Oct. 31-Nov.1, 2017

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● Main Topics:

Food Ingredients and additives, Functional foods and beverages, Packaging, Porcessing, Food safety, Wareshouse automation and logistics for Indonesia & the region

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Bring more value to your consumers

In the food and beverage market, your customer’s needs are constantly changing, and developments are influenced by scientific and clinical research, new discoveries in ingredients, and advances in technology and processes for safer, cost-effective, and sustainable food production.

To stay ahead, companies must be quick to adopt to trends. With the multitude of products and services available, the choice is easier with expert advice and an understanding of how trends and regulations are impacting your business. That is why fresh from the success of its November 2016 edition, the Asia Food and Beverage Summit is back in Jakarta, on 31 Oct.-1 Nov., 2017, to keep you updated on breakthroughs and market data, and engaged with a network of industry members from across Asia.

With a new roster of speakers, including experts from organizations, the academe, industry, and government, the 3rd Asia Food and Beverage Summit is the ideal forum for professionals seeking innovations and applications in food ingredients and additives, functional foods and beverages, packaging, processing, food safety, and logistics.

Health and convenience: Definitive trends in the industry

The Asian market for food and beverage is sustained by an estimated 4.4 billion consumers. A survey conducted by Innova Market Insights says 65% of Asian consumers desire products with recognizable ingredients, a trend opening up opportunities for healthier formulation.

Southeast Asia, with a population of over 647 million, is a bright spot for F&B companies who are seeing more concrete support from the ASEAN Economic Community in its efforts to streamline food standards and regulations.

Behind the robust ASEAN market is the middle class estimated by Nielsen to reach 400 million by 2020, and the elderly population which is increasing at a rate of 5% annually. From 2016 to 2030, the region will have close to 20 million aged 60 and over, according to McKinsey.

These demographics bring opportunities in the health and nutrition space, from sports nutrition and weight management, to functional food, and nutraceuticals for stress management and relaxation, cognitive ability, immune health, and beauty-from-within benefits. Natural alternatives to sodium, sugar, and fat, will continue to shift the market toward more nutrition-oriented packaged foods.

Despite economic growth, the region struggles with rising obesity and malnutrition rates, urging industry to produce affordable nutritious products, and to assist government in stemming the crisis.

In the packaging sector, governments and regulators are establishing policies for the development of sustainable packaging. Innovations are designed to enhance aesthetics and labelling.

Advances in food processing generate ways to maintain the integrity of flavors and colors, extend shelf life, and guarantee hygienic production. Machinery feature greater efficiency, allowing manufacturers to improve product consistency, increase yield, and cut wastage.

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Who will attend

By Industry:

OEM Production Manufacturers
Ingredients and Additives Manufacturers
Ingredients Processing and Testing Equipment Suppliers
Industry Associations, Research Institutions, Universities and Research Institutions
Food and Beverage Processors

By Position:

President / Vice-president /Chief
Executive Officers
R&D heads, Purchasing Supervisors,
Design Engineers
Technical, Engineering

Why you need to attend

Face-To-Face Communication With Your Peers:

Meet industrial authorities, fellow manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, distributors, academics as well as R&D researchers at the event.

Get To Know The Latest Market Trends And Prospects:

Learn about the regional manufacturing needs, export opportunities and more.

Learn From The Industry Experts:

Get ideas, gain insights and learn best practices in pro


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20% Off Before August 31, 2017- USD480 / Person

10% Off Before September 30, 2017- USD540 / Person
Standard Registration - USD600 / Person
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Double Package - Free Hotel Room for 2 Nights:
A complimentary twin room for 2 nights in official appointed satellite 3-star hotel located close to the venue for 2 persons from the same company.
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1. For every four or more delegates from the same company, the fourth person will enjoy a free registration.
2. Two complimentary twin room for 2 nights in official appointed satellite 3-star hotel located close to the venue for 4 persons from the same company.

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