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Conference background

Functional foods are an emerging field in food science due to their increasing population with health-conscious consumers. BCC Research estimates that the global market for functional foods, consisting of the fortified foods and beverages and supplement sectors, will reach 176.7 billion in 2013 with a compound annual growth rate of 7.4%. In China, interest in the relationship between diet and health is certainly not new, but in fact can be traced back to millennia. What's less traditional is the remarkable interest amongst Chinese consumers in processed foods and beverages with added health benefits, especially those designed to enhance youth and beauty, increase energy, and improve heart and cognitive health. As a market of growing importance for dietary supplement makers and the functional F&B industry, China now ranks fourth in sales behind the United States, Japan and Europe. Growing consumer acceptance in packaged functional foods is influenced by lifestyle and demographic changes, including a stable middle class with greater disposable spending power and a preference for convenience, and a population with longer life expectancy and a desire for a better quality of life. The 3rd Annual Functional Food Conference of Innovation & Technology will cover the latest innovations and technology for functional food and will include workshops, creative brainstorming sessions, training programs, seminars and a Q&A. The conference will provide attendees with an update on the state of the industry and will promote the latest international market information.Adidas

Who will attend

- Functional (Healthy) Food Manufacturers
- Ingredients and Raw Materials Suppliers
- Functional (Healthy) Food Equipment Suppliers
- Natural and Herbal Medicines Suppliers
- Scientific Fraternity & Academicians
- Purchasing Officers
- International Business Representatives
- Supermarket / Retailer Management
- Doctors and Nutritionists
- Health Club and Fitness Experts

Why you need to attend

  • Gain better understanding of the global market demand, current and future trends in functional foods industry, and specific requirements of buyers; Understand the new market opportunities in this sector and how to develop them;
  • 1.Be updated on the most recent innovations, technologies and solutions as applied to the industries;
  • 2.Hear and learn about domestic and international policies affec



Package Plan

  • Registration fee: USD 430 per person, includes all summit materials, a luncheon at the 5-star hotel and breaks for coffee and snacks etc.
  • Please be informed that HOTEL ACCOMODATION is NOT INCLUDED in the registration fee.
  • Register early to get discount: register before August.1 to save USD70 and register before August.22 to save USD40!
  • Group discount: for any company group with more than 4 delegates(including 4 people), one person’s expense could be saved.

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