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In recent years, the government has vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The national “13th Five-Year Plan” modern comprehensive transportation system development plan proposes that “by 2020, a modern comprehensive transportation system that is safe, convenient, efficient and green will be basically built”. As one of the necessary trends of future land transportation, new energy vehicles, how to improve the market share of new energy vehicles and solve the technical problems of new energy vehicle development are the concerns of all car companies. Through this summit, it aims to build a long-term high-level academic exchange and intelligent platform, study the development direction of new energy vehicle technology innovation under the new situation, provide suggestions for the development of China's transportation technology, and improve the technical level of the transportation field. Provide support for the goal of “powerful countries”.

Hot Topics:

Considerations and challenges for cost reduction under the replenishment policy

Power battery energy density and performance improvement technology route

Power Battery PACK System Design and BMS Performance Optimization Technology

High power density, high performance motor status and key technologies for electric vehicles

High-frequency high-speed permanent magnetization, motor-transmission-drive integration

EV drive motor thermal management technology and high cooling and cooling technology

Application of laser welding technology in power battery production

Electric vehicle battery pack material lightweight and safety development program


Conduct more activities to increase communication opportunities. I hope to organize such events and learn about the cutting-edge technologies of the new energy auto industry!

——Toyota Automotive Technology R&D Department

Thanks to the organizers for their work, because the times are developing too fast, it is recommended that seminars be held several times a year for discussion and sharing! Wish Ringier goes farther and farther, and becomes a role model and benchmark!

——Shanghai BYD Auto Co., Ltd.

Previous Onsite Photos:

Ms. Liqing Lu, Director of Ringier Trade Media Limited, and Ms. Rong Chen, Director of Shanghai Songjiang District Investment Promotion Service Center, and Prof. Wenjiang Ding, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, took a close photo to discuss follow-up cooperation

Previous Speakers:

Opening Speech

Mr. Cheng Zhou, Deputy Mayor of Songjiang District, Shanghai

Topic: Introduction and Advancement of G60 S&T INNOVATION VALLEY OF YANGTZE RIVER DELTA

Ms. Rong Chen

The Economic Commission of Songjiang, Shanghai, Director

The Commerce Commission of Songjiang, Shanghai, Director

Investment Promotion Service Center of Songjiang, Shanghai, Director

Topic: Application and Prospect of Magnesium Materials in Hydrogen Energy

Prof. Wenjiang Ding, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Topic: Current Status and Consideration of New Energy Fuel Cell Automobile Industry in China

Ms. Guoyan Hou, Chief Expert, National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center

Topic: User Insights under the New Automotive Market Trend

Mr. David Jin, Vice President, AIWAYS Co., Ltd.

Topic: Current Status and Development of New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Technology

Mr. Hongfu Tian, Fellow Researcher, China Faw Group Co., Ltd.

Topic: New Technologies, New Materials, BIZ MODEL

Ms. Hui Chen, Seoyon E-Hwa Co., Ltd.

Topic:Comau E-Mobility Solutions

Mr. Junwu Wang, Technical Director of Powertrain Assembly Division, Comau

Topic: Future Market and Technology Trends of Vehicle BMS

Mr. Baojian Cao, Director, BAK Battery

Topic: Battery management system standard and Delphi BMS Roadmap

Mr. Weiyou.zhang, Technical manager, Delphi Shanghai Dynamics and Propulsion Systems Co., Ltd.

Topic: Application of Laser Welding on New Energy Vehicle

Mr. Marco Chen, Account Manager, II-VI Infrared Laser (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Topic: Research and Development of Key Technologies for Battery Management Systems for Pain Points in the Power Battery Industry

Mr. Xi Zhang, Professor/ Director, Intelligent Vehicle Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Topic: Advanced Thermal Management Control Technology for New Energy Vehicles

Mr. Changhao Park, Vice President / Head of the Power Research Institute, SINGULATO MOTORS

Topic: BorgWarner's latest electric drive "three in one" technology & trends

Mr. Ivan Sun, Senior Marketing Manager, BorgWarner

Topic: The latest technological trends of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Film Capacitors in Automotive market

Mr. Maximilian Mao, Director/Deputy General Manager, NICHICON CORPORATION

Topic: UR Cobots help automation in New Energy Vehicle Assembly

Mr. Leon Guo, Large Account Manager-Auto, Universal Robots

Topic: EV Fleet Charging's Spatial and Temporal Distributions Management and High-Frequency Wireless Power Transfer

Mr. Chengbin Ma, Associate Professor of electrical and computer engineering, University of Michigan–Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU Joint Institute); IEEE IES Shanghai Branch Chairman

Topic: SiC technology application in new energy vehicle Inverter design

Mr. Hui Sun, Development Director, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.

Topic: Discussions on the new techniques and trends of electric machines and their drives for EVs

Mr. Qiang Gao, Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Who will attend

Leaders or experts of government departments, industry associations

Vehicle manufacturer, component company materials, product design, process, project management, quality and procurement person in charge

Battery system integrators, PACK companies, battery companies, BMS companies, thermal management system integrators, thermal management materials suppliers, battery material suppliers

Motor supplier

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Cooperative media comprehensive coverage, detonating industry attention and helping brand development

Key People Gathering

The authoritative experts in the industry and senior executives of well-known auto companies analyze the status quo and development trend of the new energy auto market


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