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Conference background

To promote China’s laser technology innovation, promote the rapid development of laser applications market, Ringier’s " Laser Technology in Innovative Application Conference 2013", will be held on October 31, - November 1, 2013 at the "China Light Valley ",Wuhan. Aims to strengthen laser industry research cooperation build an international exchange platform.NIKE

Who will attend

By Industry:

- Laser applications: tool manufacturing / mechanical engineering, electronics / semiconductor industry, metal / material processing, vehicle and ship manufacturing

- Laser and optoelectronic enterprises

- Laser system integrator

- Industry associations, research institutions, universities and research institutions

- Other enterprises and institutions

By Positi

Why you need to attend

- Pooling all of laser industry relevant companies, build high class industry chain platform

- Gain the latest laser industry trend and foresight technology, the ideal source of information media;

- Combined with Ringier’s "Industrial Laser Solutions" to help you quickly find the perfect laser supplier

- Face to face learning opportunities with experts will boo



Package Plan

Standard Fee: USD 580/person

Buy 4 get 1 FREE!

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