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Conference background

2010Cebit shows us that Mini, 3D, E-book and intelligent mobile will be the main stream. Going through the severe test, companies are improving their design and increasing their categories. China, the largest global manufacture base, is facing the diversified development. Going from OEM to ODM, Chinese companies are transferring to make their own brands. “Made in China” and “Designed by China” will better connect the world. The successful holding of the past four years shows the Conference proved to be a successful and valuable platform for the discussion and exchange of ideas with professionals from electronic products and appliances manufacturers. This year we will focus on design, manufacture and process. Aiming to recognize those who have made most significant contributions to the advancement of the industry through productivity increase, economic efficiency, market opportunity creation and production process, “5th Ringier Technology Innovation Awards” for plastics will be held on Aug. 10, 2010. Adidas

Who will attend

  • 200 General Managers, product managers, R&D managers, manufacturing managers, process engineering managers, marketing/brand managers, structure engineers etc. from consumer electronic industry, raw materials and equipment suppliers etc.

Why you need to attend

  • Discover the latest industry discoveries and applications that will improve work efficiency
  • Master the environment-friendly plastics application in consumer electronic products
  • Learn the up-to-date achievements from leading end-users
  • Share the best practice experiences of famous OEM companies



Package Plan

Register begore July 9th: 2400RMB per person

Register after July 9th: 2900RMB per person

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