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Conference background

Slowing down and combating the process of aging are receiving the attention of governments, research institutes, and enterprises in many countries. The focus on aging is gaining prominence in the scientific community. Many researches on the aging mechanism, prevention and intervention methods are showing good results. New anti-aging technologies and products offer social and economic benefits.Zoom Lebron XV 15 Low

Who will attend

Nutritional food/health supplement manufacturer

Beauty care equipment manufacturer

Healthcare management consultancy

Sanatorium/old folk home/rehabilitation center

Beauty and health center

Professional anti-aging research center and academic institute

Relevant government departments overseeing the industry

Why you need to attend

Inter-disciplinary studies in the areas of anti-skin aging and anti-functional aging

Analysis of case studies to promote the interaction between research and industry

Keynote speeches + Q&A; technical seminars + networking sessions

Exhibits of latest innovative technologies, one-stop technical exchange and sampling of products

Gathering of upstream and downstream businesses to stren


Package Plan

Standard Fee: USD 600/person

Before Sept.20th,  USD 500/person

Buy 3 get 1 FREE!

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