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About Suzhou


Suzhou is a city with a long history on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and on the shores of Lake Taihu in the province of Jiangsu,China.The city is renowned for its beautiful stone bridges,pagodas,and meticulously designed gardens,which has become a great tourist attrantion.



Tiger Hill

This sits 3.5 kilometers to the northwest of the downtown area and has the reputation of being the most beautiful scenic spot in Jiangsu province. Su Dongpo, a famous Song Dynasty poet, spoke fondly of Tiger Hill, saying, “It’s a pity not to visit Tiger Hill when travelling in Suzhou.”

The Tiger Hill gives an impression of serenity with its pagoda and temple. The 1,000-year-old Yunyan Temple and pagoda appear plain, yet they are remarkable structures.

Broken-Beam Hall, from the Yuan Dynasty, is a fantastic structure in its own right. There are many other scenic spots with legendary fame, such as “sword pond” on the precipice, “flying-girder gully”, a cliff pavilion, Hanhan Spring to the front of the hill, “try-the-sword rock”, Zhenniang Tomb, “thousand-men rock”, “two immortals pavilion”, “white lotus pond”, “nodding rock”, “two hanging buckets”, and “sword pond”.




Yipu Garden


Located in the ancient Suzhou city, Yipu Garden is a small scale garden with artistic characteristics of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The garden highlights its simple, unsophisticated and elegant style. In November 2000, it was included in the World Cultural Heritage List by the UNESCO.

Yipu Garden is simple and natural, showing the typical characteristics of the gardens of the Ming Dynasty. The layout is simple and open, with a pond as the center. The Hall of Erudition and Elegance is the main hall in the garden, and to the south of the pond stands an artificial hill built with earth, with cliffs and narrow paths piled up with rocks, showing changeable and natural scenic sights.



Yiyuan Garden


The Yiyuan Garden is one of the youngest classical gardens in Suzhou. It has been recognized as one of the most representative Suzhou gardens, comprising a garden, a lotus pond, residences, artificial villages and ancestral halls. Yiyuan used to be a private garden of Gu Wenbin, an official of the late Qing Dynasty. The name of Yiyuan (Garden of Happiness) comes from the Analects of Confucius, meaning "happiness of brothers".

The garden, much younger as compared with other classical gardens in Suzhou, incorporates all the fine elements of Suzhou gardens while preserving its own unique style. With the corridor as the boundary, the garden is divided into the eastern and western parts. The eastern part used to be the old residence of Wu Kuan, a minister of the Ming Dynasty, consisting of architectural structures and courtyards. The western part takes the central part of the Humble Administrator's Garden as the model, mainly composed of artificial hills and ponds. A long stone, which is inserted on the wall of the corridor, is inscribed with calligraphic works by famed calligraphers of the past ages, ranking first in all the gardens of Suzhou.

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