visiting Professor, Jiangsu Province, Yancheng Institute of Technology Distinguished Professor, Shanghai University of Technology Institute of Mechanical Honorary Dean and other positions.

Zhang Shu committed to advanced manufacturing technology and its development strategy. Author of "Machine Tool Product Innovation and Design" book. It has won the "First Prize of Guanghua Science and Technology Fund" of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the "Scientific and Technological Achievement Award" of China Mechanical Engineering Society, the "Shanghai Science and Technology Hero" of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the " "Hong Kong" Chiang's Science and Technology Achievement Award "and Hong Kong Polytechnic University" Outstanding Chinese Visiting Scholars "and other important awards and honors.

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Tang Xiahui    Deputy Director,Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Laser Processing National Engineering Research Center

Huazhong University of Science and Technology doctoral tutor. He graduated from Huazhong Institute of Technology in 1986, obtained a master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1989, and stayed in the university after graduation. In 2000, he received his Ph.D. from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. IncumbentHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyLaser processing National Engineering Research Center, deputy director of the China Optical Society Laser Processing Professional Committee executive director, vice chairman of Hubei Province Laser Society, Hubei Province Mechanical Engineering Society executive director. "Laser Technology" magazine editorial board, "Applied Laser" magazine executive editorial board. Mainly engaged in new CO2 gas lasers, high-power laser processing system integration, laser processing technology and other aspects of research. Has undertaken the Ministry of science and technology "tenth • five", "eleven five" science and technology projects each one, "Eleventh Five-Year" key scientific and technological research in Hubei Province, Ministry of Industry "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" major projects, Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Education Doctoral Fund each one, from nearly 60 enterprise technology projects. He has published over 60 papers in major academic journals both at home and abroad, obtained 4 provincial and ministerial appraisal achievements, the first accomplished person won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei province in 2004, and the first prize of national scientific and technological progress nominated by the Ministry of Education in 2005. Published in 2004 monograph "laser welding diamond tools", published in 2008 monograph "high-power cross-flow CO2 laser and application", access to national invention patents 5.


Zhang Qingmao    Director of Laser Processing Industry Committee of Guangdong Optical Society, Dean and Professor of Information Optoelectronics Technology College of South China Normal University

Doctor of Engineering, doctoral tutor, the incumbent vice president of Guangdong Laser Industry Association; deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Micronanoptical Photonic Functional Materials and Devices, Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, Guangdong laser processing technology research institutes combined demonstration base director, Guangdong Province Joint training of graduate demonstration base director. The main research directions: laser precision welding technology, based on the ultra-fast laser micro-nano manufacturing technology and laser-based 3D printing technology. Has undertaken more than 20 national provincial topics, published more than 60 papers, with 6 invention patents, training more than 60 graduate students.

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Li Ming    Vice President ,Shanghai University Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design Institute

Shanghai University School of mechanical engineering and automation researcher, doctoral tutor. At the same time as the National Product Size and Geometrical Specifications Standardization Technical Committee members (SAC / TC240, ISO / TC213), Shanghai Die Industry Association special processing committee vice chairman, Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Committee, Shanghai University mutual Exchange and Technical Measurement Research Association vice president. Is a well-known expert in the field of coordinate measurement technology. Has long been engaged in the design of geometric accuracy and quality of process control, mechanical and electrical integration system design and manufacture of teaching and research work. It has undertaken major and key research projects involving the state 863 and Shanghai Municipality, and has attached great importance to the cooperation with industry, universities and research institutes of enterprises and has won many awards of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. Hosted and participated in more than 30 countries product geometric technical specifications and standards. Has published more than 50 academic papers, won more than 10 invention patents.


