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  • Session 1: Marketing Overview
  • 1.Cosmeceuticals Marketing Status in China and Global Market
  • 2.Prospects and Research Trends for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs in Cosmeceuticals
  • 3.Status and Development of Cosmeceuticals Products
  • 4.The Differential Marketing for Cosmeceuticals
  • Session 2: Laws and Regulations
  • 1.Insight to the Laws and Regulations on Labels for Cosmeceuticals
  • 2.Researches on Standards and Regulations on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Botanicals in Cosmeceuticals
  • 3.Regulation Declaration Q&A for New Material in Functional Cosmetics
  • Session 3: Safety Inspection
  • 1.Functional Ingredient Inspection Standards and Authentication-- low allergic, Whitening, Natural, and Detected by Dermatologists
  • 2.Inspection Requirements and Standards for Functional Cosmetics
  • 3.Dermatologist Clinical Research: Human Safety and Efficacy Evaluation for Functional Cosmetics
  • Session 4: Innovative Technology and Trends of Application
  • 1.Formula Design for Color Cosmeceuticals
  • 2.Function Mechanism and Trends of Application of Cosmeceuticals;
  • 3.The Latest R&D for Cosmeceuticals in Whitening, Anti-acne, Anti dots, Anti-aging, Sunscreen, Skin and Hair Repair and Teeth Protection--Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E etc
  • 4.New Concepts for Cosmeceuticals in Slimming and Figure Shaping
  • Session 5: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese Botanicals
  • 1.Methods and Theoretical Background for TCM in Cosmeceuticals
  • 2.Classification, Formula Research and Application of TCM in Cosmeceuticals
  • 3.Application and Notification for TCM and Chinese Botanicals in Skin Health and Beauty
  • 4.Technology Research Progress of Low Sensitivity Chinese Botanicals and TCM extract Technologies
  • Master class: Application and Innovation for Marketing Modes of Functional Cosmetics
  • Round Table Discussion: Case Study of Global Cosmeceuticals Marketing Mode

Package Plan

  • USD$430 per person, includes all seminar sessions, comprehensive documentation, 5-star hotel luncheons and tea breaks etc. Please be noted that accommodation is NOT included. Early Bird Discount: register before Sep.30, will save USD60! register before Oct.17, will save USD30! Group Discount: For 4 or more delegates from the same company, the fourth person will get a free registration.

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