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Intelligent manufacturing has become the main theme in the development of current industry, meanwhile, the application of laser is gradually moving toward the direction of high power, faster speed and intelligence. On one hand, on account for laser welding is of the benefit that high weld strength, fast welding speed and narrow weld seam, accompanying with the good surface condition, elimination of the need for post-weld cleaning work, and relatively beautiful welding appearance, which made it become a focusing topic in automobile industry. On the other hand, the rapid development of precision processing market, such as 3C and power batteries, lead a critical request on precision processing, thus, not only opportunities but also challenges are brought for laser precision processing.

In order to promote the development of laser processing technology and related industries to the "Made in China 2025" strategy, Ringier Trade Media will hold the 2020 China Laser Processing Technology Summit in Shanghai on July 16-17. With the topic that the development direction of laser processing and intelligent manufacturing technology, laser processing in automotive, aerospace, rail transit and other fields, what’s more, latest topics such as, laser precision processing technology applications in consumer electronics and semiconductor, additive manufacturing are also waiting for you. We will invite experts and core user companies to our conference, together we could share the information for new technologies, new products, new processes.

Hot Topics:

- Prospects for Innovation and Application of Laser Technology in China in 2020

- Future factory of Industry 4.0—Laser intelligent digital workshop

- How to improve the efficiency and quality of body welding

- Laser welding process difficulties and breakthroughs

- Laser remote welding body-in-white laser welding process

- New progress and new developments in laser additive manufacturing technology

- Laser robot and intelligent repair and remanufacturing

- Application of laser technology in aerospace

- Laser drilling and cutting advantages in PCB

- New application and new technology of laser marking technology in 3C industry

- Analysis of the main points of laser fine etching technology

- Analysis of Laser Precision Processing on Surfaces of Organic Polymers

- Advantages of semiconductor laser pump sources

- Vertical cavity surface emitting semiconductor laser (VCSEL) for intelligent manufacturing

- Laser application in the field of power batteries

Previous Speakers:

Mr. Shuxu Hu, Director

Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd

Topic:Application and development direction of laser technology in consumer electronics intelligent manufacturing

Mr. Eric Wang, Regional Sales Manager

II-VI Infrared Laser (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Topic:Overview of II-VI Products and Application

Mr. Huan Qi, President & CEO

Nanjing Huirui Optoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic:Applications of Laser Metal Additive Manufacturing and Surface Strengthening

Mr. Shanglu Yang, Professor/Research Fellow

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Topic:Latest Advances in Remote Laser Welding in the Automotive Industry

Mr. Kai Zhao, Senior Engineer/Director of Laser Processing Laboratory

Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Topic:Laser technology in aerospace applications

Mr. Hao Jin, Vehicle Body Equipment Engineer

SAIC Motor

Topic:Application Planning of Laser Brazing in SAIC Passenger Vehicles

Mr. Marco Chen, Account Manager

II-VI Infrared Laser (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Topic:Applications in laser manufacturing with II-VI HIGHYAG products

Mr. Scott Li, General Manager

Shanghai Empower Technologies Co., Ltd.

Topic:Laser Cutting and Welding CNC Systems Based on PLCOpen & EtherCAT

Fieldbus and High Power Laser Beam Delivery Solutions

Mr. Yi Shen, Technical Director, White Body Product Line, Intelligent Equipment Group


Topic:Application of laser intelligent technology in the automotive industry

Mr. Weimin Zhou, Research Fellow

Shanghai Institute of Industrial Technology/ Shanghai Nanotechnology and Industrial Development Promotion Center

Topic:Recent Progress and Trends of Laser Addition Manufacturing Technology

Mr. Peilei Zhang, Ph.D/ Associate professor

Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Laser of Manufacturing Technology

Topic:Application of high speed laser arc hybrid welding in automobile industry

Mr. Jianguo Liu, Research Fellow

Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Topic:The Application of Laser Advanced Processing Technology in Electronic Manufacturing Industry

Mr. Jianchao Wang, Vice Director

Shanghai Institute of Laser Technology(Shanghai Keylab for Laser Beam Micro-Processing/ Shanghai Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center)

Topic:Application and development trend of UPS ultrashort pulse laser micromachining technology

Mr. Zhe Liu, General Engineer, Manufacture Technology Research Department


Topic:Application of Laser Technology in Soft Brazing

Ms. Jing Qian, Doctor

Nanjing Institute of Advanced Laser Technology

Topic:Ultra-fast laser micro-nano processing

manufacturing in the intelligent era

Mr. Jun Zhang, Associate Research Fellow


Topic:High Power, High Beam Quality Diode Laser Coupling Technology and Its Application

Who will attend

Laser component manufacturers

Laser manufacturers

Laser equipment manufacturers

Laser system integrators

Automation systems and equipment manufacturers

Automotive, power battery manufacturers

Manufacturers of 3C products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Automotive Electronics, AGV, Logistics Robots

Manufacturers of semiconductor industry such as integrated circuits, sensors, optoelectronics, et

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