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Conference background

Conference Background
Recent changes by, the development of the economy, China's environmental problems like Haze, PM2.5 and global warming have become increasingly serious. Some green and flexible production process have replaced of traditional spraying and electroplating processes. Paint-Free technology has wide proved to have application areas and long-term application prospects.
The product vision,sensation & function has been improved greatly by using different colour, texture and CMF's. This has given the productsunique strength as well as an added value.
Ringier’s 10th Paint-Free Technology Conference 2015 will focus on “Material, Color, Design and Processing”. Content-rich case studies from leading experts will help you to find the best way to solve your hot issues.
The conference will gather industry elites from design, material and technical processing to provide a platform to communicate and cooperate, which will help the consumer industry bring an unprecedented value experience. Answering these questions and many more through the forum, Ringier will give you the tools to make informed decisions for further expand and reach another level of development.

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Who will attend

3C Electronic Products, Appliances related Industries
Automotive Parts and Accessories
Electronics, Communications, Computer
New Material
Film, Print
Design Purchasing
Mold, Injection and Molding Equipment

Why you need to attend

Our commitment

*Topics which that are essential to your business

*Networking with industry leaders

*Make at least 5 new valuable business contacts

*Take away at least 3 new ideas/applications/technology that can have an impact on your business

* Access to all conference presentation materials

* 5 star quality environment & services

* Convenient transportation & centralized location

Package Plan

Attendee fee: $ 600/person

If you register at once, you can enjoy a discount!

Register before August 28th 2015, $ 470/person

Register before September 28th 2015, $ 520/person


①Buy 3, Get 1 Free - for every four or more delegates from the same company, the fourth person will get a free registration

②FREE Hotel Room - for two nights [if two delegates register from the same company and twin share in one of the conference satellite hotels. (Close to the Venue)]

Please note that offer ① cannot be used in conjunction with offer ② and other discounts.

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