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Electrical appliances and electronics are present in every room in the home. Their wide range of features and functions enables and requires plastics to play a variety of roles, making our lives easier, safer, less expensive and more enjoyable. Durability and costs savings, parts consolidation and design flexibility, weather compatibility and chemical resistance - plastics offer all these. Without plastics, most of the electronics we use today would not have been practical or economical. The "8th Plastics Technology Application in Electronic Products Conference" by Ringier will cover not only consumer electronics, but also medical and personal care electronics, small household appliances and more – reaching across the industrial supply chain. More current topics, more authoritative expert proposals, and more robust communication platforms will empower all participants with the hottest industry trends and with abundant industry information. Max 90 Winter Sneakerboot

Who will attend

Who will attend

Government organizations and associations

Manufacturers of electronic products

Manufacturers of mold machines

Suppliers of raw materials and additives

Manufacturers of testing equipment


Who will speak

Leaders from government organizations and industry associations

Technicians from manufacturers of electronics

Experts from research institutions


Why you need to attend


◆Conference concurrently held along side Plastics-Auto and Plastics-Medical conferences, covering the whole plastics industry

◆Participants will include 400+ executive-level attendees, 200+ top consumer electronics manufacturers, and 30+ leading industry speakers

◆Spotlight on medical and personal care electronics

◆Over 70% end-users



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USD580/ person

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eve Conference Detail Testimonial

Ringer 's Plastics Technology Application in Consumer Electronic Products Conference can always focus on the mutual links between the electronics industry and plastics industry.

-----Mr. Shia-Chung Chen

Founding Chairman of Society of Advanced Molding Technology (SAMT),

Dean of Engineering College, Chung Yuan Christian University

Industrial decision makers and technicians had attended this conference and give their insights into this redundant fast developing market for plastics materials.

-----Mr. Zheng Wenge

Researcher, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology &Engineering. Chinese Academy of Sciences

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