The Mold Technology (Ningbo) Forum 2020

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  • The Mold Technology (Ningbo) Forum 2019
    Thu, 05/30/2019  to  Thu, 05/30/2019 ,Ningbo China
    Mold industry has long been known as the "mother of industry" reputation, the development of modern industry has brought unprecedented opportunities, and the application of mold materials plays a pivotal role in mold manufacturing. Plastic, as one of the important mold materials, has been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances and communication products. China's plastic mold industry has a bright future with the application needs of high-tech and pillar industry. "The Mold Technology (Ningbo) Forum 2019" will be held in Ningbo on May 30th, which will focus on hot topics of innovative technology and application of plastic mold, to make Suggestions for the development of the plastic mold industry. [more]

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  • China Mould Manufacturing Summit 2018
    China Mould Manufacturing Summit 2018
    Mon, 10/29/2018  to  Mon, 10/29/2018 ,Ningbo China
    With the development rapidly, China's mold industry has made considerable improvement. However, compared with the international advanced mold technology level, China's mold industry in the concept of design, process technology, personnel experience and other aspects of a larger gap. Domestic lack of basic theory and technology research on mold design and manufacturing, new areas and new product development is slow, high-tech molds than abroad we are much lower (about 60% abroad, less than 40% at home). Therefore, some domestic high technology moulds are still in short supply, and a large part of them rely on imports.   Today, with the development of industrialization driven by information technology, China's mold design, processing and manufacturing technology is catching up with the international level. Under this background, the "2018 mold manufacturing informatization development forum" jointly sponsored by Ningbo Mold  Association will be held in Ningbo on October 29th,  2018. The forum will focus on the theme of "informationization, digitalization of design and manufacture", "standardization and automation of mold processing", "large-scale and precision of mold products" and bring a feast for the vast number of mold industry attendees. [more]

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