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About Shanghai

Entering Shanghai, you will immediately be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of a thriving city: its colors, its people, its futuristic skyscrapers and indigenous Shikumen houses. Check out this section before coming to Shanghai.



The Bund


The Bund has also been known as Zhongshan First East Road, which measures about 1.5 kilometers in length. It starts from Yanan East Road in the south and extends to Waibaidu Bridge on Suzhou Creek in the north. To its east is the Huangpu River. To its west are 52 classic buildings of Gothic and Baroque styles which used to house old Shanghai’s financial institutions and trading companies; therefore, the Bund is now acclaimed as an outdoor museum of international architecture. The Huangpu River is the largest river flowing through downtown Shanghai. It rises at Longwang Mountain Nature Reserve close to Anji, Zhejiang province. It was not only witness to Shanghai’s legendary past, but also fully demonstrates to the world the city’s remarkable ability to absorb foreign cultures. The peaceful river, the long dyke and the green belt against the dazzling backdrop of charming buildings make the Bund Shanghai’s signature spot. In the morning, early birds come here for morning exercises. 




Yu Garden

This ancient property owned by a Ming dynasty official is the only Ming garden in the northern part of the Old City. Built in 1559, the 2-hectare garden has been around for over four centuries. It boasts over 40 ingeniously conceived, well laid out ancient buildings, which have interesting names like Iron Panther, Moon Tower and Hearing-Waves Pavilion. With its pavilions, artificial mountains and ponds, it’s widely advertised as a gem of classic Chinese gardening and an oasis of calm marooned in the urban bustle. 





Lujiazui is Shanghai's leading financial center. Located on the bank of Huangpu River in Pudong New Area, it is now one of Shanghai’s most charming places. It provides the most convincing cross-section of cosmopolitan Shanghai. Lujiazui boasts not only an “outdoor museum of global architecture”, but also modern high-rises that frame the skyline of modern Shanghai. Lujiazui is just the spot where you7 marvel at Shanghai’s modernity. You can walk off your meal in Lujiazui’s central green area. You can also trek up to the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower and the World Financial Center for commanding views of the city.



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