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Key Topics:

Current trends in coatings industry

Interpreting industry standards

Advanced technology from Europe and America

Innovation technology and application

Raw materials choices and formulation basics

Solutions for the challenge of future

Sustainable coatings 

Low VOC & VOC-free coatings

Smart Coatings 

Wood Coatings Session:

1.Color trends of domestic and international furniture

2.Progress of environmental protection children furniture coatings

3. Waterproof & weathering performance requirements for outdoor furniture

4. Waterborne vs. Solvent-based floor coatings

5.  Formulation design of waterborne wood coatings

6.  R&D progress of Waterborne toys coatings

7. R&D progress in UV wood coatings and applications

8.  American painting process

Architecture Coatings Session:

1. Key points of interior wall recoating products formulation

2. Technical essential of wiping coatings

3.  IR-reflective Coatings

4. R&D progress of floor coatings

5. Formulation design of waterborne multicolor coatings

6. Requirements of different coating substrates

7. Innovative material technology for waterborne coatings

8.Trends of art texture coatings

9. Waterproof coatings system

Anti-corrosive Coatings Session:

1.Trends of anti-corrosive Coatings

2.Species analysis of anti-corrosive Coatings

3.Overview and development trends of fluorocarbon coatings

4.R&D progress of non-toxic and harmless coatings

5.Role of marine coatings in waterborne and protective solutions

6.High temperature-resistant coatings and applications

7.Algaecides in anticorrosive coatings

8.R&D progress of coil Coatings

9.Key factors for improving the durability of heavy industrial coatings

10.Self-healing coatings and their applications

11.Innovative products used in anticorrosive coatings

Auto Coatings Session:

1. Opportunity and challenge from the car appearance design and coatings R&D technology

2. Marketing perspective of auto refinishing coatings

3. Waterborne technology of auto refinishing coatings

4. Spray coating process of the waterborne OEM coatings

5. Auto interior decoration coatings ( texture coatings) technology progress

6. Decoration process of auto interior trim parts

7. New raw materials applied in OEM topcoat for automobiles

8. Special effect pigments

9. Research on the modification of resins for auto coatings

10. Research on the formulation of electrophoretic paint and application

Smart Functional Coatings Session:

1.New functional coatings and raw material solutions

2.Applications of nanotechnology in coatings

3.Applications of bio-based raw materials in coatings

4.Research on super-hydrophobic coatings

5.Introduction of self-healing coatings

6.High temperature/low temperature resistant coatings technology

7.Textile coatings with special effects

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