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Concurrent Event: Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Plastics Indusrty

- 5 tracks, 50+ topics, 400+ industry elites (HOT!)

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Conference background

“Plastics & Rubber Processing Technology and Innovative materials Application Summit & Mini Expo 2017” with the subject of “Design Drive Innovation”, is divided into 5 Sessions as Automobiles, Electronic, Medical, Packaging, Pipes & Construction. Focus on the topics of New Energy Automobile Comprehensive Development and Application, Wearable Electronic Product Development, Efficient automation solution for clean production of medical products, Thermoforming Technology Within The Membrane, Urban Underground Pipeline Utility Tunnel Construction and Plastic Pipe Application etc., Concurrently launched with the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for the Plastics Industry ceremony will be the prefect conclusion for the year's top Plastics & Rubber event.

“Plastics & Rubber Innovative Materials Processing and Technology Application in Consumer Electronics Conference 2017” which is to be held on March. 9-10, 2017 at The Longemont Shanghai, You are not to be missed!

Concurrent Event Ceremony:Ringier Technology Innovation Awards – Plastics Industry

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Who will attend

By industry

- Consumer Electronics, Medical Care Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Small Home Appliance Manufacturing,

- Plastic Raw Materials, Auxiliary Materials and Additives Suppliers;

- Mold Manufacturers;

- Production Equipment and Testing Instrument Supplier;

- Government Regulators and Industry Association

- Others

By Position

- Product Design/ R&D Manager,

- Production/Engineering Manager

Why you need to attend

10 Reasons You Need to Attend

- 5 tracks,50+ topics, 400+industry elites(HOT!)

- Concurrent Ceremony: Ringier Plastics Industry Technology Innovation Awards 2017(HOT!)

- Advisory committee-high level speakers from domestic and overseas

- International Call for Research Papers

- Match Making Service(HOT!)

- Hot topics, top speakers

- Get new ideas and acquire latest knowledge to move on your work

- Forefr


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