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  • Complete Protection: Care for people, care for the environment, the use of bio-degradation and process recycling methodologies in the use of disposable hygiene/personal care products.
  • Caring for senior citizens: Addressing the most desired psychological and physiological needs of the older generation in China.
  • Analysis and comparison of Asia’s emerging markets in hygiene/personal care products.
  • From Thermal-bond to Spun-bond: The development of materials in baby diapers
  • Finding the right way: A Nursing Center Comparative Analysis of different finishing methods
  • Safe preparations of paper pulp and fluff for disposable hygiene/personal care products
  • Achieving better results: Using new generation hygiene/personal care products machinery to obtain greater efficiency, better appearance, and better fitness for use
  • Optimization of disposable hygiene/personal care product performance, taking into account hydrophilic, permeability, leak prevention, softness, and barrier considerations.
  • Designing Best Sellers: Considerations related to the successful launching of disposable hygiene/personal care products
  • Application of a systematic Quality Control Approach: Improving the quality of disposable hygiene/personal care products from raw material to end product
  • Proactive Usage: The role of disposable hygiene/personal care products in preventing feminine gynecological diseases
  • Global and Asian market update for disposable hygiene/personal care products.

Package Plan

US$360 per person, includes all seminar sessions, comprehensive documentation, 5-star hotel luncheons and tea breaks etc. Please note that accommodation is NOT included. Group Discount: For four or more delegates from the same company, the fourth person will get a free registration. “Early-Bird Special Register by June 26, 2006 and save US$ 54

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