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Conference background

How to strengthen HPM application in each important industry by the manufacturing enterprises? How to improve production efficiency through the use of the advanced equipment? How to shorten the gap with the manufacturing standards of developed countries? How to control processing cost to the highest degree? How to aim at a series of industry hotspots? You will get the answers to all the above mentioned questions in the 3rd High Performance Machining Technology Conference. Modern manufacturing is taking a stride towards speed, precision, composite, intelligent and environmental protection . High performance machining (HPM) plays an important role in it. Inevitably, HPM has become a trend for the development of international manufacturing technology. 3rd High Performance Machining Technology Conference will invite more than 200 qualified delegates from the industries related to mould, automobile, aviation and wind power. They will be, gathering to explore advanced pAir Jordan XXX 30 Shoes

Who will attend

By Sector

Automobile plant/engine plant, Aviation manufacturing and mold & die making , Machining tools supplier, Cutting tools supplier, Software supplier, Cutting tool coating supplier, Cutting fluid supplier, Other relevant institutions and colleges

By Job Title

President / Vice President / CEO, Plan manager, Purchasing manager, Manufacturing manager/expert, Sales director/ manager

Why you need to attend

—To understand the most cutting-edge of the processing technology and research results of high performance machining
—To share successful cases and promote latest solutions
—Understanding of end-users’ demands and thoughts
—Zero distance, to bring more business partners by rich conference forms



Package Plan


    USD 540/ person
          Buy 4 get 1 FREE!

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The two-day professionaltechnology seminar allowed us to learn new methods, expand our experience and meet many friends and suppliers from the industry. The conference organization is good, thank you very much!

—COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd

It is a very good service and technical communication platform organized by Ringier. Makes, produces and studies grinds, very good!

—Gates Unitta Power Transmission (Shanghai) Limited