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In addition to the standard topics that include food packaging and beverage packaging, Ringier’s conference name will go further to discuss the technology and innovation of packaging with regards to daily cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry. There will be more than 300 packaging industry-related decision-makers and experts to attend the conference to bring up the latest “green concept of packaging” which is influencing the contemporary packaging technology worldwide, and highlight the materials used in packaging, equipment and testing process, printing on packaging and packaging recycling. nike

Who will attend

  • By Sector
  • Packaging
  • Food and beverage
  • Daily cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging materials and additives
  • Packaging technology and process
  • Plastic packaging equipment
  • Packaging logo
  • Certification and testing organization
  • Package printing ink
  • Relevant institutions and enterprises

  • By Job Title
  • President / Vice President / CEO
  • R & D Director / Expert
  • Q &

Why you need to attend

  • -To learn the status quo and future trend of sustainable package
  • -To acquire the latest technology and R & D results
  • -Be aware of end-users’ demands and thoughts
  • -To learn the latest solutions
  • -To develop the business and identify potential partners by face to face communication
  • -To acquire the latest technology and R & D results
  • -Be aware of end-users’ demands and th



Package Plan

  •       Registration Fee
  •       Regular price is USD 480/ person
  •       Register& pay before Aug.12, 2011: USD400/person
  •       Including seminar sessions, comprehensive         documentation, 5-star hotel luncheons and tea breaks.
  •        Please NOTE that accommodation is not included.
  •        If four delegates are from the same company, the fourth one will get a free registration.

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