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(2) Packaging
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  • Enhance your competitiveness / Spotlight on Indonesia
With a population of nearly 235 million, Indonesia represents 41% of the ASEAN population thisstatistic alone is attracting huge investments in food and beverage catering to the needs of the predominantly Muslim population. By 2021, Indonesia is forecast to spend USD1.9 billion on halal food, and in general, convenience food and products made with healthier ingredients. Indonesia’s food and beverage industry contributes significantly to the growth of the local economy. In 2017, it accounted for around 34% of the country’s GDP (non-oil and gas). The largest subsector of the local manufacturing industry, food and beverage consists of an estimated 5,748 medium to large companies and 1,242,185 small and micro-enterprises. Part of Indonesia’s Master Plan of National Industry Development, the industry anchors its progress on growth especially from the following segments: fish and seafood, vegetable oil, refreshments, fruit and vegetable, flour, and sugar cane. Indonesia, the third investment destination in Asia (after China and India), has garnered a positive rating in 2017, according to assessments by Moody’s, Standard and Poor, and Fitch Ratings. From January to June 2017, foreign direct investment for food reached USD1.2 billion. But while moving in the right direction, Indonesia’s food and beverage has yet to address lack of resources, increase product innovation, utilize recent processing technologies and automation, improve nutrition, and seriously undertake steps to reduce food and water waste. The Asia Food and Beverage Summit (AFB Summit) hosted by Ringier Trade Media Ltd in Jakarta, aims to seek and present solutions to these challenges, many of which are also felt by manufacturers in other ASEAN countries.
  • Build your brand with the right packaging
For food and beverage manufacturers, packaging is both a means to protect their products and to communicate their branding. Food and beverage packaging is changing with the needs of consumers. In Indonesia, packaging is set to grow to over 130,325.8 million units by 2021. Rigid plastics is forecast to reach 25,251 million units; flexible packaging, 52,448 million units, and
paper and board packaging, 306,778 million units, by 2021. This year, the Summit is expanding its coverage for packaging technologies that complement the rise in demand for on-the-go products, the need for fast and efficient equipment, the requirement for safe and tamper-proof packaging and labels, and the desire for attractive but costeffective and sustainable means of protecting goods and communicating branding. On its fourth year connecting industry members across Asia, the AFB Summit keeps you updated on new technologies, product applications, and market data. We have invited experts from the industry, academe and government to provide you with a wholistic view of food and beverage manufacturing.

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By Industry:

OEM Production Manufacturers

Ingredients and Additives Manufacturers

Ingredients Processing and Testing Equipment Suppliers

Industry Associations, Research Institutions, Universities and Research Institutions

Food and Beverage Processors

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President / Vice-president /Chief

Executive Officers

R&D heads, Purchasing Supervisors,

Design Engineers

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Face-To-Face Communication With Your Peers:

Meet industrial authorities, fellow manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, distributors, academics as well as R&D researchers at the event.

Get To Know The Latest Market Trends And Prospects:

Learn about the regional manufacturing needs, export opportunities and more.

Learn From The Industry Experts:

Get ideas, gain insights and learn best practices in pro


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