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Conference background

With the sustained and steady growth of China's national economy, the income of residents is continuously improving, the expansion of the consumption scale is a long-term trend. It is because of the good domestic economic environment, our plastic packaging market space will continuing to expand steadily. From the total number of view, we’ve already been the world’s biggest packaging country. With increasing environmental awareness and governmental policies focused on promoting green initiatives, low-carbon plastic packaging will be more and more welcome. Plastic packaging has been adapted from food packaging to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging and other fields. The scope of applications and the prospects will only get wider.
“Plastics & Rubber Innovative Materials Processing and Technology Application in Packaging Conference 2018” will be organized on 7th -8th March, 2018 in Shanghai. This conference will take “Green, Environmental Protection, Low Carbon” as the theme, and will be talking about new innovative technologies used for food, daily necessities, industrial-pharmaceutical packaging. We’ll show you a “Plastic Packaging” innovations out of this world!

Hot Topics

- The application trend of plastic packaging in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry

- The latest development trend of plastic packaging

- Biodegradable materials for food packaging

- Development trend and application of smart packaging

- Safety monitoring of food packaging materials

- Innovative technologies to make packaging lightweight

- Sustainable water barrier coating technology to make packaging Recyclable

- The molded fiber printing technology to make packaging more attractive

- Micro pattern material enhancement technology to make the package more stability, comfort and insulation

Contact Us:

Conference Manager: Ms. Elena Wu


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Who will attend

Food and beverage manufacturers

Daily chemicals manufacturers

Machine suppliers

Plastic manufacturers

Packaging material suppliers


Academic institutions


Why you need to attend

- 7 tracks, 70+ topics, 700+ industry
- Advisory committee-high level
speakers from domestic and overseas
- Match Making Service
- Innovative Products Launching Area (HOT!)
- Get to Know New Industrial Regulations
and Market Trends
- Acquire the Most Practical Solutions

Package Plan

  Early Birds  Standard Fees

Packaging end-users,
including food, beverage              & pharmaceutical companies

$500.00 $590.00
Material Suppliers,Additives,         Processing Equipment Suppliers,
Third-party Service
$570.00 $660.00
Research Institutions $500.00 $590.00


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