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By 2020, the average car with plastic developed countries will reach 500 kg / vehicle. The material from Hyundai Motor watching outside trim, interior trim, functional and structural parts everywhere can see the figure of the plastic parts. In recent years, energy shortage and environmental pollution has become a focus of global attention, energy conservation is becoming a common choice of world economic development, weight reduction is an important means and methods to achieve energy conservation. Effectively reduce energy consumption, the range of applications of plastic materials in the automotive industry is not limited to automotive interiors, chairs, lights, and other parts, but has been extended to the fuel tank, fenders, fan blades and other structural components. Lightweight will be the inevitable trend of the development of the automotive sector, has huge market potential for development, but also to the new lightweight materials, advanced design concepts, manufacturing technology and equipment at many levels of the opportunities and challenges. "Plastics Technology Application in Automobile Summit 2013" will continue on the term "environmentally friendly lightweight" philosophy, profiling new plastic material in the headlights, automotive interior trim, functional structural parts and the latest application technology of the body of the vehicle to provide an update broader platform for the industry elite. adidas

Who will attend

Who should attend? 1. GMs, R&D directors, technical managers, processing managers, product managers, purchasing managers from OEMs and finished auto enterprises

2. General-purpose plastics, engineering plastics, reinforced plastics, composite plastics, TPE, resins, additives, process equipment, testing appliance, design agents, and software suppliers etc.

Why you need to attend

Benefits: 1. Understanding the latest National policies and market guidance of new material
2. Discussing the composition, selection and manufacturing technology of plastic auto parts
3. Learning the optimized process and cost reduction solutions
4. Communicating with Global delegates from leading “finished auto enterprises”, overseas



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USD580/ person

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eve Conference Detail Testimonial

Industrial decision makers and technicians had attended this conference and give their insights into this redundant fast developing market for plastics materials.

-----Researcher, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology &Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences

Best wishes for Ringier's Auto Conference.It is heipful for us to learn the latest application technology and to communicate with the professional expertises of the industry.

----- Design Supervisor, Jiangxi Changhe Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd

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