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About Wuxi

Wuxi, also named “Liangxi”, is a famous city with a long history in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Three thousand years ago, Taibo, the eldest son of the Emperor Zhouwu in the West Zhou Dynasty came here, set up the State of Gouwu and created the Wu culture. Wuxi,a sparkling pearl of the Taihu Lake , is situated in the southern part of Jiangsu Province and in the middle of the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway. It is 128km away from Shanghai with Suzhou in between and 183km away from Nanjing with Changzhou in between. With the Taihu lake in the south and the south and the Yangtze River in the north, it borders Zhejiang Province and has bank of 35km along the Yangtze.



Meiyuan Hushan in the western suburbs of the southern slope of the famous plum southern resort. Decorative garden layout to May Hill, Forest Hill plant plum, unique. Heart of the park one day Taiwan, Hornsey sea, Qingfen Court, Phoebe Hall, strokes Heting, small Luo Fu, Nian-qu tower, suddenly hole Songhe park attraction.



Ji Chang Yuan

Wuxi Chi Chang Yuan is located in the western suburbs of Wuxi City, east of the Huishan Dong Lu, Xihui Park is located next to the alias Qin Park, the famous Ming Dynasty garden architecture.



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