Zhong Liangwei    Professor ,Shanghai Polytechnic University of Mechanical Engineering

Director of CAD center of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, director of Shanghai mechanical engineering society, Secretary General of Shanghai manufacturing technology and equipment Specialized Committee, director of Shanghai Engineering Graphics Society, vice director of precision grinding Key Laboratory of Machinery Industry Association. It is mainly engaged in the research of machine tool design and development, advanced processing technology, computer-aided intelligent design and manufacturing, rapid mechanical design and agile manufacturing system, product data management system (PDM), enterprise information technology, virtual technology and so on. Professor Zhong has presided over and participated in the development of high efficiency and high precision horizontal machining center "and" machine virtual prototype system, CNC machining test data sheet development "," crane rapid design system development "," broken machinery rapid design and agile manufacturing system research "and" Research on digital prototype of hydraulic shield support "and" crusher virtual manufacturing system "," digital prototype mold research "and" Research on digital prototype of ladle turret, steel tube forming and machining simulation software research "," the CAPP/PDM based support system development "," cone crusher spare parts database "and so on more than forty. Presided over the development of "product data management software ecPDM", "heavy machinery Standard Parts Library Gallery software" and "jaw crusher aided design software", "computer aided design system for bridge crane", "power plant deaerator computer aided design software such as system, and access to software copyright. Three patents for invention, one of utility model patents. Published more than 50 papers.


Han Jingtao    Chief Professor, Doctoral Tutor,Beijing University of Technology

Beijing University of Science and Technology Materials Processing Engineering Discipline, as the Chinese Association of Science and Technology Committee of the National Committee, executive director of China Metals Society, China Cold-formed steel industry association vice president, Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering executive director of China Heavy Machinery Large Forging Industry Association executive director. Engaged in metal plastic processing theory, rolling, forging process teaching and research work for nearly 30 years. In the rolling and forging new technology, steel production and use of crack control, ring and wheel rolling technology and equipment technology, cold forming technology and equipment technology, stainless steel / superalloy / tool steel materials and production processes, large forgings Manufacturing Technology and Quality Control, Finite Element Simulation of Material Forming Process / Crystallography / Molecular Dynamics Simulation / System Simulation of Rolling Process, Prediction and Control of Microstructure and Properties of Hot Rolled Steel, Laminated Composite / Honeycomb Sandwich Panels / Composite steel pipe equipment technology, stamping die / plastic mold technology, the development of new varieties of steel and other aspects of in-depth theoretical research and technology development work, the research results in the steel industry at home and abroad and heavy equipment manufacturing industry has been widely used. Won the second prize of national science and technology progress and other national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievement award 14, national invention patents 14; published academic monograph translated 12, published more than 300 scientific papers, of which more than 180 papers by SCI, EI Included. 19 graduated doctoral students and 74 graduate students.

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Feng Guanghong     Deputy Director, Professor-Level Senior Engineer,Iron and Steel Institute of Technology

Material Processing Engineering Doctor of Engineering. From 1991 till now, he worked in the Institute of Iron and Steel Research; Vice Chairman of China Cold-formed Steel Association. Projects hosted or participated mainly by the State 973 project "Effect of magnetic field on phase transformation leading to grain refinement and mechanism"; National Science and Technology Project: "Development of Controlled Rolling and Controlled Cooling of Alloy Steel"; National Science and Technology Research Topic: "High Speed Heavy steel technology development "; Beijing science and technology research topics:" high-quality automotive special steel development and application "; and Sanming Iron and Steel Company," to improve the performance of hot-rolled steel bar bending performance "; and Xingtai Iron and Steel Company Development of Cold-pier Steel Products, Development of Hard-line Steel Products in Cooperation with Nanjing Iron and Steel Company, Development of 72B Hard-wire Steel Products in Cooperation with Xiangtan Iron and Steel Company, Development of Mei-steel Pipeline Steel Products in Cooperation with Baosteel Meishan Company ". Published more than 40 papers, won 10 national patents.

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Tangbo    General Secretary, Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Trade Cooperate Alliance

1967 Tsinghua University Mechanical Engineering graduate, senior engineer. For more than 40 years, Tang Bo has been in the equipment manufacturing industry engaged in technical and management work. Once served as vice chief engineer of Shanghai Construction Road & Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd., director of Shanghai Metallurgical Second Machine Repair Factory, deputy director of Shanghai Metallurgical Equipment Factory and member of Shanghai Metallurgical Science and Technology Committee.

