2019 ASEAN Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Summit
2019 ASEAN Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Summit
Wed, 11/06/2019  to  Thu, 11/07/2019 ,Indonesia
The automotive industry of Indonesia has become an important pillar of the country's manufacturing sector. Attracted by low per capita-car ownership, low labor costs and a rapidly expanding middle class, various global car-makers (including Toyota and Nissan) decided to invest heavily to expand production capacity in Indonesia and may make it their future production hub. Others, such as General Motors (GM) have come back to Indonesia.   Crazy Explosive 2017 PK Low [more]

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    China Food & Beverage Manufacturing Technology Summit 2019
    Tue, 10/22/2019  to  Wed, 10/23/2019 ,Shanghai
    With the increase in disposable income of Chinese residents and upgrading of their consumption, consumers'demand for food is increasingly diversified. More and more people hope to obtain sustainable health from food. So the food industry is shifting from a competition for economies of scale to the innovative products and health values. It is estimated that by 2020, the sales of health products in China will increase to US$ 69.6 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 10%-15%!The national fitness campaign becomes popular. And the younger consumers talk about anti-aging nearly every day. It indicates that they all are eager to keep young and younger healthy life, no matter the elder people which occupy a higher proportion or the 80/90 "millennial generation" as new main consumers."The China Food & Beverage Manufacturing Technology Summit 2019" will be held in Shanghai on October 22-23, with topics about the raw materials, technological innovation and application,product upgrading, green packaging, and the improvement of supply chain efficiency in food and beverage industry,to meet the functional needs of digestive health, weight management,and female and male health etc. The summit will invite authoritative experts to bring cutting-edge research, help food and beverage companies understand R&D progress and market trends, increase production capacity, expand their connections, and grasp potential business opportunities. [more]

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  • China International Internal Combustion Engine Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit 2019
    China International Internal Combustion Engine Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit 2019
    Thu, 10/17/2019  to  Fri, 10/18/2019 ,Wuxi
    Internal combustion engine is one of the most important power inventions in the history of human beings. It is the most efficient and widely used power machinery nowadays. It is widely used in automobile and non-road mobile machinery and other fields. The internal combustion engine industry keeps up with the development and matching needs of downstream automobile and non-road mobile machinery industries, constantly adapts to the development trend of small size, light weight and high power, speeds up the speed of product renewal and new technology application, the industry develops rapidly, and the product structure is constantly optimizedFacing the increasingly severe energy crisis and environmental protection problems, all countries in the world have formulated strict regulations on pollutant emission and fuel consumption rate, which urge engine manufacturers and parts suppliers to continuously improve their technology and develop in the direction of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of China's Internal Combustion Engine Industry has put forward higher power requirements for heavy and light diesel engines, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ships and other internal combustion engine products. Reducing fuel consumption and improving fuel economy have become one of the most important technical development directions of internal combustion engines.The Eleventh China International Summit on Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Internal Combustion Engines will be held in Wuxi, an industrial smart city, This conference gathers international and domestic first-line internal combustion engine core manufacturing enterprises and related parts manufacturing enterprises to discuss the cutting-edge manufacturing technology of China's internal combustion engine industry and energy saving and emission reduction strategies, so as to help you understand the latest information of the industry at the same time. Exchange and interact with the top experts in the industry, and conspire with new measures for the reform of the internal combustion engine industry! [more]

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  • Composite Materials Innovative Application Conference 2019
    Composite Materials Innovative Application Conference 2019
    Wed, 10/16/2019  to  Wed, 10/16/2019 ,Shanghai
    With the continuous intelligent and green development of global manufacturing industry, composite materials with the characteristics of light weight and high strength have been constantly expanding the application fields of lightweight automobile and rail transit, petrochemical corrosion prevention, wind power and environmental protection. It has become the development concept of composite material industry of taking the road of sustainable development. "Composite Materials Innovative Application Conference 2019" will be held in Shanghai from July 13th to 14th, 2019. It will discuss the research, development and application of new materials and technologies of composites such as glass fiber composites, carbon fiber composites, graphene composites and other innovative composites. [more]

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  • Innovative Plastics Compounding and Masterbatch Technology Conference 2019
    Innovative Plastics Compounding and Masterbatch Technology Conference 2019
    Wed, 09/25/2019  to  Thu, 09/26/2019 ,Shanghai
    With the rapid development of household appliances,consumer electronics automobiles,construction industry, medical and other industries, China is becoming the largest market and main demander compoundingplastics in the world.With the lightweightingtrend in automotive industry and the thinner & more fashionable trendin electronic products,Thedevelopment prospect of compounding plastics is very broad. Meanwhile, China is promoting the "Made in China 2025", which centralgoals are the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries. Compounding plastics industry will face newopportunities and challenges, resulting in turning towards agreen, low-carbon, high performance-based, multi-functionintegrated direction.   "Innovation Plastics Compounding and Masterbatch Technology Conference 2019" will be held in Shanghai in September 2019 which will engagein an in-depth discussion of the development of compounding plastics industry. Meanwhile,many case studies of new technologies, processing technics and innovative application will be shared. [more]

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  • Plastic Applications in Food and Beverage Packaging Summit 2019
    Plastic Applications in Food and Beverage Packaging Summit 2019
    Tue, 09/24/2019  to  Wed, 09/25/2019 ,Manila, Philippines
    “Plastic Applications in Food and Beverage Packaging Summit” provides the attendees with the opportunity to learn about technology advancements in the fields of blow/injection/compression/extrusion moulding machines, innovations in flexible packaging and improvements of the rigid ones, filling and packing machines, food packaging solutions and systems, adhesives, chemicals & raw materials, with special focus on bioplastics and biodegradable materials, heat, control and testing equipment, auxiliary machinery, plastics & rubber compounds, and much more.   [more]

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  • Skin Health Management & Medical Aesthetics Seminar 2019
    Skin Health Management & Medical Aesthetics Seminar 2019
    Wed, 09/11/2019  to  Wed, 09/11/2019 ,Shanghai
    The scale of China's medical and beauty market has reached 176 billion yuan in 2017. By 2020, the annual growth rate will remain above 40%. The concept of "light medical beauty" derived from this has gradually penetrated into the cosmetics field due to its "no surgery, no injection", and has become a new "mainstream" in the market. The data shows that light medical beauty accounts for 66% of the entire pan-medical market.   Under this background, Ringier's Happi China magazine will organizeCosmeceutical & Light Medical Beauty Seminar 2019 on September 11th in Hangzhou,China. Top experts in cosmetic brands and hopitals will share their latest research and clinical experience in the field of cosmeceutical and light medical beauty. This provides the best opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange within cosmetics brands, OEMs, hospitals, beauty salons and vendors. We endeavor bring you the most frontier information, biggest networking platform, best opportunity to achieving cooperation in the medical and beauty industry. [more]

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  • 2019 Innovative Coatings Summit
    2019 Innovative Coatings Summit
    Tue, 09/03/2019  to  Wed, 09/04/2019 ,Guangzhou
    Ringier 2019 Innovative Coatings Summit is organized by Ringier Coatings and Ink China magazine in conjunction with Waterborne Platform. It aims to help domestic coatings enterprises to promote the research, development and application of environmentally friendly coatings and functional coatings by improving their product innovation abilities and technology levels. Join us in September 18-19, Guangzhou! [more]

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