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The Summit is chaired by Dr. Menahem Anderman, President of Advanced Automotive Batteries USA and founder of Total Battery Consulting, Inc. Dr. Anderman, a veteran battery consultant, is known in the industry for organizing the annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences (AABC) and for publishing multi-client studies assessing the advanced vehicle market and technology with emphasis on energy storage. Dr. Anderman is organizing an exceptional roster of more than twenty expert speakers representing some of the key international players in vehicle battery and related industries. The program highlights the emerging Chinese market and discusses technological advances and worldwide market growth, exploring their implications for the global marketplace and thereby providing the insight required for optimum business decision making. It will review battery manufacturing in China and elsewhere, battery reliability, safety, cost, performance, and standardization. A unique, executive-level event offering the latest technological advances occurring worldwide and their business implications. An exclusive opportunity to interact with peers from the automotive OEM, battery components/manufacturing, and lithium mining Air Jordan

Who will attend

  • Attend this event if you… ? want to interact with international representatives from the global vehicle battery industry ? are interested in comparing the most recent innovations and learning of China’s important role in the development of Li-ion batteries ? are responsible for near-term production decisions regarding the most cost-effective, safe and reliable battery system based on vehicle r

Why you need to attend

Have a better understanding of the vehicle battery industry


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  • International (Non-China Residents) $1595(by 2010.08.10)$1695 (After 2010.08.10) China Residents $1395(by 2010.08.10)$1495 USD(After 2010.08.10)

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