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Conference background

Modern manufacturing is an essential pillar of our national economy, of which manufacturing technology influences about 60%. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, and with market competition becoming increasingly fierce, we face many challenges. How do we consistently guarantee the quality and precision of our products? How do we continuously improve processing efficiencies? And, how do we control and reduce production cost per unit? Answering these questions has become a major pursuit of manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, more and more enterprises are paying attention to eco-friendly and intelligent networking and automation solutions to enhance their production processes. High performance machining technology is an essential part of systems engineering. This technology impacts every manufacturing enterprise’s efforts to achieve a high level of energy efficiency – an established trend of international manufacturing technology. The 4th High Performance Machining Technology Conference will attract more than 300 qualified delegates from industries related to automobiles, molding, aviation, tracking traffic and engineering machinery. They will gather to explore advanced processing technologies and industry trends, and to participate in case studies and solutions. This conference aims at setting up a technical exchange platform to let all participants know more about ‘practical processing technologies and solutions’ in order to help promote the industry’s rapid development.Air Jordan X 10 Shoes

Who will attend

By Industry

Automobile/engine/aviation manufacturing, mold & die making, track traffic, engineering machinery & components, machining tools, other relevant institutions, universities and colleges

By Job Title

Presidents/VPs / CEOs, Planning managers, Purchasing managers, Manufacturing managers/experts, Sales directors/Sales managers, R&D managers/experts, Marketing managers, Specialists/p

Why you need to attend


- Assembly of 300+ qualified participants

- Sharing leading trends and the latest processing technologies

- Including solutions from the most qualified suppliers

- With 70% qualified end users coming from the automotive, mold, aviation, track traffic and engineering machinery industries

- To maximize participant satisfaction and meet their needs through

■ Technical Exchange



Package Plan

USD 580/ person

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eve Conference Detail Testimonial

The two-day professional technology seminar allowed us to learn new methods, expand our experience and meet many friends and suppliers from the industry. The conference organization is good, thank you very much!

—COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd

It is a very good service and technical communication platform organized by Ringier. Makes, produces and studies grinds, very good!

—Gates Unitta Power Transmission (Shanghai) Limited

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