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  • Metal cutting in automotive manufacturing
  • Metrology application in automotive industry
  • CNC machine tool technology in high-performance machining
  • Increasing metal parts output with fast laser cutting machine systems and intelligent automation solutions
  • Intelligent Machine Tool and its Key Technology& Application
  • High Precision Machining and Testing
  • Numerical Control System and High Efficiency & Precision Grinding Technology
  • Quality Control and Measurement Technology
  • Application of Advanced Measurement Technology in Automobile & Mould
  • Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing technology/ Additive manufacturing
  • Workholding and cutting tool solutions
  • Precision components for mould construction.
  • Magnetic clamping technology for mould making inserts.
  • Tool and mould construction for the tool and machine tool industries.
  • Cutting machine tools for moulds.
  • Identifying the right machinery for your mould making plant.


  • Structural carbon fiber-reinforced plastics in automotive applications.
  • Plastics automotive wheel rims – challenges and benefits.
  • Plastic Components vs. Metal Components - which option is more feasible for lightweighting heavy duty vehicles?
  • High-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) technology and its advantages
  • High performance engineering plastics in auto parts production.
  • Auxiliary equipment/process cooling systems.
  • RTM injection molding as applied in automotive

Technology, Markets & Human Resources

  • Fiber laser cutting
  • Cost-effective C02 lasers
  • How to update your production line –best machines and practices?
  • Innovative finishing techniques/technologies
  • Multi-Material joining techniques to enable high volume lightweight manufacturing
  • Mixed material joining & corrosion mitigation
  • Chemical surface treatment and coating
  • Aluminium developments – place of aluminium in new alloys world
  • Impulse manufacturing
  • Light magnesium alloys as a way to improve fuel efficiency
  • Measures to develop more skilled manpower as car industry grows.
  • Testing, inspection systems as applied in auto parts manufacturing
  • The positive impact of automation technology on
  • Vietnam’s manufacturing environment

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