eve Conference Variant Block

By Industry:


-    Laser applications companies(tool manufacturing / mechanical engineering, electronics / semiconductor industry, metal / material processing, vehicle and ship manufacturing, Aviation / aerospace industry)                 

-    Laser system integrator                                      

-    Laser and optoelectronic enterprises                          

-    Industry associations, research institutions, universities and research institutions                                            

-    Other enterprises and institutions                                   


By Position:


-    Chairman / Vice-president /Chief Executive Officer          

-    Technical /R&D department Supervisor / Engineer         

-    Production Director / Engineer                                         

-    Purchasing department Supervisor / Manager                      

        -    Market development Director / Manager                  

        -    Other Relevant Delegates    

Package Plan

Standard Fee: USD 600/person

Before Sept.20th,  USD 550/person

Buy 3 get 1 FREE!

eve Conference Contact Block

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Conference Manager:Ms. Jennifer.Fang

86-21-62895533-123 jennifer@ringiertrade.com