Now concurrently He is General Secretary of  Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Trade Cooperate Alliance.In recent years, the city commissioned by the Commission entrusted to organize and write the preparation of "Eleventh Five-year Development Plan" proposal, "Eleventh Five-sector Innovation Plan" proposal, "Twelve • Five Industry Development Plan" recommendations; accept Municipal Science and Technology Commission commissioned to write the "blue book on energy-saving emission reduction", "on accelerating the development of nuclear power materials, rejuvenation of advanced manufacturing in Shanghai" and "actively promote the construction of the two centers, the development of Shanghai's equipment manufacturing industry," and other topics , Respectively, submitted to the municipal Economic Commission, Pudong New Area, etc .; the face of "post-crisis era", but also wrote "Shanghai heavy equipment manufacturing industry post-crisis response measures and proposals" subject submitted to the Municipal Commission of Commerce.

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Zhang Shuqiao    Vice Chairman of Shanghai Metal Cutting Association, Senior Manager of SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., a professor-level senior engineer

National Production Engineering Society, China Machinery Engineering Society, the first batch of industrial engineering experts, China knife Association Management Committee Secretary-General, Zhejiang University guest professor. Published at home and abroad more than 20 papers, monograph "modern manufacturing system" a. In science and technology and management by the Ministry of education science and technology progress prize two, Shanghai modern enterprise management innovation two prize, second prize of Shanghai science and many other honors.


Li Rusong    Former Dalian Institute of Machine Tool Engineer

1962 graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology. From 1962 to 1996, he worked on the design of composite machine tools and automatic lines in Dalian Combined Machine Tool Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry and related topics, and the supervisor designed the cylinder boring machine as the research topic. 1966 Hosted and designed the first series of boring head end-effector heads and their universal parts for the Integrated Machine Tool Institute. 1976 in charge of the design of multi-valve automatic processing line won the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province. Has served as deputy director, director and vice president of the Institute of machine tools, automatic assembly, industrial robots, chief division office, the introduction of office, new technology and CAD computer-aided design. Access to milling machine for a special invention patent. As a member of Editorial Committee of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Volume (2) of Mechanical Engineering Handbook (Second Edition), and Associate Editor of Process Automation. In 2005 to be Jung Trade and Publishing Co., Ltd. hired as《International Metalworking News for China》editorial board.


Lv Delong    Secretary-general of Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering Materials;Senior Engineer ,Beijing Military Institute of Civil Engineering

Currently as a senior engineer of Weaponry New Technology Promotion Institute. As China Mechanical Engineering Society, China Invention Association, China Heat Treatment Association executive director of the China Association for science and technology National University Science and Technology Works Committee members. Each year presided over the military enterprises new technology exchange and related special activities, such as: advanced technology manufacturing exchange and thermal processing technology; mechanical parts finishing and finishing technology; mechanical parts surface strengthening technology. At the same time, we have carried out such topics as "Innovation of New Product Design and Process Technology and Materials", "Processing Technology of Multi-point Moldless Molding Process" and "Application of Laser Rapid Prototyping Technology in New Product Design".

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Xu Zhengping    Marketing Minister, Former Shanghai Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd.

Senior Engineer, Consultant Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society. Has long been engaged in the technical work of CNC machine tools, focusing on the research of international CNC machine tools development trends and market trends. Has served as a review of major projects, but also a number of domestic and foreign media invited reporters and copywriters. His main treatises include "innovation is the uninterrupted power of machine tool development", "machining center selection" and so on.

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Prof. Zhang Zongcheng    Former Director of Teaching and Research Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, Donghua University; Former Director of National Tribology Institute

Prof. Zhang had been a director of Teaching and Research Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, Donghua University. After that, he engaged in metal cutting and cutting tools wear researches in Japan, major in surface treatments for improving cutting tools and parts performance. Currently, Prof. Zhang is a senior consultant of Brilliant Group International LTD and he is responsible for introducing advanced cutting tool manufacturing as well as all related research work.