Ringier holds packaging and automation conference for F&B sector

Date Published:8/26/2022 06:08:40 下午

Ringier Events hoste

Ringier Events hosted the ASEAN Food & Beverage Manufacturing Summit 2022 – Automation and Packaging, with business partners, Siemens, Mettler Toledo, and DASE-Sing Group, on August 25. The virtual event was supported by SACMI, TeamViewer, and the Indonesian Food & Beverage Association (GAPMMI).


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Speakers: Mr Adhi Lukman, chairman of the Indonesian Food & Beverage Association,Paul Holdship, market manager, Mettler Toledo, Vicky Cheng, PR Department Manager, DASE-Sing, Mr. Moraldo Masi, PET Business Director, SACMI, and Mr Thomas Higgs, Business Development Manager, ASEAN, Industrial Metaverse, TeamViewer   


Mr Adhi Lukman, chairman of GAPMMI provided an overview of Indonesia's F&B industry, stating that the food industry grew 3.67% in 2021 and 3.68% in the second quarter of 2022. The food industry also contributed 6.61% to GDP in 2021. The future also looks good for the food industry with the local government forecasting that by 2045, the country's population is expected to reach 319 million, and GDP per capita to be at USD23,199. 


Thanks to Indonesia's strong consumer demand and local agricultural resources, the F&B industry has high growth potential. To support the industry, the government aims to digitalise the sector under Making Indonesia 4.0. Technologies that are being considered for the industry are 3D printing, robotics, wearables, and artificial intelligence. 


Mr Lukman mentioned how digitalisation is now helping PT Indolakto reduce NQC, increasing line efficiency and productivity, contributing to energy savings. While at INACO, integration of machines via Ethernet protocol is helping cut production cost at the company. In his presentation he said, “USD120 billion can be made by companies in Indonesia with the right Industry 4.0 implementation by 2025, no matter the maturity, size and industry.”


Software company, TeamViewer which in April this year opened its APAC headquarters in Singapore, also participated in this conference with a presentation on how Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality can be used in onboarding and training by food companies.


Having acquired AR solutions providers, Ubimax Frontline, skylight, and PINS, the company set up TeamViewer Frontline, a comprehensive AR platform, which can take care of intra logistics, assembly & quality (e.g. training on the job, quality assurance, robot and human collaboration, etc), remote support (voice and video calls), and service & maintenance (troubleshooting guidance, knowledge capture, etc).


As an example, Mr Thomas Higgs, Business Development Manager, ASEAN, Industrial Metaverse at TeamViewer, explained the benefits of using NSF EyeSucceedTM (training modality with AR), namely: training cost and time reduction, 75% savings in maintenance costs and lost revenue, and increased training methods. As a case study, he presented how US fast food giant, KFC was able to cut labour and cost, maintain food quality, and increase consistency and efficiency.


With the global stretch sleeve & shrink sleeve labels market to forecast to reach $24.34 billion by 2028 growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028, DASE-Sing is optimistic about the market. The Taiwan-based packaging manufacturer shared the capabilities of their shrink sleeve application machines. Counting Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestlé, and other brands, among its clients, DASE-Sing can meet the sustainability requirements of clients as well as their need for innovative designs for most types of containers and shapes.


Ms Vicky Cheng, PR Department Manager for DASE-Sing, talked about the company’s green solutions. One is by using thinner films and another by adding perforations on sleeves so that the labels are easy to tear off. DASE-Sing’s technologies including multireel unwinder, accumulation unwinder, double-head sleeving machine, camera-rejection system, and OPC data collection, help boost packaging efficiency.


Mettler Toledo market manager Paul Holdship explained how companies that implement foreign body prevention programmes can gain from their use of modern metal detectors.

In particular, he extensively talked about how smart product clustering, reduced test mode, and automated test system (ATS) work to this end.


For his part, Mr. Moraldo Masi, PET Business Director for SACMI Imola’s Rigid Packaging Business Unit, discussed at length the role of digitalisation in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preform manufacturing. To know more, check out this link: https://youtu.be/ZozfnxzbXWM