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Southeast Asia is a booming market for innovative technologies andmaterials in plastics processing

Vast opportunities in emerging plastics applications

The Southeast Asian region is posing high demand for plastics, owing to growing personal consumption that gives rise to expanded demand for plastics by various sectors. As a result, huge opportunities for innovative plastic processing technologies, raw materials, parts and components await companies engaged in offering these products.

Several major sectors are expected to account for a bigger share of the plastics market in ASEAN

The packaging sector in the ASEAN regions remains a driving force being an important application for plastics. Of the more than $800 billion global packaging market, Southeast Asia accounts for about half of the market. The ASEAN flexible market alone is projected to grow over 5% yearly until 2025 to hit $6.7 billion by 2024. Indonesia has a large consumer population of over 250 million that it has become the top market for packaging in the region with substantial demand for injection molded containers, flexible and rigid packaging, as well as new printing and labelling solutions.

2018 is an exciting year for the ASEAN automotive industry as countries in the region gear up to improve production output. Southeast Asian countries produce around 3.9 million cars annually and sales in the region’s 6 largest markets are expected to grow by at least 5% annually. Major vehicle and automotive parts manufacturers have chosen ASEAN countries as location for their production and assembly facilities. Indonesia is currently the large automotive market in the region with 1.1 million units sold every year.

Consumer electronics sales continue to post substantial growth in Southeast Asia owing to the rise in the purchasing power of affluent consumers. With consumer spending in the region expected to reach $278 billion by 2025, the preference for high tech gadgets and appliances will be sustained. In Indonesia along, sales of computers is expected to reach $3.5 billion and handset or mobile phones sales is seen rising to $8.3 billion in 2020, up by 9% annually.

The infrastructure/construction boom in the ASEAN region continues to boost demand for construction supplies, parts and materials. At least $323 billion in infrastructure spending is in the pipeline in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is implementing large-scale infrastructure and construction projects which could very well raise demand for the latest building materials, pipes and construction supplies.

The Asia Plastics Processing Technology and Innovative Materials Summit 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia (September 6-7 ) is the second edition of the highly successful Summit held in 2017.

The 2-day event is packed with informative presentations and discussions focusing on innovative technologies and high-performance materials as applied in fast-growing sectors such as Packaging, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Infrastructure/Building. It is a must-attend event as industry experts and professionals from Asia gather in one venue where they can mingle, exchange ideas and expand their network and contacts. Lunches, receptions and cocktails are organized for delegates and industry experts to facilitate networking.

Be on center stage with the Who’s Who of the plastics manufacturing industry in ASEAN. Meet and talk with the experts, not only from Asia, but also from Europe and North America. Listen and learn from high-powered keynote addresses and engage in lively talks and panel discussions.

Who will attend

By Industry

►Packaging Materials manufacturing enterprises

►Consumer Electronics manufacturing, producers

►Manufacturing and technical professionals

►Design engineers and senior technicians;

►Mold and OEM manufacturers

►Plastics raw materials and additive suppliers

►Plastics processing equipment suppliers

►Inspection and Testing Equipment Suppliers

►Representatives from Association/University/ Government/O

Why you need to attend

★ The Summit brings together 20+ speakers,60+ enterprises and 150+ delegates in total.

★ Latest technology sharing in new materials and new processes with case studies.

★ Two- day conference packed with nearly 15 Technology Speeches and activities to build strong communication and links with other players in the plastics industry.

  • Focus on Opportunities in Fast-Growing Sectors:

Packaging, Automotive,

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