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To promote the technology and value of Taiwanese machine tools and equipment to Thai manufacturers; to encourage the cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand machine tool corporations. We hope that this information exchange meeting will allow Taiwanese metalworking manufacturers to learn more about needs of Thai end users and service providers and allow Taiwanese companies to procure machines tailored for their needs.

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Who will attend

In order to strengthen the R & D innovation cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand machine tools industry, we will share the applicable solutions from Taiwanese metalworking corporations in the Smart Manufacturing industry.
At the same time, we also invited Thailand metalworking manufacturers to participate this media associations to look for business matching opportunities, we hope that t

Why you need to attend

Highlights of the 2017 Taiwan Thailand Auto Manufacturer Events:
High-impact presentations: Resource persons are well-chosen and rank among the who’s who in the global and regional plastics industry. With their experience and knowledge of the technical issues and market trends, their presentations are definitely a must- attend event.
Technology-focused topics: Well-designed program meets the inform

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